Q & A with Melissa Jeglinski, Silhouette Books Senior Editor

Here it is! What all you aspiring authors have been waiting for: the real oil from Melissa Jeglinski, Senior Editor of Silhouette Books in New York. When someone suggested that as Desire authors from Australia and New Zealand had doubled in the last couple of years and maybe we should get together and write a continuity, Melissa did not flinch. She supported, encouraged and brainstormed and the Diamonds Downunder series was born. She even offered to critique some lucky winner’s manuscript as one of our major prizes to promote the series. Naturally, we weren’t going to turn that down! To kick this series off and lead up to this fantastic prize, we asked Melissa a few questions, just to whet your appetites!

1/How many author-led continuities have you been involved with?

MJ: Not sure if by Author-led you meant the authors came up with the concept – if so, Diamonds is just my second. Millionaire of the Month in Desire was my first.

If you meant the broader concept, here’s my response: At least a dozen, if not more. I’ve been working on them since I was an editorial assistant. My first author-led continuity was Montana Mavericks and I was very hands-on in that concept brainstorming. Since then I’ve worked on numerous continuities for multiple lines and I currently deal with two Desire continuities per year.

2/Why do you think continuities hold such great appeal for readers? Is it the whole ‘collectable mentality’ or that we still love and miss the great dramas of the ‘80’s, the snapshot view into the lives of the rich and famous and all their skeletons in the closet, like Dallas, Dynasty, and Sons and Daughters?

MJ: Readers tell me that they love to find out what happened to characters from prior books, so continuities give them a glance beyond happily ever after. It also creates a ‘family’ for the readers to become connected to…much like the nighttime soap operas of the past and those that are seemingly making a return nowadays. I think readers like the connection they feel to the characters, the stories. They enjoy discovering what’s coming next, maybe trying to uncover the secrets before the characters themselves do.

3/What intrigued you about the Diamonds Downunder premise?

MJ: I loved the machinations the authors created…the juicy factor of the feuding families and missing heir and scandalous plane crash. There was a lot to the concept…more than just several siblings in a cool location. The fact that the family were diamond dealers was also very compelling…what woman doesn’t love jewelry? I could see the covers from the moment the idea was formed and that usually means it’s a concept readers will enjoy as well. And, Desire had never done a continuity set in either Australia or New Zealand, much less both. The locations were so exotic, I just had to do it!

4/We know you’re busy but do you have any plans to visit your downunder authors anytime soon – say, if you received an invitation to a conference down here?

MJ: It is my deepest desire to visit Australia and New Zealand. Of course, a business trip would be great, but that’s not always up to me. I’d say yes in a heartbeat if the company offered to send me. Otherwise, I’m saving my frequent flyer miles and my pennies for a trip on my own. 🙂

5/Australian and New Zealand authors seem to be popular with Harlequin and Silhouette lately. Given that the market is so much smaller than the US, do you see this trend continuing, and why do you think so many have been bought recently?

MJ: I know, I can’t believe how large a pool Desire has of downunder authors. I think it’s just great because they all offer such unique voices and such different story locations. Although I will admit, as an editor, I’m always confused about your warm Christmases and chilly July’s. 🙂 I think I’m finally getting the hang of it, now.

I know I bought both Tessa and Maxine from the eharlequin.com online story pitch. I was already working with Bronwyn and Jan. And then suddenly other downunder authors were getting agents and those projects were being sold to Desire. It was like a new door opened and I was so excited to see all the talent. With Desire’s editorial guidelines changing, I think it also made the fit easier. My downunder authors have NO problem doing the alpha male dead on! I am totally open to more downunder talent and do see this trend continuing as veteran authors share their knowledge and mentor new writers.

6/Are there any storylines you are seeing too many of – or not enough of – at the moment (talking specifically Desire here)?

MJ: I’m seeing a lot of revenge plots without a lot of emotion behind them. I love a good revenge plot, don’t get me wrong. But there needs to be something behind the characters’ motivations besides “you destroyed my father.” I need it to go a step deeper. I’m also looking for books with western setting or western heroes – not the “aw shucks, mam” guys, but really rugged alpha men… who are also quite successful. And I always love a good boss/secretary story.

7/Do you have the time to read for pleasure, and if so, what do you like to read?

MJ: I love to read romance in my spare time, really! I actually read a lot of historical romance, specifically European settings. Regency is my favorite. I do like some contemporary romances and I love J.R.Ward’s vampire books, although I haven’t gotten very involved in other paranormal stories, except for Stephanie Meyer – I love her series.

8/Are you a diamond girl yourself or does something else push your buttons romantically?

MJ: I love anything with bling! The more sparkles the better. I just bought myself a pair of diamond stud earrings while I was in St. Thomas this past May. I love them. And I have tons of costume jewelry that I enjoy wearing. Jewels just make you feel so happy, you know?

*   *   *

There you have it! We thank MJ for her valuable support. Please post your comments here. One lucky person’s post will be randomly chosen toward the end of the series. The winner will receive a critique of a partial or full manuscript by the Senior Editor of Silhouette Books in New York, OR a twenty-minute phone call at MJ’s expense, to chat about anything to do with writing, submitting and publishing romance. Details will be posted on the Contest page of our DDU website soon. Good luck to all, and remember, you’ve gotta be in to win!


150 Responses to “Q & A with Melissa Jeglinski, Silhouette Books Senior Editor”

  1. Mary Jane Campbell Says:

    I agree that the authors from “Down Under” have a way with story telling. Reading Bron & Robyn Grady is like pulling out a cozy blanket, curling up in front of the fire and having the most romantic and peaceful trip to a different place. Love all of the Desire books, and can’t wait for this series.

    Wonderful contest as well. Is the contest going to be for Australian Author wantabe’s only?

    Fabulous web sight and wonderful Q&A with MJ. Thank you for this wonderful website.

    BettyNeelsWantabe from the boards

  2. Hi Betty!! Another familiar name from the eharlequin boards…
    You are most welcome to enter, anyone at all is. Of course, the prize of a critique or phone call by Melissa Jeglinski is likely to appeal more to a writer than a reader. And it was so great she suggested the phone call as an alternative as not eveyone has a complete work of art just sitting around the place waiting to be critiqued.
    Betty, you can sit back, relax, and know that you’re in the draw!! Though it is a random comment so you can comment as often as you want to between now and June.
    Good luck, happy reading – oh, and Merry Christmas!!

  3. Hi there BettyNW! Great to see you here and good luck in the draw!

  4. Fantastic, Q & A! Thanks, Jan! And thanks so much for your time, MJ! Fingers crossed that we’ll see you Downunder very soon.

