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Hello and welcome to the Diamonds Down Under blog, the place to visit for the scoop on this exciting new continuity series from Silhouette Desire. Six authors, six books, and six-plus-one months of weekly posts that will take you behind the scenes and inside the pages of Diamonds Down Under. We hope you’ll bookmark us as a favourite, but if you’re not convinced here are 6 reasons to visit often:

1. The Diamonds.

The Diamonds Down Under series is all about love and diamonds. It started decades ago when old Jeb Hammond found the massive pink diamond he named Heart of the Outback. Throughout the series, the diamonds cut from that one stone turn up unexpectedly or are chased down and impact on all our key characters. The Blackstone and Hammond families are involved in all facets of the industry. We will take you from the fictional Janderra mine to the billion-dollar business behind it all. From the designs of Dani Hammond to the glamorous Blackstone Jewellery and House of Hammond stores. There are glitzy fashion shows, gala balls and society weddings. The research was a lot of fun and we have oodles of fascinating legends and facts about the ‘Girl’s Best Friend,’ plus some gorgeous jewellery sites for you to ogle, and a beautiful diamond necklace for some lucky reader to win!

2. Down Under: the settings, the events, the lifestyle.

The Diamonds Down Under series is set in a range of fabulous down-under settings. There’s Sydney’s beautiful harbour and beaches and bustling business heart. Cosmopolitan Melbourne, the shopping and festival capital, and Auckland, New Zealand’s city of sails. Take a trip to Port Douglas in Australia’s tropical north, to Tahiti in the South Pacific, and to the rugged Kimberley region. Some of these settings are familiar, some exotic, some unique and unexpected; all are an integral part of the stories, as are the special events, festivals, celebrations, and the lifestyles of our New Zealand and Australian characters. Over the next months we’ll be blogging about some of these locations and events as well as our unique down-under spin on life.

3. The Authors and Their Books.

Leading the Diamonds Down Under lineup is multi award-winner Bronwyn Jameson, whose contributions to Silhouette Desire include the awesome Princes of the Outback series (triple RITA finalists in 2006.) Bronwyn’s VOWS & A VENGEFUL GROOM launches the series in sparkling style while introducing many of the continuing characters.

Hot on the heels of her bestselling Billionaire Heirs trilogy comes Tessa Radley‘s PRIDE & A PREGNANCY SECRET. Tessa’s sale to Silhouette Desire in 2006 was one of the catalysts that lead to the series as we finally had six Down Under Desirable authors. With an amazing five books published in 2007 Tessa is already a firm reader favourite.

Maxine Sullivan uses a million dollar temptation in MISTRESS & A MILLION DOLLARS as she uses her talent as one of Silhouette Desire’s best selling newcomers to evolve the continuity in a new direction. If you enjoyed Maxine’s Australian Millionaires miniseries, then you will love this book which kicks off with a spectacular wedding!

In SATIN & A SCANDALOUS AFFAIR Jan Colley uses her love of Port Douglas, a jewel in the crown of Australia’s tropical north, to expand another branch of the Blackstone/Hammond tree of scandal. Jan’s clever use of setting as an additional character in her books lends her writing her own inimitable sense of style, and you will love her insight into the world of jewellery design.

Paula Roe whose name has graced competition finals for more years than even she wanted to count sold to Silhouette Desire in 2006 and Forgotten Marriage garnered a 4.5 star Top Pick! from Romantic Times and was an instant bestseller. The planning for the continuity was well under way when Paula picked up the challenge to join Diamonds Down Under and create BOARDROOMS & A BILLIONAIRE HEIR, where the arrival of the missing Blackstone heir REALLY shakes things up!

Yvonne Lindsay brings the series to a dazzling HEA conclusion in JEALOUSY & A JEWELED PROPOSITION. Yvonne took Desire – and the bestsellers lists – by storm with her New Zealand Knights miniseries and this book features her trademark emotional and sensual intensity as she tells the tale of one incredibly proud and ambitious man…and the woman who understands his conflict.

4. The Guests.

As well as us (the continuity authors), you’ll meet some super special guests we’ve invited along to visit and share their views. We are especially chuffed to have an interview with Senior Editor Melissa Jeglinski in which she talks about Silhouette Desire, the appeal of continuity series, and whether diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Check the sidebar for when that will be posted and watch for regular updates to the schedule.

