The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift or Date

Love is in the air here at our Diamonds Down Under blog and we want to share our perfect Valentine’s Day with you. Be it through the characters in our books, or our own experiences or dreams, Valentine’s Day is all about being in love.

Bronwyn: My perfect Valentine’ gift/date was my wedding day. Yes, I was married on Feb 14, although I must admit I didn’t initially choose the date for romantic impact but for practicality. My dh is a farmer and February is one of the quietest months, farmwise, so we decided on the month first and then I noticed that the 14th was a Saturday. When both the church and a suitable reception venue were available, I nabbed the perfect wedding date. It was a wonderful day and, extra bonus, with all the Valentine’s advertising as a reminder, my husband NEVER forgets our anniversary!

Tessa: In an ideal world, if they were dating like a normal couple, and things were going well, Ryan and Jessica would enjoy nothing more than spending Valentine’s Day at the St Valentine Diamond Stakes race. It’s exciting. It’s got colour and atmosphere. And being totally into fashion, Jessica loves the chance to dress up which a day at the races brings. After race day is over, there is the ball. It may not be as romantic as a candlelit dinner for two. But they get to dance with each other… And afterwards there’ll be an opportunity to slip away with a bottle of French champagne to an intimate world where Jessica and Ryan exist only for each other. Now that’s romantic.

Maxine: The Perfect Valentine’s Gift for me would be to go on a date with my husband to the casino here in Melbourne. He’d surprise me with a diamond necklace, and then we’d dine in one of the posh restaurants, eating the best food and drinking the most expensive wine. And if he had a million dollars to spare I’m sure he’d offer it to me to spend the night with him in one of their best suites, just like Briana and Jarrod do in my book. Of course, even without the million dollars I’d still spend the night with him. And I’ll still love him, money or no money.

Jan: ANYTHING?? You have to know that Valentine Day is not celebrated in our house any more than a quick peck on the cheek. But anything, you say?? Just off the top of my head, I see an elegant table set up in the park – tablecloth, candles and flowers. The meal catered for by our own exclusive chef and of course an elegantly-attired waiter to serve. I doubt that dh could handle a string quartet all night so a favourite cd would do. Lobster in a white wine sauce or oysters done in a variety of ways, lamb as a main, and definitely chocolate of some kind as dessert, maybe a selection of truffles. After coffee, I would present him with tickets to The Masters at Augusta in April, and he would give me this ring. And then we would be treated to our own private fireworks display – magnificent fireworks, accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, complete with cannons.
I don’t ask for much…

Paula: The perfect date and gift? Okay, I think little surprises leading up to the day would be perfect (because, let’s face it, Valentine’s can be sooo commercial, right?). So, my Cloned David Boreanaz would first send me flowers (bright gerberas, or perhaps some gorgeous tulips). The next day, a gift certificate to my favorite day spa. Then on the 14th, he’d pick me up in a limo and present me with a small piece of jewellery – something funky and different. Definitely NOT chocolates! Then, we’d go to The Summit where we’d eat a gorgeous seafood buffet in the revolving restaurant with all of Sydney spread below us. After the meal, the limo would take us to the penthouse suite of the Sydney Marriott, where we’d share some decadent dessert and a bottle of Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora dessert wine on the balcony.

Yvonne: My perfect Valentine’s Day date would take the entire day. It would be sheer bliss to head off to a local beachside restaurant for Eggs Benedict for breakfast at Lou Lou at the Beach, a wonderful casual restaurant on Eastern Beach with the warmest hostess, Lou Lou, I’ve ever met. The walls display her art and many of the ceramics you eat from have been hand painted by her also. I’m building quite a collection at home already! After breakfast we’d go for nice long drive along the Pohutukawa Coast, stopping for a long walk along Kaiaua beach if the mood takes us, or maybe dropping into the Dragon’s Nest pottery shop to enjoy the handcrafted dragons there and maybe indulge in a porcelain water dragon to guard my writing desk. As the afternoon draws on we’d check into the Heritage Hotel & Spa Du Vin in the Maungatawhiri Valley where we’d indulge in his-and-her massage in the spa. By evening we’d dress up for a candlelit dinner for two in the hotel restaurant, with perfectly chilled champagne to enjoy together with our meal. The rest I’ll leave up to your imagination!