    Betty, thank you for your wonderful compliment!! You’ve absolutely made my week =)

    Congrats again, DDU ladies! Can’t wait to gobble up the Diamonds series.


  5. Nikki Beynon Says:

    Hi you lovely, glinting diamonds!

    What a knock-out website and a great Blog to get underway with. Melissa’s generous givewaway offer reflects her very high esteem for all of you (and the series) perfectly.

    I love her description of the ‘new door opening’ to reveal a bunch of Aussie authors waiting on the other side. I have an image of a bunch of writers straightening up innocently when the door opened and quietly tucking away the screwdrivers they’d just been using to work the hinges free:)

    All the very best with the January release.


  6. If you love your characters, and make them your best friends while you are writing them, then emotion follows almost automatically.

  7. What a fantastic interview – thanks so much for the great scoop from MJ!

    I am so excited to start reading this continuity – Australia is the place of my heart (three vacations in a row!!) and I absolutely devour the Desires set there. I was also lucky enough to go to NZ on one of the trips, so I’m anxious to re-visit that gorgeous country within the pages!

    Congratulations Ladies – the website is gorgeous and I know the books are going to be amazing (not to mention going to fly off the shelves!!!)


  8. I just love a good continuity and was so stoked to hear the Downunder Desirabelles were doing one. I think ít’s especially wonderful to see so many great writers working together – it must be a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun as well.

    Thanks for inviting MJ for a chat! Very interesting to hear about Tessa and Maxine’s pitch wins.

  9. Throughly enjoyed the interview.. thanks so much for the info. I loved reading that western heroes are being sought after once again.

    Looking forward to reading the continuity.

  10. What a wonderful interview. It’s nice to understand a little about what happens to make a series of novels germinate and grow.

    Interesting what Melissa said about revenge plots. Desire were always my first love and somewhere along the journey we started to part as I grow tired of rather shallow, done to death and somewhat unbelievable excuses for conflict. Like most disillusioned lovers I wondered off to entertain greener pastures. And then one day I saw her there; she was sitting alone on the shelf. I don’t know what attracted me to her. I liked the ring of the title ‘Back in Fortunes Bed’ and I once had a boss named Jamieson but I assure you there was no love in the relationship. We were together in an instant and afterwards I scanned the Internet finding all the other fortunes. I even learnt a new word ‘continuities’ I found myself involved in older love affairs and on occassions I slipped, my heart drifted from Bronwyn but I kept coming back whenever she provided me with more. (What can I say, I’m a guy these things are hard wired.)

    Anyway, I’m going on some. (What can I say, I’m a guy these things are hard wired.)

    It’s rather cruel making me wait to read the rest of the Diamonds Down Under Series, Desires have always been my favourites, I know it now, and it’s not just Bronwyn it something to do with continuity, as well.

    What a bonus to have so many Diamonds Down Under.

    Thank you, Eric

  11. sorayanicholas Says:

    Hi there. Wow, what an awesome interview – great info for us unpubbed writers! Looking forward to following the series, you are a talented bunch of ladies.

    Merry Xmas to all!


  12. Great to see so many familiar names coming up (gidday, Franny!)
    Nikki, loved your amusing image with the screwdrivers etc but I actually think the Aussie and kiwi authors are the ones with huge mallets and determined glints in their eyes…
    Sorry Eric, I think you’ll find our Bron’s taken, but you’re right, she’s a star!
    Waving at Soraya!! have a great chrissy fishing and swimming in Marlborough and see you in January! Have you got that entry away yet??

  13. What a great interview! It’s always intriguing to delve deep into what people like to read – especially when those people are publishers, agents or editors – especially if you are an author yourself and want to break into the field. Trends are a very interesting thing. You never know what’s going to be the next big thing until someone comes up with it! I, too, love the Regency era. There’s just something about it that is so appealing, I just can’t put my finger on it. Thank you for posting such a great interview.

  14. I agree that the website is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait until the continuity is released here in the United States. Like I mentioned before, I’ve read everyone’s works, except Paula, and I agree with MJ, the writers from Down Under are marvelously talented writers. I’ll never forget the first novel that I read of Bron’s. I was hooked! I wish all of you much success with the continuity — as if you’ll need any.

    Thanks to MJ for her insights as to what she’d like submitted to her. Aah, like most women, she loves jewelry, too!

    Good luck to each of you! Jamie

  15. Beautiful site!
    Thanks so much for the interview with MJ. Very enlightening and encouraging. You are a group of incredible talent…love the books. Flutter…you book has arrived. I’m thrilled. I love continuities. Keep up the wonderful stories.
    Good luck to all!
    Carol M

  16. Good interview, Jan, and great to hear from Melissa that the Western hero might be making a comeback, one of my personal favs – rugged alpha men, yum.
    Yay to the continuities. It’s fab being able to revisit characters, and I’m looking forward A LOT!!! to see what the troops have come up with!!
    Have a great Christmas,

  17. Fab interview, thanks for all the info on how exotic you see Australians, MJ! We see the rest of the world as exotic. Also interesting to note you see we hit the alpha male dead-on. I’m incredibly proud of our Aussie/NZ authors, and can’t wait to read the Diamonds series.

  18. Congratulations to Paula for creating a fabulous website and cheers to the talented down under authors for thinking up such a great hook for a continuity series.
    A hero and heroine in conflict set within a wealthy family of a diamond fortune dynasty is such a terrific idea for a monthly series. Desires will surely fly off the shelves each month next year.
    I can’t wait for the release, especially seeing my favorite author Bronwyn Jamieson, who btw writes the best rugged heroes – and sexual tension – will lead the continuity. Then each month we can look forward to a new yarn from a pool of writers who will add their individual touch to each story. We are surely in for a great reading teat next year.
    Thank you Melissa for giving us some precious submission tips for the Desire line.

  19. It’s great seeing so many people visiting this blog. Hello to those I know and welcome to those who may be visiting for the first time.

    MJ’s done a fabulous job with the Q&A, hasn’t she? For all those writers out there, take note that she is definitely looking for new talent and I imagine that’s whether you’re from Down Under or not. So keep the faith and keep on trying and you just never know where it leads.

    Good luck!


  20. Yes, keep those comments coming.
    Margay, are you targeting Desire? Interesting about Regency, I don’t think I’ve ever read one! Must remedy that.
    Hi Jo! Rich cowboys in NZ’? Now there’s an interesting thought. I’m picking Central Otago perhaps?
    Malvina, I think MJ might have me mixed up with someone else! Me and the alpha hero have an interesting relationship, I’m not great at hard-nosed men. Poor MJ always has to remind me to keep him less beta, more alpha, I must drive her crazy. My New Year resolution? To write a real OTT alpha guy – without revisions! – and love him from the start!