5. The Prizes.

Join in the fun and win some fantastic prizes over the next six months. There’ll be plenty of book giveaways, plus the chance to win a manuscript critique by an editor or an agent. Or perhaps you’d prefer to win a 20 minute chat on the telephone with the senior editor of Desire (what a cool prize!) And if that’s not enough excitement, stay tuned for details of the grand prize – a treasure hunt culminating in some lucky person winning a gorgeous diamond pendant valued at US$350. Get ready to sparkle!

6. The Surprises in Store.

What is a continuity series without surprise twists? Here at the Diamonds Down Under blog we’re staying true to that ethos, with surprise guests and giveaways and topics for discussion. As for the series…we hope you’ll grab the books and read along as we ask (and answer) questions such as:

What was Marise Davenport-Hammond doing on Howard’s plane? Why did Jessica Cotter leave that fatal flight just before takeoff? Just how far is Brianna Davenport prepared to go to clear her family name? Is Quinn Everard out to ruin Blackstone Diamonds, or does he have an even bigger secret to keep from Dani Hammond? What does rogue businessman Jake Vance want with Blackstone Diamonds, and who really is Blake Hammond’s father?

Vows Cover

Book 1, Vows & A Vengeful Groom by Bronwyn Jameson, is now available for advance purchase from eHarlequin both as a print book and as an eBook and will be in American stores in Jan. 08 and in Australia and New Zealand in Feb. 08.

Diamonds Down Under: the cut, clarity and cost of family.


53 Responses to “6 Reasons To Visit This Blog”

  1. Blog launch party time! Woohoo!

    We look forward to meeting our readers and learning more about each other and Diamonds Down Under! The next few months are going to be really exciting–I, for one, can’t wait!

  2. So tell me, what do you love most about diamonds???

  3. ok 5 pages to go on chapter two on Vows and Vengeful Groom and Oh so far some great surprises

  4. excellent post, Bron! I’m so excited about this (love blogs but never had time for my own!) Yvonne – I must admit I have a gorgeous pink diamond paperweight on my desk for inspiration, plus I bought a faux pink diamond ring a few months ago. I’ll be the one flashing it around at our next conference LOL.

  5. I’m on board. I downloaded my pre-order of ‘Vows and a Vengeful Groom’ last night and couldn’t resist interrupting my work with a few pages of Bronwyn’s wonderful warm writing. — I’ll come back for five more. — Thank you – Eric

  6. Christa and Eric, thanks so much for trying my book. I hope you continue to enjoy the surprises, Christa, and Eric thank you for the compliment about my writing. Isn’t it cool that eHarlequin releases all the books a month early and the eBook format is wonderful for us in foreign climes.

  7. Hi, Yvonne and Paula, my fellow diamonds. Exciting that the series is finally starting and the first book out there in readers’ hands. And isn’t this website and blog Paula designed gorgeous?

    Why do I like diamonds? The shiny. Seriously I love that catch-the-light sparkle, and I love knowing that they’re come from the earth.

    Paula, I love that you have symbols of the series alongside you. I have a charm bracelet with a charm for each book, so I’m looking for some kind of faux pink diamond for this book’s charm.

  8. Oh now what am I to do? Here I was thinking I’d take the time to read some of my pile of BTR and you go and bring out a new series. Sigh. Guess that pile of books is just going to get bigger.

    Good luck with the series ladies and I’ll look forward to read each and every novel.


  9. anniewest Says:

    Looking forward to following the action here on this new webiste as well as in the books. Good on you girls! This is going to be great.


  10. Fellow diamonds… I like that 🙂

    Yep, it’s hard to believe its all starting. Goodness, this time last year we were still in planning stages–checking out aviation law and all sorts!

    Just realised I asked what others like about diamonds but forgot to say why I do! For me, it’s definitely the sparkle and the fire in the sparkle. They’re just so pretty. Call me a magpie but I believe you can never have too many diamonds. Now it’s time to start getting coloured ones too. I have a dream for a 2ct pink heart shaped some time in my future–better go and check the lotto!

    Eric, I agree with you wholeheartedly about Bron’s writing style. She’s just so darn clever and we’re all thrilled she leads the series.

    Christa, so glad to see you’re enjoying the first of the continuity. Be prepared for many more twists and turns and surprises to come 🙂

  11. I’m thrilled to see all you wonderful Aussie writers together on a blog! Great! And, of course, the diamond lure goes without saying. I’m putting this series on my list – how can I miss out on the excitement?! Congratulations, ladies.

  12. maxinesullivan1 Says:

    Ooh, I made it! I’m so happy to be here. This series is unique and will be a terrific read. And if you’ve ever heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ then they got it wrong. Take a look at Bron’s fabulous cover. It’s gorgeous and goes right along with a fabulous book.