What’s your special Valentine’s Day memory? Or how would you like to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner?  Post a comment and you could win a copy of Maxine Sullivan’s first Desire, The Millionaire’s Seductive Revenge!


36 Responses to “The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift or Date”

  1. Hmmm, food certainly seems to be well-represented. Shouldn’t we be living off the ‘fruits of our love’?
    Here in Christhurch, they used to have a Romance Festival for a week or more with lots of silly stuff going on. I think it’s just a Valentine Day ball in Victoria Square under the stars now. I bet Melbourne would put on something for Valentines, wouldn’t it Maxine?

  2. Jan, there’s been lots in the newspaper about Valentine’s Day here in Melbourne but I haven’t taken too much notice. I’ve been too busy writing. *g*

    Just looking at the Sunday paper supplement there’s lots of articles about it all, including Love Bites (treating your sweetheart to food on Valentine’s Day), tips to pamper yourself , a psychology article on expressing love, an article called My Body Valentine about having a negative relationship with our bodies. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot to read about it all before Feb 14th.

    And now I’ll just have to take notice of what events are happening here in Melbourne. Thanks for opening my eyes to that, Jan.

  3. Ooh, that reminds me. Every year at my day job someone leaves all the girls a red heart with a little chocolate on it. For years we’ve been trying to figure out who it is and tried to catch him out, but he’s too wily. Last year some of the girls came in early but he must have left them on our desks the night before because the chocolates were already there.

    I wonder if we should stake the place out the night before? *g*

  4. Maxine
    You could always try rigging up a hidden camera. But then half the fun is trying to guess your mystery chocolate giver, so knowing his identity might spoil the fun.
    I don’t think I’ve had to many mind blowing Valentines. The only one I can remember goes back over 10 years ago when the guy I was seeing took me out to dinner, watch the fireworks over Falls, ice cream and mini putt. I’ll just live vicisoiusly through all all the stories told here 🙂

  5. Bron was a wonderful memory for Valentine’s Day. Gorgeous picture

  6. Christa, yes, knowing who gives us the Valentine’s chocolates would no doubt spoil his fun and ours.

    The silly thing about it is that the first year it happened, I almost had a fit when I saw the chocolate. I mean, I’m long-time married and was thinking who apart from my husband would want to give me a Valentine gift? I quickly put it away in a drawer, and only later in the day I saw one of the chocolates on someone else’s desk. Phew! It was such a moment of relief! Who wants complications in their workplace? Not me.

  7. Oh, Maxine, what a giggle! What a sweet thing to do… But I’m with you on the embarrassment angle. Can be very awkward 😉 And Christa, yes, I’m with you on preserving the secrecy of the giftor.

    Yvonne, I love spending Sundays on arts and crafts trails, discovering unusual treasures. Jan, on the topic of food, a meal along the way is nice too 🙂 although I love farmstalls with preserves and lots of yummy treats.

    Bron, that is SO romantic!

    Have a lovely week everyone.


  8. Maxine, that’s so sweet your coworker does that- and your reaction made me smile – but yes, it’s best to avoid all workplace awkwardness.
    Bronwyn – that is a gorgeous picture- and nice for your husband he always gets reminders of his anniversary ;-).
    This year must be one of my most memorable, unfortunately. While it’s not actually Valentines, the next day I have to be up to go on a 4 hour jail visit for a class I’m taking. I’ve never talked to inmates before, and/but everyone’s first reaction is “oh but that’s Valentines”

  9. Wow, JSL, that’ll be interesting!

    Being a practical bloke, my dh has never been into the Valentine’s Day thing at all, so my perfect Valentine’s Day date might need to be finagled into a wedding anniversary celebration. Mind you, the last time I tried to organise something like that, at a luxurious hill top homestay not far from where we live, the dh was rostered on nightshift and while he’d put in for leave he ended up being called up for jury duty! Needless to say, I’m very wary of trying to organise anything like that again.

