We welcome guest blogger NALINI SINGH!!!

Nalini Singh was one of the original Diamonds Down Under Divas to be invited to participate in the continuity. As with Fiona Brand, her contract commitments meant she couldn’t come and play with us but in the meantime she’s agreed to guest blog with us today. So, here she is, hot off the NYT extended best seller list with her latest release MINE TO POSSESS, please welcome Nalini Singh!

I’m so excited to be here on the Diamonds Down Under blog. Thanks to the DDU authors for inviting me (of course, they kind of had to, given that I know where they live and everything *grin*). Since this blog is dedicated to a continuity, I thought it’d be fun to talk about series and why we love them. Here are some of my reasons: 

1. I  love going back to meet characters from previous stories – but only if they’re still themselves in the next book. For example, Judd, my ice-cold Psy assassin from Caressed By Ice, is still remote and scary (to outsiders, not his heroine, of course!) in the books following his own. He’s changed and developed, but he didn’t magically turn into a teddy bear (I can’t even imagine that!) 

2. I love seeing the development of the world itself, whether that world is contemporary, paranormal, historical or something else. We get to see parts of the universe we might’ve only glimpsed previously, along with layers of relationships – I liken it to each new book opening a different curtain into the characters’ lives. 

3. I love the sense of something familiar and yet new. I go into a new installment of a favorite series with very high hopes. I know I’ve loved the previous books, so chances are high I’m going to love this next one. And yet, I’m on tenterhooks as I wait to see what the author does with this particular couple, or installment. I guess a good series combines the comfort of a keeper, with the excitement of an unknown story. So, those are some of my reasons. What about sharing some of yours? Why do you love series? What are some of your favorite series / continuities / mini-series?  

Giveaway: Nalini will draw a random winner from the comments to win a signed copy of a book (winner’s choice) from her backlist (excluding current release) AND as an additional giveaway, a copy of Yvonne Lindsay’s ROSSELLINI’S REVENGE AFFAIR will be drawn by Nalini to go to another random winner–be sure and note which prize draw you would like to go into when you comment!


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  1. Thank you for sharing all of that! I’m glad to hear the Judd hasen’t changed much! I love this series and all the characters! Fantastic writing as well! Have a Great weekend! Jen 🙂

  2. I remember asking you on RR@H blog if you would be writing more Desires…. and they had considered you for the continuity… it is quite funny 🙂

    I am not such a fan of series because I usually get bored of the same setting after finishing the 2nd book and sometimes plots seem redundant, however I have never tried reading a continuity with different authors.

    Thanks for the giveaway – I would like to be in the first one please 😉

  3. I am a big fan of continuities, especially the Desire ones. I remember reading all 12 of the Elliotts and really liking each one of them. I also like the historical romances by Johanna Lindsey and Julia Quinn.

    Can I be in a draw for one of your books Nalini, thanks 🙂

  4. Enjoyed the interview today and would like to be included in the draw!

  5. I enjoy series and it is fun to revisit characters. Tara Janzen’s series is one that comes to mind.

  6. Series always have that extra interesting and wonderful appeal. I enjoy them greatly. Some of my favorite ones are Beverly Barton’s, Hank Phillippi Ryan and the Desire series are lovely. Please enter me into the first draw. Thanks so much.

  7. Helen Gonzalez Says:

    Hi Nalini! Oh yes I definetly love series books, its always such a happy feeling when you can revisit with special characters that touched you the first time all over again, because it was their stories that lets you keep going wanting to know more about them and their friends!! Not to say that stand alones don’t work either, they do!, but for me I like to visit back with, what becomes, almost an extended family that I haven’t seen in a while. Loved the interview definetly keep going with those you always find something new, love to hear that Judd hasn’t changed much he is definetly a keeper the way he is or else Brenna wouldn’t have fallen for him huh? LoL Helen
    P.S. I would like to be entered into the Nalini Contest, Thanks! and Thank You Diamonds down under Blog for this great interview!!