  21. Jan, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your OTT alpha guy. YOU have to love him right from the start, because if you don’t, why would your heroine fall in love with him too? LOL 🙂

    Jo and Jan, I think a King Country rich cowboy would work well too. Hmmm, now there’s an idea…

  22. Melissa Jeglinski Says:

    Hey everyone. First, let me say how wonderful it is to read all your great comments about Desire. And thanks to Paula for putting together a KILLER website. And thanks to the Diamonds Down Under authors for creating such a compelling series. It really rocks! And it’s just a pleasure to work with them all. They are such pros.

    And for all you writers out there hoping to get published, please do know that I am sincerely looking for new talent in Desire.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  23. Hi everyone and thanks for commenting!

    Aren’t blogs wonderful in a weird kinda way? We actually get to communicate one-on-one with people we could only dream of meeting.

    Thanks MJ for a fab post and a bit of a :::blush::: from me 😀

  24. Hey MJ, great to see you here too!

    To all you lurkers out there, I’m living proof that you don’t need a competition or an agent to sell to Desire, but hey, if you can win a critique through our blog why not take the chance and post a comment 🙂

  25. julie-anne Says:

    hey all

    wow… another day, and another encouraging bit of info…thnx for that MJ ..amazing to hear from you, and great to hear what you are looking for…have to say, i kinda picture the kiwi, aus authors, out with the boot to get the door down… or even better…everyone lined up, holding that mock column which tried to take out anne gracie and co, at the melbourne conference a couple of years ago…. going…’ all together now… swing once,swing twice… charge!!!!!!’ And all hell breaking out when they get through. 🙂 Thnx for the blog and the heads up about the books..and the comp.

    Have a great day, scattered diamonds, one and all…


  26. I think it’s interesting that MJ likes to read historical romance.

    BTW – I must agree with MJ about Meyer’s series. 🙂

  27. Kris Pearson Says:

    Great to catch up with all you Kiwis and Aussies – and some names from the boards, too. Hi Betty!

    This sounds like a really great continuity so I’ll be following it for sure.

    Merry Christmas all – and high hopes for heaps of sales.


  28. I enjoyed the interview very much, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the Downunder crew have come up with – a plane crash and diamonds sounds intriguing.

    It’s funny – I’m having a real love affair with westerns at the moment, both contemporary and historical, and have one underway that’s set in Otago, NZ. I’m not sure that it’s Desire material though 😉

  29. Hello to all who’ve visited and commented. Hi MJ and thanks for doing the Q&A for us and letting readers know what you’re looking for at the moment. This is such a wonderful opportunity for one lucky ducky to get feedback from the Desire senior editor!

    Thanks to all our readers who’ve commented on our books, and specially shout-out to Eric and Linda for your comments. I sure do hope Vows & A Vengeful Groom also finds a spot on your keeper shelves.

  30. Thank you to MJ for this wonderful Q/A. You will be getting a western style theme from me this year. 😉

    Paula, LOVE the website and your book, btw. 😀 Congrats!!!

    Hey, Bron, Jan, Yvonne, Robbie, Maxine, and anyone else I missed. I have to say that I love the hero’s who know exactly what they want and go for it FULL force. 🙂 Robyn has a VERY great debut Desire this month with a very sexy and powerful alpha male. Love the book, Robbie! Congrats!!

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

  31. MJ, thanks for stopping by. If I was still an unpublished writer I know this would be one place I’d be visiting often, just so I could win your critique.

    Kris, it’s great seeing you here too, my fellow Clendon contest finalist. Good luck with the draw.

    Misty and Shelley, I’m glad you both enjoyed MJ’s interview. Misty, Robyn Grady is a wonderful new Desire writer who I’m sure is going to have a huge following. Plus, she’s an extra nice lady.


  32. I’m really looking forward to reading this series – I love a continuity and to have it set down under makes it even more exciting :).

    Congratulations to the authors for such a compelling concept and the fabulous website.

  33. I agree Maxine! She is wonderful and talented. I can’t wait for the next book. 😀


  34. Hi Misty! Long time no see. Yes, Robbie is a great talent. Have you been enjoying her online read at eHarlequin? I can’t wait to see how she resolves this one 🙂

    Big wave to everyone else! So neat you popped by the blog. Stay in touch, because we have lots more fun in store 😉

  35. Misty, Maxine, Yvonne, thanks so much for your kind words!! I’m totally thrilled to be writing for Desire because I’ve always been such a fan of the line. And never more so than recently, with so many great stories coming out by these talented six. The intensity, drama and passion I’m after in a romance is always delivered.

    I preorder my Desires (I see no one is surprised! lol). Just a couple more weeks and I curl up with the DDU launch book. Bron, can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. Tessa, Jan, Maxine, Paula and, of course, Yvonne’s, too. Watch out RITAs!!!


  36. Hi Misty – thanks for the congrats on the book and site. I love fiddling around with designs and colors and it’s another creative outlet when the words get stuck 🙂

    I love contests – love winning them almost as much as getting to tell the winners!

  37. Paula, you do so much more than fiddle. You have such an eye for colour and design elements that look great! (Can you tell I am a fangirl of Paula’s websites? You all must check out Maxine’s new one, if you haven’t yet!)

    Also agree with contests. One of my funnest things is hearing back from winners. The spirit of giving is such a powerful thing.

  38. Elvina Payet Says:

    Hello and Merry Christmas to the ‘dazzling Diamond Divas’ and to all my other friends out there.

    Melissa, many thanks for your great and informative answers. I hope one day you can visit ‘Down Under’ and see what a wonderful country this is. Merry Christmas and say hello to Diana Ventimiglia for me.

    Keep happy and healthy.

  39. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I’m heading over to the online reads Yvonne, its been so wild here. HAHA!! Guess that is what I get for having so many kids. hehe. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read all these great books coming out!

    Misty *Waves to all*

  40. Misty, hello. It’s great to see you here. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy our Diamonds Down Under series. It was such an awesome thing for us to be a part of and put together. We’re all so glad to be able to share that with everyone now.


  41. Elvina, how lovely to see you here, my fellow Melbournite. *g* And I agree that it would be great if MJ could visit us Down Under. We’d show her a good time, right?