    Jan, we’re Kiwis and Aussies, of course we’re practical enough to know we need sustenance while living our Valentine’s Day dream dates! Can’t fall asleep on the job, 😀

  10. I would love to spend Valentine’s Day with my bf alone this year. Usually we get together with friends and then come home alone but this year I’m going to make sure it’s just us. Time alone is enough for me since we live about 3 hrs. away from each other.

  11. Patricia Cochran Says:

    My most special Valentine’s Day was the first one after Ken and I married. What made it special?
    Our first child was born on February 14, 1962! We had been given that day as our due date. I went
    into labor during the morning of the 13th, only I didn’t realize that I had! My mother-in-law came
    in to visit with me and casually mentioned that she hoped I wouldn’t go into labor by myself. I
    told her I felt fine, just had been bothered with a nagging little backache. She grabbed the phone
    and told me to call my doctor. The doctor told me to get to the hospital, that it sounded like labor
    to him! David was born at 3:20 AM the next morning. Because I was just a little bit involved in all
    that was going on, I didn’t realize until the next day that we were right on target.

    Pat Cochran

  12. Jan – food is such a sensual delight though, right? 🙂
    Maxine – what a gorgeous office story! I hope your Office Valentine stays secret for a little while longer.
    Pat – it’d be hard to top that present!
    Kimmy – I remember my first Valentine’s with a significant other – he surprised me with pate (when I used to eat it), then blindfolded me so I couldn’t guess where we were driving to. We eventually ate dinner in a gorgeous Blue Mountains restaurant and he then gave me a beautiful ring with an inscription. And this only two months after we met. The memory still makes me smile despite everything that’s happened since…

  13. Rebekah Elrod Says:

    I like to just spend a quite evening at home with my husband. I don’t need all the extras. Flowers are nice but I hate roses and can’t get it through my husband head to just buy me a bunch of spring flowers. He would save alot of money if he would just listen to me. Men I swear what you say goes in one ear and out the other. But I guess that is one of the reasons we love them.

  14. Crystal B. Says:

    Dinner at a nice restaurant and going to the movies would be my idea of a nice way to spend Valentine’s day with my husband.

  15. Rebekah, that’s hilarious! 😀

  16. A wonderful evening out at the theatre, and then dinner. Nothing more special than time spent together.

  17. Just going out to dinner is a treat since I don’t have to cook or clean up afterwards.

  18. Rebekah, its possible he’s being talked into roses by the flower shop sales staff. Never mind, at least he gets you flowers 😀

    Sounds like many of us have a common theme of just wanting to spend time with our significant other. Time is such a precious commodity in our busy worlds that in the long run it doesn’t matter so much what you do together so long as you get the opportunity to actually do it TOGETHER.

    Paula, memories like that are a slice out of time, aren’t they?

    Pat, my birthday is a week after Valentine’s Day. I’ve often wished I’d been a week early! 🙂

  19. Valentine’s Day is very special to me as besides being a holiday for lovers and sweethearts, it is my husband’s and my wedding anniversary…how much more special could the day get. We picked that day for our wedding as we wanted to choose a day that was for lovers and would always remind us how much our love has grown and lasted over the years.
    We always go out and celebrate this ‘special day’, not always with fancy dinners or trips or big parties, but just sometimes doing something simple that we enjoy doing together.
    Wishing everyone a very Special and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  20. That will make life interesting, JSL.

    Kimmy, that’s lovely. Treasure the time you spend together and enjoy the day. Yvonne, what an absolute waste. How frustrating. So much for a romantic-away-from-the-world night.

    Oh, Patricia, that’s got to be hands down THE best Valentine’s gift. That’s such a special memory to have.

  21. Rebekah, you just made me burst out laughing 🙂 I love loose bouquets of wildflowers. Simple and pretty. I always think those tiny wilted red buds that are sold for such a fortune on Valentine’s Day look a little sad.