  8. I love series books. They give depth to stories that couldn’t be accomplished in one book.

  9. Hey Nalini! I have been viewing and wanting the Caressed by Ice, but so far just drooling over it! Hope I get lucky and get a booky!

    I love series for one more reason, which actually and extension. Even though you enter the same world it’s still not the whole thing showed to the readers. If you think of our world and see how little in fact we about it and how little it reveals in our own lives. Imagine the possibilities with a fictious world, your imagination and the freedom to develop a world.

    Awesome interview.

  10. Hello Nalini! I love series for those same reasons. I also get kind of attatched to characters and I love to see them living their HEA in later books. When it comes to continuities, I love seeing characters from different authors’ perspectives. It’s also nice to read about events in the same environment written in differing writing styles. Variation like that is very enjoyable to me.

    I’d adore a signed copy of one of your books, but I will get to meet you in September and have an opportunity then for signings, so if I get randomly drawn I’d prefer the second prize. 🙂

  11. Hi Nalini,
    I like series when every story doesn’t end at a critical situation. I can’t stand the excitement waiting for the release of the second part.
    I’d like to be in the draw for one of your books please. Thanks for sharing your opinion:-)

  12. Hi, Nalini!

    I like series, too. Especially when in one book we meet a secondary character and then in the next book, it’s his/her chance to be the main character. 🙂

    I’d love to be in drawing for your book. Great interview!

  13. Hi Nalini and everyone!
    I just got “Mine to Possess” a few days ago, and plan on reading it today :D. [I also bought “Mistress & a Million Dollars” yesterday, so I’m on a book roll! Nalini, I can’t imagine Judd as a teddy bear either. In fact, I think that would scare me even more than how he currently is! I love series and continuities – I grew up with the concept, with Asian dramas (they had whole stories that could take years) – and they’re slightly different from American miniseries… but I also really enjoy the rich powerful “Dynasties” lines from Silhouette Desire.

  14. I love well written series. Of course, that’s a subjective construct, as with anything involving taste. Some authors can pull multiple books in which previous characters have cameos (or even secondary storylines) very well, keeping them true to themselves and keeping the rules of their universe consistent. Those are the series I’ll re read over and over, and for which I’ll wait eagerly for the new releases *hint hint*

    In continuities, I have to confess that very few work well for me, because I get thrown off by the change in author’s voice–does that make sense? Of course, the ones that don’t throw me off become keepers automatically.

    Thank you for the great post!

    (I’d love to be entered for Nalini’s book.)

  15. Hi all! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Jen – yep, Judd’s still Judd!

    Lily – a continuity is quite fun to read I think – each writer has a different style, and it’s interesting to see how their story fits into the bigger storyline.

    Nathalie – I’m a big fan of JQ’s Bridgertons too!

    Teresa – you’re in!

    Maureen – I’ve heard of Tara Janzen’s series but I haven’t yet read one. (Adding to mental tbr list).

    Ruth – entered!

    Helen – I totally agree. It’s such fun to visit the extended cast of characters, especially when they change and grow 🙂

    Joyce and Harry – yes, that’s a big draw for me, too. You can explore lots of different aspects of the world. 🙂

    Courtney – I can’t wait for RAW!

    Mona – cliffhangers are definitely tough! I think I can only stand it if the series comes out close together.

    Wendy – entered!

    JSL – hope you enjoy Mine to Possess!

    Azteclady – continuity in a series is really important for me, too. The rules must be followed – otherwise it becomes harder to put my faith in the books.

  16. As you read a book, the characters become a part of you and as such it’s interesting to see where and how life takes them. This is the allure of a series for me.


  17. I love series too, for all the reasons you mentioned.

    I finished Mine to Possess a few days ago and really liked it. I loved Judd’s cameo, to see we was the same cold Judd, but then the ice cracked with Brenna. It was lovely.

    What you said about series books being a comfort and new ground at the same time is a perfect description. I hadn’t thought of it like that before but that’s a large part of why I like them.

  18. aBookworm – that’s such a great way to put it. With my favorite series, it’s as if I know the characters and can’t wait to see what they’ve been up to.