    Why do I like diamonds? The sparkle. It catches the eye and reminds one that there are some truly beautiful things in this world.

  13. Well, this is exciting! It’s finally real, we’re live!
    Why do I like diamonds? I think it was discovering the legends and curses and controversy they stir up. The history of some of the world’s most famous stones. The shadowy world of the sight – or site-holders (both seem to be correct.) The more contemporary conflict diamond thing…
    Thanks Christa and Eric and Annie and Malvina for checking in. Bron has posted me a copy of Vows & a Vengeful Groom but I haven’t got it yet. I am ‘sparkling’ with antiipation, but I already know it’ll be a ‘dazzler’!

  14. Fabulous blog. I’ll be back!!!!

  15. It’s great to see everyone popping in. Sara, yes please come back. We have a lot planned for the next six months with some fantastic contests and some great discussions coming up. You’re going to love it!

  16. Ladies,
    Your site promises plenty of sparkle. Keep those diamonds coming.

  17. Okay ready to start chapter 7. This book is a definite indication that this series is going to be a terrific ride.

  18. I am hanging out for these books! Was going to buy the e-book, but this is a series I know I’ll wanna keep – just love the down under Desire authors!

  19. Rachel, I plan on keeping author signed copies of each book. Bron’s already signed her book for me, and Tessa’s is next. I guess I’ll have to sign my own one when it comes out. Then I’ll be hounding Jan, Paula and Yvonne to sign their books for me too. This series is going to be a keeper.

  20. Ooooh this is so great! Fabulous blog ladies and I’m so looking forward to everything more you have planned! 🙂


  21. Love the website! It’s going to be a sparkling edition to our gloomy N.H winter. Looking forward reading Bronwen’s ‘Vows…’, idc, too!
    Best wishes

  22. Thank you Bron for writing such a compelling tale that it kept me reading most of the day and I only had to stay up til midnight to finish it. I look forward to the other 5 books centered on the Blackstones and Hammonds and finding answers to many unaswered questions.

  23. This is my first exposure to a ‘blog’ and I’m really looking forward to reading the books. Good luck with the series!

  24. Hi Annie, Malvina, Sara, Robyn, Rach, Natalie, Christina, Vicki. Thanks so much for stopping by to check out Diamonds Down Under. Waving to the other diamonds, Maxine and Jan.

    Rach, I understand your point about wanting the collection as “real” books. Although I love the convenience of eBooks, I have my favourites and collectibles in hard copy. Vicki, welcome to blogland. It’s a wonderful place.

    Christa, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed Vows & A Vengeful Groom, that I didn’t keep you up TOO late, and that I’ve left you keen to see what happens next!

  25. “Gidday” to all our visitors, and to Bron too! Christa is a voracious Desire reader so her feedback is fantastic – and it seems to be that she wants more!!!!
    Vicki, this is my first blog experience too and still not sure I know what I’m doing. Not even going to attempt the old photo thingy. And with my eyes, I can barely see the photos anyway!!! Funnily enough, I bought myself a diamond paperweight, big one, not pink like Paula’s – and that makes quite a good microscope!!
    Yeah, I know, I should go and get my eyes checked. Maybe a new year resolution coming up.

  26. Okay, I seem to have two profiles going here, jancee and jan colley. Hmm. Told you I didn’t know what I was doing…

  27. Hi Diamond Ladies! Great website, great stories, great blog. I can’t wait to read your books. But I’m going to collect them and read them *after* I finish my wip. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Paula’s post about your series on RWAustralia because I’m working on a pink diamond book, too! Completely different scenario and part of a series with a different gemstone in each book but still, it shows that pink diamonds are out there in the ether. Of course when celebrities like J Lo and Sharon Stone start sporting pink diamonds maybe it’s not surprising the stones are suddenly in our collective consciousness. Then there’s Jen Elfman and the Steinmetz diamond. Wow. And Australia is a leading producer of the most beautiful pink diamonds in the world. Who couldn’t fall in love with these gorgeous stones? I love them for the sparkle but also for the intense colour.
    All the best for your series. I’m sure the books will sell like gangbusters.

  28. Wonderful to see so many visitors. Thank you for stopping by to comment. Diamonds Down Under is a project that we’re all very excited about. It’s great to think that the characters we’ve gotten to know so well are about to be discovered by other. Happy reading!