    Fingers crossed for your submission with Diana V, who btw, has offered to do a Q&A here on our Diamonds Down Under blog in a few month’s time, and there’ll also be a chance to win a critique by her. (Details will be up on our DDU contest page soon).

    Welcome, Elvina.


  42. Its great to be here Maxine. I have to say its been a rough year, but things are finally looking up. Thanks to all my wonderful BD’s. 😀 Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!


  43. Andrea Johnston Says:

    Happy 2008, everyone! I came by to say “Hi!” and say a BIG Thank You to MJ for her insightful comments! A lot of invaluable information!

    I’m a HUGE fan of the Desire line, continuity romances, and GORGEOUS Alphas. Aussie and New Zealand writers are some of the most talented on earth, so it isn’t a wonder they make up such a high percentage of the Desire authors! 🙂 Look forward to reading each of your books in the Diamonds Down Under series, ladies!


  44. Hi Andrea. Lovely to see you here! I know you’ve been a big fan of Desire for a long time — hope you enjoy the Diamonds Down Under series.


  45. Andrea, I second Bron in saying that it’s great to see you here. And I agree with you that MJ’s comments are insightful. If anyone can put them to good use I know it’s you.


  46. Andrea Johnston Says:

    Thanks, Ladies! With all this excellent advice, I look forward to my next submission to Desire!

    May 2008 be prosperous for all of our careers!


  47. This time 2 years ago both myself and Tessa had just finished the Desire Pitch Challenge with Melissa in the eHarlequin chatroom. Melissa requested our manuscripts, I sent mine in shortly after and Melissa bought it on January 26th. Tessa sold her first book a week or so later.

    Dreams do come true.

  48. Rachel Perry Cosmetics

    Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..

  49. I love boss/secretary stories, too. And I like reunion stories – bad break-up, imagined betrayal….

  50. Maxine, what an amazing website. You’ve captured the elegance and romance of Desires and diamonds. I love the Desire continuity stories, and what a great way to begin than with Bronwyn. I’m looking forward to reading each and every one. Thanks Melissa for giving us a glimpse into the editorial side of Desire.

  51. Cat, I can’t take credit for this wonderful Diamonds Down Under website (nor my own maxinesullivan.com one) as it was the talented Paula Roe, who is not only an author in our DDU series but she also designed both websites and this blog. The content is a team effort but Paula put it together in the first place and she has done an amazing job.

    We are all very proud to be involved in such a fabulous series.

  52. Margie Stewart Says:

    Fabulous settings and memorable characters-readers couldn’t want for anything more!
    Thanks Silhouette and the lovely Desire Ladies, can’t wait to get my hands on the first release!
    Also, thanks Melissa for the interview- I found the submission tips extremely useful.
    Good luck everyone
    Margie S

  53. Hey Margie. Glad you found us and MJ’s very helpful Q&A. Hope you enjoy our Diamonds Down Under stories.


  54. elizabeth Says:

    i love your website,i love the luxurious look of diamonds down under,i will enjoy reading more

  55. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Yes, Paula’s done an amazing job of the website. She’s really captured the sophistication and glamour of the series.

  56. john mccune Says:


  57. Hi!

    Just finished reading Vows & A Vengeful Groom…omg, it was awesome! 🙂 I can’t wait to read more Diamonds Down Under books!

    The website looks fantastic! Thank you for posting Q&A with Melissa Jeglinski..a lot of helpful tips for submitting!

  58. Hi Cassie
    Thanks for dropping by, you’re in the draw for MJ’s critique.
    And thanks for your nice words on Bron’s book and Paula’s website, both ladies very talented indeed.

  59. Hi Cassie. I’m so glad you enjoyed Vows & A Vengeful Groom and that you dropped by to let us know. And as for MJ’s Q&A — you’re welcome. It’s always great to get the latest direct from the editors. Hope you have found the excellent podcast which she and Diana Ventimiglia have done for eHarlequin.com. Bron

  60. Hi, Bronwyn and Jan!

    I’m fairly new to the eHarlequin community..still learning my way around the site, but I did find it yesterday. WOW! was the first thing that came to mind after I listened to what Melissa Jeglinski and Diana Ventimiglia had shared. The podcast was filled to the brim with loads of information and helpful tips!

    Vows & A Vengeful Groom is at the front of my keeper shelf, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the Diamonds Down Under books! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  61. […] On the Q&A with Melissa Jeglinski (Senior Editor for Silhouette Desire) there’s a critique to be drawn 15 June. If you […]

  62. Great interview Jan, thanks. And along with the Melissa/Diana podcast it gives such a good insight. Also have to say congratulations on doing such a fabulous job with the continuity. I’ll admit to reading things slightly out of order but I know that every one will be a winner. Can’t wait to read the lot.

  63. Hi Sandra
    I answered you privately but didn’t want you to feel ignored here! You’re in the draw so good luck with that – but you have to wait till June!! We are very lucky to have such an enthusiastic editor. Course, with 6 of us twisting her arm, she didn’t have much choice!! Her efforts to promote this series and doing the podcast recently show how hard MJ is looking for more authors.
    Good luck with the draw!!

  64. This is a fabulous interview with MJ and a wonderful example of a website being used well to promote a series. Well done to you all! A real credit to your hard work and talent. Best I buy the first books and get reading – they sound wonderful!

  65. Margie Stewart Says:

    Bronwyn, Vows & a Vengeful Groom, just sparkled! Loved every facet! (sorry-not trying to be cute!)
    Seriously, thanks for a memorable read.
    Margie S

  66. Margie Stewart Says:

    Melissa and Diana, thanks for the podcast. It’s so motivating to listen to your actual voices regarding what you’re looking for in a Desire. It’s certainly helped me focus on that ‘ultimate goal’. Thanks again.
    Margie S

  67. Sorry Kate and Margie, for not welcoming you sooner.
    Kate, I bet Barbara still has a few of Bron’s, or can get them, next time you’re in town. And yay! Tessa’s will be out from today, I think. Must go and do a spot of shelf-rearranging tomorrow.,.
    Margie, you obviously have great taste. Our Bron never disappoints! Good luck for the MJ critique draw.

  68. Margie Stewart Says:

    Hi Jan, just had to add to your fun comment-
    Look for the one ‘shelf-rearranging’ at the local book store!
    Looking forward to reading your story in the collection, Jan.
    Margie S

  69. Margie! LOL! 😀

    Actually, I shelf rearranged before I was published too…had to make sure the Aussie and Kiwi authors all were face out and in front!

    Good luck with the draw, everyone, keep those comments coming. There’s still plenty of time!