    Kerry – so glad you enjoyed MtP! The comfort/new thing is why I think, we’re often quite tough on series books – we want that same excitement, that same jolt, but with a difference.

  19. I really enjoy a good series, and have shelves full of my favorites. A well written storyline will have me returning to read about my favorite character’s and interested in the new ones that drop in.

  20. Nalini, I think you are going to like Tara Janzen’s books–they are very fast paced, like a roller coaster, and very, very intense. And funny. Gee, remind me of someone now… 😉

  21. Hi Nalini! I love your series. I LOVE Judd. I think it’s great that he still seems scary and cold to others but that they also notice that he is warming up the longer he is with Brenna.

    I agree with azteclady! Most continuities haven’t worked for me. The change is author style seems to throw the story off. But a well written series that keeps the characters and the world true to themselves they keep me coming back for more!

    Throw me in Nalini’s pile. 🙂

  22. Hey Nalini, I love series for many of the same reasons you do, that revisiting previous characters is a major drawcard for me, especially when a specific character, although he/she doesn’t have much page space because it’s not THEIR story yet, stands out to me. Judd was one such character, and I remember ‘meeting’ Blade Lombard in Fiona Brand’s first Intimate Moments, Cullen’s Bride, and thinking WOW, I want to read more about this guy. Often, though, I’ll read a whole string of books in a series, like Stephanie Laurens Cynsters or Christine Feehan’s Carpathians, witches or her enhanced soldiers, and then all of a sudden stop. Maybe its because I don’t ‘see’ a character coming in a future book that appeals to me on the same level as the previous characters. Hmm, food for thought, that. That said, I love trilogies. More contained, character-wise.

  23. I love reading series! You get to see the characters grow. Kay Hooper does the Bishop series which I love, Tara Jansen and Sabrina Jeffries ( just a few).

  24. Beth aka Scifibookcat Says:

    Hi Nalini! I’ve loved all of the Psy Changling books and can’t wait for the next installment.

    Series are special to me. I really enjoy getting a new story but with the comfort of old friends and a familiar environment. This is especially true with Paranormal or SciFi/Fantasy books, because of the time invested in setting up the parameters of the world and any special abilities of the characters. All of the good paranormal authors (like you) spend a lot of time creating the world and making it real for the readers. We get attached to the world as well as the characters and want to experience more of it.

    It amazes me how much variation there is within the paranormal genre and that so many authors are creating such diverse and amazing settings for their stories. With series, I can pick up the sequels and know what the world will be like and just enjoy the story.

    I would love to receive any thing from you, but since I have copies of all of your Psy books (multiple copies of each if you include ARCs), if you have any of your older series romance, I would love to have any of those.

  25. Hi! Nalini, you rock, and I love the series, but you knew that hehehe 🙂

  26. I would like to be entered to win the first prize, Nalini.

    I love series books. They are actually my favorites because I like to imagine I am the character and it is my get away from real life in to something much more interesting than my own. My favorites include the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series by Laurrel K Hamilton. Yours, of course. J. D. Robb’s In Death, Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk & Steele series, Kim harrison, Christine Freehan’s Carpathian series, Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series…need I go on?
    I enjoy and look forward to what’s going to happen next and I just fall in love w/ the characters to the point if one dies, I usually cry. If they are worried about something, I worry. In a singular novel, you just can’t get that involved in their world or their lives. Not to say I don’t read singular ones as well, I just prefer series. When I hear the next one in a series is coming out, I mark it on my calender and try my best to get out to the store that day and get it (money allowing)! Then I will sit and read it cover to cover, usually more than once, lol!

  27. Cathy – me too. When I think about my keepers, so many are part of a series.

    Azteclady – LOL 🙂

    Aymless – I luvs Judd *grin*

    Yvonne – I’ve done that, too. Sometimes I think it’s just a case of overloading on a particular series – esp if you read them back to back. Often, I’ve gone back and found the magic again.

    Stacy – I’m a HUGE fan of the Bishop series! I love how they’re subtly spooky.