    Yep, Anne, time is probably the most valuable commodity we each have to give. My mom has been ill lately, she’s elderly, and lives a long way away from me. Time has become the most precious thing on earth for her–I treasure every telephone conversation with her. Every minute. Enjoy that meal, that precious time together.


  22. Paula, did you have any moment of apprehension being driven blind-folded???

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Gosh, Yvonne, we’re thinking along the same thought tracks. I respond as I go otherwise I lose track of what I’m thinking and need to start all over again. Unlike most woman I cannot multi-task. But I can read maps 🙂

    Shari, that’s awesome. You and Bronwyn definitely have the most romantic wedding anniversary date.

    Ann, my hubby would agree with you–his idea of romantic time is a meal spent together. And, no, it need not be an expensive meal, but he does enjoy it to be a lingering meal, with time to talk.


  24. Chrystal, I love movies, too. But somehow just never seem to get to see them. Note to self to do something about that.

    As Yvonne wisely pointed out, the common theme seems to be spending time TOGETHER. That’s the heart of romance, isn’t it?


  25. I’d love to spend Valentine’s Day away somewhere with my husband, perhaps on a cruise. With lots of good food and music and a wonderful suite, who could ask for more…

  26. Eva, welcome 🙂

    Oooh, a cruise…what a fabulous idea. Where would you want to go to? I’ve never been on a cruise. Last year my writer friend Shelley Munro cruised around Hawaii. And I have to say listening to her tales of paradise made it sound fantastic…and very romantic!


  27. I have been plugging this one for the last two years. lol
    Firstly, it is a surprise as the limo picks us up to a destination I do not know. Any upper class resturant will do, but I am not giving up on that seaside board walk, with a blanket , a bottle of wine, and naturally under our beautiful heavenly night. 🙂

  28. Okay, we can’t help ourselves. All the gals at work will be on the lookout tomorrow morning for anyone who might be the Valentine Chocolate Heart Hero. We’re going to be one step ahead of him this year and try and catch him with his hand on our heart. (Sorry!)

    Stay tuned.

  29. Hi,
    There is a message that I received on my blog. I had to share it with the world. lol… This is what romance is all about.

    Suz 🙂

  30. I’d love to have a Chocolate Heart Hero at my work…
    About the cruise, I’d love to go to the Mediterranean or on a Caribbean cruise, but… I think for our budget it will only be a 24h cruise to Sweden, we do have a wonderful archipelago here…

  31. My perfect valantine is a dozen red roses a box of my favourite truffles, candlelight dinner and of my boyfriend to share it all with.

  32. BY the way i read maxine’s first book and since then i have been hooked, you’re a great writer

  33. Wow, Avi. Thanks so much for liking my first book. It’s wonderful when someone enjoys your stories. It really does warm the heart.

    And speaking of hearts…well, chocolate hearts, that is. The girls came in early and there was nothing on any desks, then one girl walked down the other end of the floor and when she came back there was a brown bag with all the chocolate hearts with our names on them. Unfortunately she didn’t see who left it there, and as there was a few people around at the time, it’s hard to know. However, we’ve narrowed it down to a couple of guys in one section, who both adamantly joke they aren’t the culprits, but we’re pretty certain it’s one of them.

    Next year the camera!

  34. Virginia H. Says:

    I would love to spend a Valentines day going out for a candlelit dinner with dh and coming home and just cuddling up in front of a fireplace spending the rest of the evening. The way it is dh is in the living room watching boxing or something and I am killing time on the computer

  35. Okay, I’ve made a random drawing and the winner of a copy of my first Silhouette Desire, The Millionaire’s Seductive Revenge, is…..

    Shari C!

    Congratulations, Shari. If you’d like to contact me via my own website with your address, I’ll pop the book in the mail.

  36. Congrats, Sheri. you will enjoy Maxine’s first story.

    Maxine, I think you should give both suspects a peck on the cheek! And then send them to NZ!! We can all do with more nice gestures for no gain at all.

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