  70. Isn’t the podcast excellent? I know I’m going to learn a lot from all the editors and authors featured…once I replace the speakers on this computer, LOL. Or perhaps I can stretch myself and learn how to download to my MP3. That would be even better!

    Cassie, so glad that VOWS found a place on your keeper’s shelf. That is always the best compliment for an author.

    Kate, thanks for the lovely words re our website and promotion. We’ve all been working really hard to promote the series because we worked so hard on producing it. We want the world to know! 🙂

    Margie, I do love a good metaphor so thank you for the sparkling praise 🙂


  71. Hi!

    After reading Vows & A Vengeful Groom, I couldn’t wait to read the next Diamonds Down Under..just finished reading Tessa Radley’s Pride & A Pregnancy Secret..It was fantastic!

    I think I read Maxine Sullivan’s Diamonds Down Under is available now, I’ll be hitting the bookstore this week and picking up a copy!

    June seems so far away before I’m able to read the entire series, but I’m sure after I’ve read Yvonne Lindsay’s story, it will feel like it’s too soon for Diamonds Down Under to end! Awesome series, and one I’m positive I’ll read again and again 🙂

  72. Hi Cassie
    Tessa will be tickled pink to hear that! She did a great job, and I know you’re going to love Maxine’s, she’s been getting some great reviews.
    Are you from the States or Aussie?

  73. Cassie! So glad to hear you’re loving the series. Isn’t the wait between books sheer torture? 🙂 I know you’ll enjoy Maxine’s instalment in our saga, too…and then Jan’s! Oooh, I can’t wait either!

  74. Hi, Jan!

    Pride & A Pregnancy Secret was fantastic! When I was near the last few pages, I started to read a little slower, hating knowing the story was coming to a close, lol!

    I’m from the States..I’m a little behind with reading them as soon as they’re available, I should just buckle down and pre-order the entire series..but then I’d miss going to the bookstore..looking forward to my next visit, when I’ll be able to not only buy Maxine Sullivan’s story, but also searching for additional books written by all of the Diamonds Down Under authors! 🙂

  75. Hi again, Cassie.
    I don’t pre-order either, it’s too tempting to visit the stores and rearrange the shelves so all my author friends are left with their books (the ones I don’t buy) front, center and facing outward!
    Right, you’re going to get more than you bargained for!
    Bron Jameson has a spin-off from her fab Princes of the Outback series, called Tycoon’s One-Night Revenge, out in April. (Along with my Diamonds contribution, Satin and a Scandalous Affair). My next, Billionaire’s Favorite Fantasy is due out in July in the US.
    Maxine has The CEO Takes a Wife in July.
    As I’m sure you know, Paula’s installment of the Diamonds series is Boardrooms and a Billionaire Heir, out in May.
    Hopefully you caught Yvonne’s Tycoon’s Valentine Vendetta in February (it’s in my tbr pile right now!!!), and she will be wrapping up the Diamond series in June with Jealousy and a Jewelled Proposition . Also, look our for her Claiming His Runaway Bride in August.
    There you have it! Plenty to keep you occupied (and poor!!) for the next few months anyway. Good luck!!

  76. Hi, Yvonne!

    Wicked torture! lol! On the plus side of waiting though, I can wonder what the next story is going to be about, that, and with just a glance of the first two sitting at the front of my fav reads shelf, knowing how fantastic each story is.. the wait is worth it!! But in saying that, it so wouldn’t hurt my feelings if by accident the bookstore made a mistake and pulled out the rest of the series from behind the counter while I was cashing out, lol! 😉

  77. Hi, Jan!

    Thanks! I marked them on my list and will definitely be on the look out next time I visit the bookstore. 🙂

  78. Cassie, I’m so pleased you enjoyed PRIDE & A PREGNANCY SECRET. I enjoyed writing it! I know what you mean about saving series and re-reading them later…I’ve done that. There’s such a wonderful pleasure in re-visiting that world that gave such enjoyment. It’s like catching up with old friends.

    I also like visiting a bookshelf…it’s one of my favourite indulgences to myself. One I always look forward to.

    Hope you find Maxine’s MISTRESS & A MILLION DOLLARS soon…Briana is such a sweetie and her hero is just simply gorgeous.


  79. Hi, Tessa!

    Pride & A Pregnancy Secret was fantastic!

    I can’t wait to pick up a copy of Maxine Sullivan’s Diamonds Down Under, the bookstore will be the first stop I make next time I head to town..

    I haven’t read a series I’ve enjoyed this much, in a very long time. 🙂

  80. I haven’t read a series I’ve enjoyed this much, in a very long time.

    Cassie, that is sweet music to our ears. We get such a kick out of every reader’s mail and when it’s an endorsement of the whole series…even better.


  81. helene greenberg Says:

    i would love to win a diamond

  82. Margie Stewart Says:

    Good morning , Ladies. I’ve been looking for the Q&A, blog with Diana V. which is advertised for 20th April. I even got up at 3am(NZ time) to check the site-yeah, I’m really, really keen to post a question. Maybe my time-zone converter is telling me porkies!
    Just wondered if It’s still coming?
    Margie S

  83. Hi Margie
    I’m so sorry you got up at three for nothing – if it’s any consolation, I didn’t get to bed till three LOL. My fault entirely, I was away last week and forgot to remind Diana to send her answers. Her Q&A is now up and running – such as it is! I have no idea about techy stuff and I bet Paula will haul me over the coals for making her gorgeous blog look ugly. But head on over there and post away. Although Diana isn’t here answering questions, only the ones we sent her, but we’d love to see you there posting, and don’t forget to stipulate if you’d like to be in the draw (drawn Sunday) for her critique or the book prizes. Good luck!

  84. Margie Stewart Says:

    Thanks, Jan. I had to work that day, so thought I’d post early-no matter.
    I’ve posted a question on Diana’s blog -something I’ve been wondering about for some time. So would love to hear what you ladies think.
    Thanks again, Jan.
    Still in love with the Diamonds Down Under Series. Margie S

  85. Late finding this…but thanks a million.
    Is this the hero’s story, or the heroine’s…

  86. Janet Chamberlain Says:

    Hoping you’re open to UK writers, and hoping to win that crit

  87. Hey, Carol and Janet. Definitely open to UK writers.

    Carol, re your question: have you listened to the podcast on eHarlequin by the Desire editors?


  88. I can’t believe just how generous the romance writing community is. We are so blessed that so many authors and editors spend time answering our questions (even when we think they are really dumb :)) and giving us so much advice.

    Thanks for a wonderful Q&A and blog.