    Beth – hi! I completely agree with what you said about worlds. Often, one book’s just not enough! I want to see more and more and more…

  28. Candice – aw, thanks! 🙂

    Alisha – I definitely get attached to series characters, too. They become so real through the course of several books.

  29. Ms. Nalini;

    It’s always a good thing when there are continual websites that allow these discussions, especially about series ^_^.

    Your, Ms. Nalini’s, Psy/Changeling series is an obvious love.
    Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton Family is a great series.
    Lisa Kleypas’ Bow Street Runners, Wallflower Series, the new Hathaway Family.
    Lori Foster’s Winston Brothers.
    Christine Feehan’s Drake Sisters.
    Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk and Steele.

    In all these series, I have found them to be unique in their own stories. It’s not a repeat of the same characters or situations under different names. The characters are realistic and the series inhabits an environment where people actually comes into contact with each other; in a down to earth ways.

    Ex. Judd isn’t everyone’s fav. person just because we happen to love him. >_<

    It’s like seeing different facets of the same world, kind of like reality. ^_^ There are so many things to learn in that world, so many layers and so many stories. I especially love it when I can see how a certain character from previous novels are adjusting, or meeting new people and watching interactions. Characters growing and developing even after their core story was told.

  30. Nalini, thanks so much for your blog. It’s fantastic to see you here. Like Robyn Grady and Fiona Brand, I wish you could have joined us in this DDU series. But next time we won’t let any of you get away. *g*

    I love reading series books whether they are written by the same author or different authors. When it’s the same author, I love knowing that each book is written in the same style and that’s a comfortable read for me. When it’s different authors, I think it’s refreshing reading a variety of styles with connecting storylines. I’m always amazed at how each author shines in one particularly aspect, whether it be twists and turns in the plot, a gift for being a wordsmith, dialogue, or perhaps description and narrative.

    Thanks to all for joining us here. And good luck at winning both Nalini and Yvonne’s books.

  31. Alice – I really love that too, the chance to see a character grow and develop 🙂

    Maxine – thanks for the invite!

  32. Hey Nalini, I loved the blog. You are so right, my favourite part of your novels is seeing characters I love from previous stories. It makes the world so much more tangible and complete. I tend to gravitate to these kinds of stories.

    I also agree, every now and then a series will show a previous character with a complete personality transplant, it is very disconcerting. I love the continuity in your characters.

    Thanks heaps,

  33. Great blog, Nalini. You’ve stirred everyone up. Was the Ashton’s the only continuity for Desire in your repertoire, btw?
    I love series too, though I don’t read as much as I should lately. Your’s (tho afraid to say I’m behind) JD Robb, and the Diana Gabaldon books are ones that spring to mind – and good old Harry Potter! I have really enjoyed the continuities I have participated in but I fear I may not be trying a series of my own anytime soon. Usually by the time I have finished a book, I am more than happy to move on to something, someone and somewhere completely different … heh heh

    Best of luck with the new release, we in NZ are all watching its progress up the ‘charts’ YAY!

  34. Prue – thank you for the compliment! 🙂

    Jan – yep, I only did the one continuity…and ooooh JD Robb, luurrrrrve JD Robb!

  35. I’m wondering how come no one has mentioned Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters books… or heck, her TDD books for that matter. She another writer who manages to juggle continuing storylines with an extended cast of characters. Both series are excellent, IMnotsoHO.

    (Full lists, in order: http://www.suzannebrockmann.com/Troubleshooters%20Series.htm and http://www.suzannebrockmann.com/tdd.htm )

  36. Yes, I agree – characters should stay in character in the following books! 🙂 I’m reading a LOT of series now, and since I’m in the middle of so many I’m beginning to prefer when I can read a book out of order and not be confused about what’s going on. When each book is it’s own story, I don’t have to worry about being utterly lost!

  37. (a copy of Yvonne Lindsay’s ROSSELLINI’S REVENGE AFFAIR would be awesome to win.)

    I really like series because one can continue to learn more about characters that have become your friends.
    ….one of my favorite series that I have read is Sandra Brown’s
    Texas Trilogy.