    My copy of Bronwyn’s Vows & A Vengeful Groom has arrived and I’m going to do exactly what Christa has done. Find a spare moment and read it. Cover to cover. Christa, Eric, Annie, Malivina, Sara, Robyn, Rach and Natalie, Christina, Vicki and Joan thanks so much for your enthusiasm about the website and the books! Joan, how fascinating that you’re also working on a pink diamond book. Look forward to getting my hands on that too!

    I’ll be back…

  29. Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by! Already read Bron’s VOWS and it’s exciting and weird she’s writing about my characters and the Blackstone HO 😀 I told her it was like she’d dropped by for an inpromptu visit (always welcome but hey, lemme pick my laundry up off the floor and make some coffee, K?).

    Rach – I especially love the ‘real’ books when they have such gorgeous spines like Desire. All fancy and red, lined up on the shelves… :::sigh:::

    Joan – hope you get some help for your wip by hanging around DDU. We’ve all got MASSES of links and websites we used for research. mmmmmm….. research…..

  30. Joan, I’ve got that piccy of Jenna Elfman and the Steinmetz, gorgeous. I think pink or purple diamonds would be my faves, but there is an antique jewellery shop here in Christchurch sporting a large solitaire fancy intense yellow, now that turned my head!!! (could have been the $19,000 price tag, of course…
    Let us know some details of your book, I have come to love everything diamond. Had the pleasure of visiting a manufacturing diamond jewellery place. The manager had all these sparkles lying on his desk and he was picking them up with tweezers and dropping them, and he told me no one but he was allowed to clean or vacuum in his office, so I guess there are downsides to even working with diamonds all day long…

  31. This blog is so unique and lovely. I will be visting often as it is appealing and interesting. Best of luck and it looks great.

  32. Jane Squires Says:

    Really enjoyed visiting this blog. The black and grey is unusual but also no glare for late at night people like me. Good luck and God bless. I’ll be back. I see some authors I was not aware of.

  33. Jan, I can just imagine you offering to whip out the vacuum cleaner! LOL! I didn’t realise, before the continuity, just how many colours diamonds actually come in. I was aware of the traditional colours but there is just so much more variety out there. I think an intense blue diamond would be my pick if I could choose any coloured diamond, but the fancy intense pinks are just so beautiful too. D’ya think I could have one of each?

    Ellie, great to see you here! And Jane, so glad you enjoyed visiting the blog. We look forward to seeing you back. We have some great surprises in store for everyone!

  34. Very nice Aussie cover, very sparkly

  35. Bron, the Down Under cover looks great too. It’s going to jump off the shelves and into someone’s hands.


  36. Jan, how cool to visit the diamond manufacturer! Imagine dropping a diamond and watching it roll down a crack in the floor.

    I’m wary of saying too much about my book cuz I’m afraid of jinxing it. I’m writing it as a single title, on spec. This is the first time in over 10 years I’ve written a book without it being contracted first and it’s a little scary and a lot exciting. But when I saw your site and your blog I figured I had to come out of the closet otherwise in six months or a year or whatever I suddenly spring up with a diamond book and I’d feel like a copy cat when really I’ve been planning this book for months without even knowing about your series. Silly I know, but…

    Anyway I’m glad I did because it’s great to be able to come here and talk diamonds with you ladies! I’ve totally fallen in love with the sparklers. I’d love to share links. I’ve gotten a huge amount of help from David Fortier at http://www.tiptopgems.com He’s a gemologist in South Korea who does internet gem sales. He’s a great guy, very knowledgeable, and he has some beautiful stones for sale and lots of info on Asia and gems at his site. He’s in Thailand right now buying stones at a gem market in Chanthiburi. You can see pics of previous gem markets at his site. Fascinating stuff.

    Okay, I can’t resist saying something about my book. My heroine is a gemolgist and the hero is a James Bond type who’s on the trail of a diamond thief and enlists her help to catch him. I’m having so much fun with this story and have high hopes for it. Cross your fingers for me that it sells!


  37. Whoops! I made a mistake on that link to David Fortier’s site. It’s http://www.tiptopgem.com without the ‘s’. Check it out.


  38. I made it!! I’ve visited this gorgeous site before but was held up for the blog launch with ‘last week of school’ madness and a frustratingly bad internet connection. So apologies Downunder Diamonds! Which, of course, each of you six are.

    I’m so excited, as a fellow Downunder Desirable, the baby of the bunch. But also as a reader. This series sounds so well planned, with so many wonderful components, I know it will shine as brightly as the diamonds these couples are chasing. I’ve had a sneak preview of Bron’s, and all I can say is “Wow!” This series is going to fantastic.

    Congrats again!