  89. Nicki, that generosity blew me away when I started out writing as well and I’ve since realised that it’s not just people “paying-it-back” for the help they received, but genuine willingness to give and to help. Awesome people in this romance writing business.


    (PS: no such thing as a dumb question.)

  90. Thanks for the great interview, MJ! I just finally found time to read again and am devouring all the Desires I’ve missed. I read the first Diamond story out of order by accident. Bummer, when I do that. But now I get to read Tessa’s story again in the right order. 🙂

    I love continuities or series of any kind. Getting to revisit the characters I’ve already fallen in love with is a huge bonus.

    ~ jodi

  91. Hey Jodi, glad you have rejoined the reading fraternity.
    Continuities are great for we category writers since 50,000 words aren’t enough to flesh out a lot of secondary characters. So just a sneak peak while knowing that they will get to tell their story soon is fun to do.

    You’re in the June draw for MJ’s critique, good luck!

  92. Margie Stewart Says:

    Clean forgot to mention it in my earlier posts-please enter me in the draw for MJ’s critique.
    Thanks, ladies.
    Margie S

  93. wow, everyone’s still posting furiously, wanting that chance to enter, huh ? 😉

    Nicki – I can only ditto what Bron’s said about the romance writing community. They’re generous, willing to help and lovely, lovely people (well, the ones *I* know LOL). Case in point: a bunch of us talked at a Romance Writing Festival a few years back. The local writers center catered more to the literati, and the director was overheard to say in a shocked whisper, “I’ve never heard people *laugh* at our festivals before.” Well, really? Because romance writers don’t impart that whole doom-and-gloom, you’ll-never-get-published-and-if-you-did-you-can’t-live-off-it scenario. Dang, we’re just so happy people want to write romance!

  94. I’m a new fan of the line and LOVED the podcast and Q&A’s. What an incredible opportunity. I shied away at first because I love writing about cowboys and afraid to touch exotic locations. I was thrilled to hear a Texas series might be considered! I got so excited listening to MJ and Diana’s descriptions of what they’re looking for. Ditto – Nicki – I am overwhelmed by the generousity of the writing community! Please count me in on the critique drawing.

  95. waitingforthecall Says:

    I’m a late arriver (as always!), just rediscovering Desires after a long break, and wondering if they might be my “home” series.

    What a fabulous site and a fabulous contest with a truly awesome prize for any unpubbed writer. DDU sounds like a brilliant series too- I have just ordered the books and can’t wait to read them.

    It is so true about the generosity of the romance writing community. I have been amazed, since I started seriously writing romance again last December, at the level of kindness, sharing, and support offered by the published writers. Romance writers do make the world a happier place, so thank you so much!

  96. waitingforthecall Says:

    Chelle, just had to comment on your post- I am an Austarlian living in London, but I looove cowboy stories. A Texan hero – yes please!

  97. Good! I have at least 4-5 books outlined now. LOL!

  98. Hello all!
    First, I must say your website is really beautiful! Thanks waitingforthecall for telling me about it!

    I’m back to Desire too, and I’m rediscovering my love for it. 🙂 I think a cowboy story would be delicious! mmm, cowboys!

    Thanks MJ for the information here and in the podcast over on eharlequin.

    nindespin from eharlequin boards

  99. Oh, please enter me in the crit contest!

  100. waitingforthecall Says:

    Hey, Melissa, you made it here! Great site, isn’t it! I definitely want to be entered for the critique (must spend more time writing the story and less time on blogs).

  101. Chelle, Melissa and “waitingforthecall” — welcome! So glad you found our site and in time to be entered in the draw for MJ’s fabulous critique prize. As you’ve read the latest Q&A’s and listened to the podcast you know exactly what the Desire editors are looking for RIGHT NOW. (How excellent is that?) Wishing you all the best with your writing and especially your submissions to Desire.


  102. waitingforthecall and Melissa – thanks for your fab praise on the site! I try 🙂
    Chelle – love cowboys too…and sheikhs! Have a great trilogy bubbling away for sheikhs – eventually! I also love the Aussie version of cowboys. Stockmen, would you call them, Bron? (she asks the only one of us DDU gals who’s even remotely outback LOL).

  103. Bronwyn Jameson Says:

    Stockmen, cattlemen, jackaroos, ringers…or, if they’re a Desire hero, cattle baron. 🙂


  104. Karen King Says:

    Hello to everyone,
    And what a great insight to Melissa’s Q&A. To all the authors of the Diamonds Down Under, your books so far have been fab and can’t wait to read the rest.
    Melissa made a comment about the warm Xmas and cold July here in N.Z.
    I live on the east cost of NZ about half way down the island, they say the further south you go the colder it gets, reading these books in the cold of winter makes your toes curl up with the heat, definitely not cold. What else can I say ladies, or ask? How far and long to wait for the next series?

  105. Karen King Says:

    I must have been half asleep last night or too busy doing to much at once, my daugher and her young man were here opening their pressies they had just received for recently becoming engaged.

    My last comment shoud have read the East Coast, and half way down the South Island and it WAS only 1 degree this morning when I got out of bed and winter hasn’t even really set in yet. Urrrh!

  106. Gidday Karen, hope you’re keeping warm down there. Congrats to your daughter on her engagement.

    Ulp…next series? We’ll have to get back to you on that!! I wish I knew some TV people, wouldn’t this continuity make a cool Ozzie/NZ TV series?

    Good luck for the draw!

  107. Ooh, Karen, tha thought of being that cold now is making my toes curl- we’re having a wonderfully warm spring here in the UK, and winter is a distant memory. I know what you mean about the books warming you up though- some of the scenes definitely get me feeling much, much warmer!

  108. Hi Karen.

    So glad we’re managing to keep you warm this winter. 🙂 Congratulations on the engagement in your family, exciting times ahead!


  109. Karen King Says:

    Hi Bronwyn & Jan,
    Thanks for your congrats and yes it is very exciting, heaven help us, that was daughter No1, I think No2 is getting closer, thankfully daughter No 3 (18) is still living at home and training to be a nurse. The guys have taken a sideline. We could be in for an expensive time, but fun, and our girls have got themselves really neat fellows!
    Hello waiting for the call, good luck for you, and yes it will be warm where you are, spring is my favourite time of the year. No doubt these fab Authors will keep us warm over the winter.
    Take Care All, Karen

  110. Karen King Says:

    See that Jan, I managed to get in a smiley face????????????? Daughter No 3 is 18, but yeah, she does have a smiley face.

  111. I’ve recently discovered a couple of Desires written by Diana Palmer…I LOVE her Tall Texans but thought she wrote for another line. Is she also writing for Desire now? Or are these reprints from her earlier classics?