  38. Are we still posting? I’m a lil confused with the time stamps lol (did I mention I want my name in the winning hat *g* )
    I just read some comments on some Yahoo groups about Mine to Possess – everyone loves it, then again, how could they not 😉

  39. Hi Candice, yes we’re still posting! The timestamp on this blog is Australian Eastern Time (which is two hours behind NZ time) and ahead of the rest of the world depending on where you live. 😀

    Nalini will be posting the book winners on 23 February Down Under Time (Aus/NZ) so keep your comments coming!

  40. lol okay 🙂 phew

  41. Azteclady – aren’t SB’s men just so…manly?! So raw and real.

    Janicu – so true! Recently I’ve had to reread the previous book before I could read the next one. But since I love those continuing series, I think my addiction is going to continue LOL

    Robynl – isn’t it great when you get an unexpected glimpse of a favorite character in a new book?

    Candice – thanks for telling me that! How lovely. And yep, we’re still posting as Yvonne said 🙂

  42. I love reading series because secondary characters get to have their own stories and we can reconnect with characters that were the leads in the previous books. I love Stephanie Laurens’ Cynster series and her Bastion Club. I have most of Nalini’s books, so I want to be entered to win Yvonne’s book. Thanks.

  43. would love to win one of your books.

  44. Jane, the Cynster books are some of my absolute favorites. I haven’t read as many of the Bastian Club ones but I’ve got my eye on them. 🙂

    Kim – you’re entered!

  45. Helen Gonzalez Says:

    I haven’t read the Suzanne Brockman books but now that so many compliments were given I am definetly on my way to the book store to find out! Have a good one everyone!

  46. cathiecaffey Says:

    Hi Nalini!! Just getting on today after the big racing day (Daytona 500) We all are hooked on the racing. In a way its like reading series. I don’t like to miss any. I don’t want to miss what happens in between or other characters stories. I’m a bookacholic too that I always want to read the books in order too! So all those reasons you posted were the exact same thing I was picking as well! Sometimes its hard knowing when they end up ending and hard to say goodbye too as a reader but my mood is pulled right back up with re-reading until the next series or book is out! Too, I’d love to play for one of your backlist Nalini. Thanks!

    I thought too that I’d let you know how I got started on your books. W: hen I was chatting with some reader friends and they told me that your SD book was up next in the Dynasties The Ashtons,series and that I’m going to love the read. And I did! I then kept up with the SD books as well as finding some of the previous ones! So I’ve been following you since and its great to see all you’ve done. Congrats. I’m So glad to be a reader of yours.

  47. Hi Nalini. Good to see you here. Great post. I am a big fan of series too.

  48. The thing with series vs stand alones is the tricky balancing act the writer has to perform with each new installment. On the one hand, you want your new readers to be able to pick any of the books without feeling completely lost, so you have to provide some information about the universe and cast of characters. On the other hand, you don’t want to bore your fans by regurgitating the same thing with every new book. Frankly, those authors who are able to walk on that really fine line deserve lots of praise, IMnotsoHO.

  49. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Hello to Nalini and all,

    Thanks for the series information! Trilogies are great, more than that seems to lose my interest.
    Second drawing , please!

    Pat Cochran

  50. Azteclady, you’re so right on your comparision with series vs stand alones. But to compare series with continuities, I think alot of controlling the ‘past book info dump’ depends on the point of view of the character in the current book. Each character will see it differently. I know with Christine Feehan’s enhanced soliders (same author led series) I tended to skim the pages that described how the guys had all been ‘trained’ and escaped etc, because I’d read it all before, but with continuity books (written by different authors) you have a different balance of opinions on what has gone before. It’s all part of the fun, that’s for sure!

    Helen, look out if you’ve never read Suzanne Brockmann before, you could be in for a wonderful wonderful time reading her very vast backlist! LOL! 😀

  51. Yvonne, indeed, continuities are very different, and not only because of the different writers’ voices, but also because of the different perspectives and points in time.