  39. Hi, Joan. I’m so glad you dropped by and were coerced into telling us about your book. It sounds like you’re having a ball with it and I’m sure that’ll come through in the writing. I’ve bookmarked the website for later because I really don’t need any more means of procrastination! But I did want to say that I’ve noticed a lot of blurbs lately featuring diamonds…but then I wondered if I’m just noticing now because diamonds are on my mind.

    Hi, Robbie baby! I know how busy you are and so am chuffed you found time to drop by and say hi. It is such a hectic time of year, isn’t it?


  40. Nicki Flockton Says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this series!!

    Some intriguing questions asked. I’m going to wait until I can get my hands on the print book. I’ll never get anything done if I have it as an ebook, plus I’d probably forget that I got it!! LOL

    At least with a book in my hand I can stir the pasta sauce etc. 😉

    Roll on January!

    I just love diamonds because they sparkle so prettily.


  41. The site is lovely! It is my hope that the series is extremely successful! I believe that I have read each of your works in the past (except Paula), and I am so looking forwarding to getting my hands on that first book. I wish all of you the best of luck with the series! Take care, Jamie

  42. Thanks for the website, Joan, I will check it out. I will definitely be on the lookout for your book when it’s out so do keep us posted. Diamonds have a way of infiltrating your conscious, once you start learning about them and googling them, you can’t stop and you’re hooked!! Bron, your reticular activating system is going nuts there…

    Hey Robbie, neat to see you here, you’re in my TBR pile – don’t get too excited, there must be twenty or thirty books in there…yay for the holidays coming up. Thanks for bringing the pasta sauce, Nikki, smells great! Is that Jamie from brainstormers? Waving at Jamie, a big Desire fan!

  43. Wow, you guys are a talkative lot! Thanks for praising my blog design efforts – I’m ashamedly eager for any positive reinforcement in my exciting life (she says, tongue-in-cheek)

    Robbie, you made it! Commiserations on the internet (oh, and let’s not even go there with the ‘end of school’ thing!!! :::Paula runs screaming for the hills:::)

    Jan – you got to visit an actual gem guy? Whoo hooo! The closest I came were some gorgeous pikkies at Kimberley Diamonds .

    Jamie – I’ve read everyone too, except Tessa, who’s still on my TBR pile 😉 And I have the pleasure of knowing everyone before they were Down Under Desireables!

    Now, I’m off to put the final touches on my post for tomorrow!

  44. I just got the first book in the mail. 🙂

  45. Hey Fatin, great to see you here. Hope you enjoy VOWS & A VENGEFUL GROOM, both for Ric’s and Kim’s story and for the intro to the series.

  46. I’ve just finished reading VOWS & A VENGEFUL GROOM and WOW! And I knew what was going to happen! 🙂 I just love the way Bron tells a story. Can’t wait to read Tessa’s next!

  47. Yeah, Jan, that’s me from brainstormers. Since discovering the Desires several years ago, I have read them exclusively (except for Michelle Willingham’s newest “Her Warrier King” a single title Harlequin Historical, which I just read this week — it is fantastic!). I see that the series debuts in January here in the States–yippee! Take care everyone, Jamie

  48. Margaret Midwood Says:

    Fantastic Website. Fantastic Authors. Looking forward to reading the entire series. I adore my alpha heroes. Sigh!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I love cover design, plus the home page of pink diamonds. Paula has done a great job in designing this. It shows a touch of class, but has the intrigue of a great read.
    Also I cannot wait until the first print book is out.. I’m not into reading off my computer I do enough with my own work. lol.
    This series is such a fabulous growth for our talented desire authors.
    All the best, Merry Chritmas and Happy New Year to all.


  50. Hi everyone. Just popping in to say hi and to thank everyone who has visited and commented on how much they’re looking forward to the series. A quick heads-up to those who’ve commented recently about MJ’s post — do make sure you comment on that thread to go in the draw for her critique prize.

    Happy Christmas everyone. Hope Santa brings you all something very pretty and sparkly.


  51. Kris Pearson Says:

    OK – something strange has happened. Love the blog. Looking forward to the books. Left a comment yonks ago, because we’d all be mad not to with the MJ opportunity. My comment was seen by me and mentioned by a friend in Australia – and now it’s disappeared.

    Is this even possible? Am I so tired with Christmas that I just can’t find it?

    Merry Christmas everyone!


  52. Kris, I checked through the comments attached to Melissa’s post and you are definitely still there. The comments is dates December 19, 2007 at 4:57 am. Perhaps you were looking through the comments to this post?

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

  53. Wow -that’s a lot going on – and I can’t wait for all of it 😀

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