  112. LOL, Karen. Those smiley shortcuts are a trick.

    Chelle, yes Diana Palmer has written quite a few Desires incl Iron Cowboy this year. Another I remember is Boss Man in 2005

  113. I found Boss Man, Iron Cowboy and Heartbreaker! Thank you, Bron!!

  114. Hi,

    I haven’t read the last two in the series yet, I’m still behind with reading, sorry..but have greatly enjoyed all of the Diamonds Down Under books I’ve read so far!

    I’m with everyone who wishes you’ll write another series soon 🙂

  115. Stephanee Says:

    Hello Ladies,

    I still need to get the last book, but I really have enjoyed the DDU series. I believe someone mentioned this before, but it would really make a great TV miniseries just like Dynasty. Who doesn’t love diamonds? I visited Australia many years ago, and all of you are so descriptive about setting, I am missing it now. I love romances set in Australia. My grandmother was from Perth, and I have many relatives throughout the continent. But, I’ll definitely have to visit NZ next time too. I would love a chance to win a critique from MJ, so please count me in. Bronwyn, I also loved your Tycoon’s One-Night Revenge which is going right onto my keeper shelf with the other Princes of the Outback series. It’s sad that the DDU series is ending, but all of you have done an awesome job – congrats to all! The DDU blog is great btw, thanks for all the writing advice.

  116. Chelle, so glad you were able to find the Diana Palmers. Enjoy!

    Cassie, you’re in for a treat with Paula’s and Yvonne’s books. And thank you for your lovely comment re another series. Hopefully, one day, we will!

    Stephanee, we also think it’d make a fabulous mini-series…but maybe we’re slightly biased. 😉 So glad you also enjoyed my Tycoon and the Princes of the Outback series. I love the image of them on your keeper shelf — thank you for that honour!


  117. I haven’t come across a book yet that I haven’t liked! I love the line!!!

  118. Chelle, so neat to see that you enjoy the Desire line so much.

    Stephanee, I’m sure you’ll love it if you can visit NZ the next time you’re heading down under. And yes, a few people have mentioned that our DDU continuity would translate well into a TV series. Oooh, just think of the behind the scenes machinations we could dream up starting all the way back with old Jeb Hammond in his prospecting days…

  119. Karen King Says:

    Hi Ladies,
    A Tv Series would be just wicked! I think i would like to be thirty years younger and an actress to boot…………………..

  120. hi everyone, I am all for the tv series, don’t really want this to end. I have enjoyed coming back and reading the blog along with the books. A NZ/Ozzie mini series ( Like Jan said) would be really lovely. I hope that someone from the the makers of MCCleods Daughters is reading this too or if you ladies know anyone from there? A little whisper in the right ear perhaps…….

    I hope I am not too late to be entered into the competition.

    Hope everyones having a lovely day today.

  121. Suzy, not too late. Everyone who comments in this thread up until midnight on June 15 Australian eastern time will be in the draw to win the critique (except for the DDU authors, that is.) The random integer generator is on standby to draw the lucky winner and an announcement will be made during that week when Silhouette Executive Editor Mary Theresa Hussey is our special guest.




  122. Cassie and Stephanee, glad you’re enjoying the series so far.
    Karen and Suzy – lol, McLeods Daughters, now wouldn’t that be something. But because of the different settings – Sydney, Melbourne, Pt Douglas, Auckland etc, a series might be difficult, tho I volunteer to personally go to Pt Douglas for a few mths to oversee the screenwriters. It’s no trouble, honest. I like that flame and curly-haired chick in Home & Away for Dani, can’t think of her name.
    Yeah, dream on, Jan…

  123. Of course, a series as long-running as McLeods Daughters might be difficult but we could have a mini seriies and I’m not averse to a blockbuster film either…

  124. Karen King Says:

    Hello Everyone,
    Port Douglas sounds good right about now, watching a blockbuster take place!

    Book reading weekend here this weekend, thanks to the snow fall we had yesty. Did you get any up your way Jan?

    It will be sad to see the end of the series! But, look at what we have got to look forward to when these genius writers present us all with the next one!

  125. I wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful articles you have on your websites. I love how the writing community is so open and welcoming to unpubbed authors! Thank you! Thank you!!

  126. Bron,
    As a fellow Aussie with a love of the outback, stories about stockmen, ringers and cattle barons are always great. Keep writing more of them ladies, thanks

  127. Stephanee Says:

    Loved the McLeods Daughters series, although they only showed the first two seasons here in So. California. I love reading/watching stories set in Australia and can’t wait for the new Australia movie with Hugh Jackman & Nicole Kidman coming out. The previews look awesome. You guys have got quite a few hotties over there and several are in my Alpha Hero Folder on my computer for my writing inspiration!

  128. Wow! Ladies, be very proud of yourselves. You have done an amazing job! I was first drawn to the Desire books with Bronwyn’s Fortune story, and then Paula’s forgetful hero, and I’m so happy to see this series come along, with all the intriguing characters, the intricate story lines – and I love to see stories set in Australia and New Zealand (don’t see enough of them). The whole concept is wonderful, and has me quickly jotting down ideas in my worn little notebook… Your websites/blogs really reflect a team attitude, not just with the authors, but with your publisher as well. The fact that there is an editor’s critique offered is also SOOOOOOO attractive, so good job!
    PS – the resource articles are already bookmarked, so thanks again!

  129. Hi Shannon, thanks for dropping in and for your nice words about the series and this site. We were blown away with MJs unsolicited offer to critique a manuscript – and Diana’s too. We have been so lucky Silhouette has been behind us 100%.
    Good luck with the draw. I’d sure like a peek at your worn little notebook…

  130. I like that flame and curly-haired chick in Home & Away for Dani, can’t think of her name.

    Stevie, Jan? I think she’d make an amazing Dani! I say, we should do a blog post on who we’d cast as our characters in our mini-series. 🙂

    Karen, it’s real South Island weather here at my place today (not quite snow, but wind blowing off it!) and so a location tour of Port Douglas looks mighty fine to me as well.

    Sue, stay tuned. We might just have some outback stories in the works! 😉

    Chelle, you’re welcome. I hope I can pay back some of the wonderful help and support I received and continue to receive from the romance writing community.

    Stephanee, you’ve seen the trailer of Australia? I am SO looking forward to it. Filming was so high profile; I only hope it lives up to expectations.

    Shannon, am chuffed to read that you enjoyed my Fortunes story. And smiling at Paula’s forgetful hero 🙂 — Finn was pretty darn unforgettable, wasn’t he?


