Diamonds Treasure Hunt: February Clues

Happy Valentine’s Day…yes, it’s already Valentine’s Day down under… and welcome to the second installment of the Diamonds Down Under Treasure Hunt where one lucky winner can win this stunning Diamond Pendant valued at US$350.00.

Clue 1: How many carats is the Desert Star that Jessica and Dani admire in Pride & A Pregnancy Secret? (hint: it’s a measurement in carats)

Clue 2: Apart from the United States, in what two other countries has Pride & A Pregnancy Secret been released? (hint: find it here)

Don’t post the answers here. Collect them, save them, and when you have the answers to all twelve questions in June/July, send them to the contest email address. More details can be found on the Diamonds Down Under contest page. If you missed the January clues for Vows & A Vengeful Groom posted by Bron on 10 January, you’ll find them here.  GOOD LUCK!

We all associate Valentine’s Day with ROMANCE.  What other words do you associate with Valentine’s Day? One winner will be drawn from the comments below. The Prize? A copy of Jan Colley’s incredibly sexy Melting the Icy Tycoon, Tessa Radley’s debut book Black Widow Bride and a skinny book thong.


16 Responses to “Diamonds Treasure Hunt: February Clues”

  1. Crystal B. Says:

    love, flowers, chocolate, jewelry, hearts, lingerie, candlelight

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day! The words that come to my mind:
    love, family, joy, sweetheart, forever

  3. Happy Valentine to you all!
    The words for me is love, sweetheart, happiness, family, friends, flowers, chocolate,togetherness

  4. I have to admit that I love a candlelit dinner. Yep, candlelight works for me, Crystal. 🙂 Maureen, thanks! Joy is always special. My son has a friend called Joy…it doesn’t seem to be as popular a name as it was when I was growing up.

    Oh, I love sweetheart…such a tender word isn’t it? And, Eva, togetherness, that’s at the heart of the idea of Valentine’s Day for me.


  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.
    Some words that come to mind are: sentiment, desire, emotion, ardor, tenderness and amour.

  6. Patricia Cochran Says:

    “Happy Valenetine’s Day” to all

    My word list includes, love, sweethearts, flowers, February, family, labor, and birthday.

    The last two words are on the list because I spent our first married Valentine’s Day in
    labor having our first child!!

    Pat Cochran

  7. Chocolate and roses – Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. The words I would use are genuine, sincere, loving, kind and devoted.

  9. The first word that comes to mind is “chocolate.” The other ones that follow are candies, red, valentines, bitterness, and hearts. The bitterness is because, well, admit it. Valentines is not a very kind holiday to singletons, and there are some very unhappy people out there today.
    Ah well.
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

  10. Eva, Down Under we get a brand of chocolates called Roses made by Cadbury. My youngest son is addicted to them. Do you get them in the US as well? And, Jane, amour is so romantic…do you remember the Julio Iglesias song?

    Ellie, I love devoted! Remember Grease? Olivia Newton-John singing Hopelessly devoted to you? Gosh, this is becoming like word association with songs 🙂 But it’s sure bringing back lovely memories.

    JSL, I hear you about the bitterness, it could get very lonely. And, Patricia, I still think that you got the BEST gift of all.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.

  11. The first thing comes to mind is romantic books I think the best romance stories I’ve ever knew was through pages. Then would come other things like chocolate, flowers and hearts.
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂

  12. Words like chocolate and flowers – red roses mostly.

  13. I associate valentine day with words like eternal love and forever and of course chocolates and roses.

  14. hugs, x’s and o’s, chocolate; red heart candies(cinnamon),
    beautifully decorated heart shaped boxes, kindness.

  15. Patricia Cochran…you’re a winner! Email me your details at tessa and I’ll get those books to you!


  16. […] the February clues for Pride & A Pregnancy Secret posted by Tessa on 14 February, you find them here. GOOD […]

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