    After posting here I went to my keeper shelves and checked some of the continuities that I’ve kept, and I realized that mostly the authors therein have been way above average (IMO, of course, this is all subjective) in keeping that balance between tyeing (sp?) with both the previous and future installments, and standing on their own merits.

  52. Helen – let us know what you think of them after you read them!

    Cathie – thank you for that lovely compliment. And I love your analogy about racing and not wanting to miss a bit of it. I’ve even tracked down small short stories that fit into a series because I don’t want to miss out. 🙂

    Crystal – hi! Thanks for dropping by.

    Azteclady – that’s a good point, and from a writer’s point of view, it’s definitely a fine balancing act.

    Yvonne – also I think a continuity is similiar to a series where everyone knows the books don’t stand alone ie. there’s Vol 1, Vol 2 etc. So as a writer, you can jump into the book without worrying so much about setup. Do you agree?

  53. Hi Pat – thanks for swinging by. I do enjoy trilogies, too, but sometimes, with a really good trilogy, I want more after book 3 is over!

  54. Absolutely, Nalini.

  55. The first series that comes to mind is Bron’s Princes of the Outback. I brought them in from the States to Australia and have loaned them out but only under the threat of maiming should they not be returned =) Yes, Nalini, I agree – for me the attraction of a good series is its promise of returning to familiar characters and settings, coupled with the anticipation of a wonderfully new and involving ride. And, let me say, I’m certainly enjoying the DDU ride!! Un-put-downable. Loved both Bron’s and Tessa’s books. Thank heavens I have Yvonne’s Tycoon’s Valentine Vendetta to dive into tonight!

    Nalini, mega congratulations on your latest release!! That’s *absolutely* fabulous! Can’t wait to read it.


  56. Hi Nalini I love reading series romances, it holds your attention right up until the very end. One of the first series romances I read was Susan Mallery desert rogues from Silhouette Special Edition and I ended collecting all 10 books, I then started reading the desire line of series and found it to be just as great. Recently I read, in December the Garrisons from the desire line. This DDU series also is quite intriguing and I can’t wait to read the rest. Awaken to pleasure one of the books from you, was a great book I would also like to be placed in the draw for your book.

  57. i love the series, ive read the first 2.. wows great books!

  58. Hey Robyn!

    Hi Avi – It’s great isn’t it, when you find a series that’s satisfying all the way? The only bad thing is, they leave you wanting more!

    Hi Tasha – glad you’re enjoying the series! 🙂

  59. Nalini, its true that its hard to wait in between series, but I have to keep reminding myself that I had the joy to read them so it was all worth it. Gosh, the characters are so real to me!

  60. Hey Nalini!

    Love series for all the things everyone has mentioned – secondaries getting their own stories, revisiting past characters etc. Have checked out my keeper shelves and have Paula Detmer Riggs’ Maternity Row, Bron’s Outback ones, Merline Lovelace’s Men of Bar H, and Sharon De Vita’s Silver Creek County (all old ones, I know but I still love them!). On the ST front, I absolutely *adore* Johanna Lindsey’s Malory family and Jude Deveraux’s Mongomerys. I actually haven’t read a continuity that’s left threads loose until the very end of the books, like ours have. Are we just very special? 😀

  61. Yes, Paula, we’re special. 🙂

  62. Caffey – so true!

    Paula, hi! 🙂

  63. Thank you all for playing & thanks to the DDU authors for inviting me!

    And here are the WINNERS!! (Picked randomly). If you didn’t specify which book you’d like to win, I assumed you’d be happy with either.

    Copy of one of my books

    JEN H.

    Email me at nalinisinghwrites @ gmail.com with your addies and we’ll get the prize away to you.

  64. Congrats, Alisha and Jen H!

  65. Nalini, on behalf of the DDU Divas, I’d like to thank you for blogging with us. It’s been great fun watching the discussion.

    Congratulations to the winners!

  66. Nalini, yes, thanks so much for blogging with us. It’s been great having you here.

    And congratulations to the winners of the books too! Lucky things.

  67. Enjoy your books, Alisha and Jen.
    Thanks, Nalini, may your year continue to soar.

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