  131. Stephanee Says:

    Yes, I saw the trailer for Australia when I went to see Indy last month. Looked like a western (they showed a cattle drive) so I assume so. Westerns are becoming trendy right now. Looks great and very BIG budget, so I hope it comes through too.

    Just wondering if you awesome authors have any tips/tricks you use to stay focused specifically while revising. Being a newbie, I don’t usually have problems with the rough draft, but staying put during revisions is like pulling teeth, I’m so antsy to start other ideas I have. Can you remember back before being pub what kept you focused? Any ways you trick yourself into keeping butt in chair and powering through revisions to the almighty finish??? Is it easier now since you’re published and have a contract, deadlines and regular feedback from your editor? Any advice would be much appreciated!

  132. Stephanee, thanks for the info on AUSTRALIA. Love the western/outback setting — in books and in movies — so this is a must see for me.

    As for your question, I am definitely not the best to be answering. I LOVE revising, editing, polishing. Getting the draft down is the hard part! Would it help if you put the finished ms aside for a certain amount of time? Indulge your muse by moving on to the next story, drafting for a set period of time. Then return to the previous book for an editing pass.

    Another solution, depending how much time you have for writing and how well you can separate yourself from each project, is to work on two at once. For example, write your new pages in the morning and do an hour’s editing in the evening. (This doesn’t work for me, BTW, I’m too tunnel visioned.)


  133. […] us on Friday, June 20, for the drawing of Melissa Jeglinski’s critique. All commenters in the Q&A with MJ are eligible for this fabulous prize. Full details here. […]

  134. SPECIAL EVENT: Join us for the drawing of Melissa Jeglinski’s critique on Friday, June 20 at 7.30am Australian EST–that’s Thursday, June 19, 5.30pm American EDT.

    All commenters in this Q&A are eligible and will be in the draw for this fabulous prize. Join us at the Q&A with Mary-Theresa Hussey for the live draw.

  135. What a great Q&A! I’m so upset I’m such a late joiner!!

    Thanks so much for the DDU authors for creating these opportunities for aspiring authors–and of course to MJ too.

    I’m also getting ready for the Desire pitch at eharlequin–so I’m ready to just burst with nerves this month, lol.

    Bronwyn and Maxine–I can’t tell you enough how valuable and inspirational your websites have been for me. Maxine, I thought your winning logline was great, thanks so much for posting. Bronwyn, I think I mentioned this before, but I stayed up so late one night reading your articles, and I refer to them a lot.

    Someone posted this before–but I’ll say it again–what a supportive community all you talented writers are. Thanks so much.


  136. Oh wow, Laura, all the very best for the Desire Pitch, how exciting! I sold thru the pitch back in 2005. It’s pretty nerve-wracking. Make sure in plenty of time you can get into the chatroom. And fingers crossed for MJs critique prize also!

  137. Thanks Jan! I still have to get to the pitch phase–right now I’m still obsessing over my logline–that’s nervous phase 1–I can only hope mine will be selected…right now I’m trying to get up the nerve to hit “send” to submit my logline 🙂 I’m sure there are tons of people dying for this opportunity, so I keep fine-tuning and then scrapping, and then re-writing! URGH!!!

    If I get to the pitch phase, I think I’ll remain sleepless for a week, lol.

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Good luck to everyone!


  138. Laura, I’m so glad I posted my article “The Pitch, The Process, and How to Get Picked up for Publication” on my website as I’ve had quite a few people say how helpful it’s been for the Desire Pitch coming up on eHarlequin.

    And thanks for the compliment on my logline. I love writing loglines and short blurbs. And good luck with entering your own logline. Don’t think about the others who are entering. My critique partner used to say don’t look sideways at the others but straight ahead at where you’re going, and I often think of that. So don’t let your nerves and excitement get to you over it all. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your work in front of the senior editor.

    Good luck!

  139. Congratulations to SANDRA whose name was drawn today as the lucky winner of MJ’s critique! Woohoo!

    And just as an encouragement to everyone else who is submitting to Desire, keep those queries and synopses going. Contests are a fabulous chance for you to get your work on an editor’s desk for consideration but remember, I’m proof positive that you can still sell the old fashioned submission way so never give up :-D.

  140. Thanks for the opportunity DDU authors!

    Congrats Sandra!

  141. Laura, good luck with your logline. I’m not an editor nor am I much of a logline expert, but that won’t stop me giving my 2c worth. FWIW. 🙂 The most important aspect isn’t how prettily the words are put together but the substance. If you understand the Desire promise, if your storyline excites the editors, then you’re more than halfway there. And, as Yvonne said, if you don’t succeed with the pitch then all is not lost. Your next step is to submit a query and synopsis.

    Good luck.


  142. Thanks Bron, great advice! 🙂

    I have a query and synopsis in at Desire now (it’s been there for about 6 weeks, 5 days, 10 hours, but who’s counting? LOL)

    So while I’m waiting to hear about that, I’m working on this logline and it’s so much harder than I thought it would be!

    Thanks for your input, much appreciated!


  143. Karen King Says:

    Congratulations to Sandra, hope all goes well for you and good luck.
    Hope everyone is keeping warm, this winter is just too cold, they are promising us a minus 2 tomorrow brrrrr!!!!!

  144. Keep warm, Karen. The next couple of days sound rough – good in a way, lots of writing time while huddled inside against the cold.

  145. Stephanee Says:

    Thanks ladies for all the good advice & congrats Sandra!

  146. Woo hoo- congratulations Sandra! Keep us posted on how it goes for you!

  147. Karen King Says:

    Hello to all you brilliant Authors of Diamonds Down Under,
    I have just finished reading Paula and Yvonne’s books and wow, the series finished beautifully. I am going to have to read them all over again as I enjoyed them so much.
    I am normally quite a quiet and stand back person, but I have enjoyed this site immensely, also reading everyones comments, so thank you Ladies, it has all been very enjoyable.
    All the Best Karen.

  148. Karen, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It’s always gratifying to hear when readers have enjoyed your work. I hope you love the series as much on second read through. 😀

  149. Karen King Says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I did enjoy the second read through as much as the first, look forward to your future books. Thank goodness winter is nearly over, but its still cold, lots of snow on the mountains giving us real good frosts down here, hope you are all keeping warm!


  150. Karen, it’s still pretty chilly here in Auckland. Wet and cold right through. But it’s always good to have a book, or books to curl up with and enjoy in front of a warm fire or heater. Or even better, in a nice warm bubble bath.

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