Six Things About Satin & a Scandalous Affair

The Hero: Quinn Everard

I originally thought of Quinn as Irish American, mainly because I thought we might like an American Hero amongst the Aussies and Kiwis to appease our beloved American readers. But he got lost somewhere along the way. As soon as I saw this guy’s face with his dark eyes and broken nose, I was on my way to falling in love. The juxtaposition of ruggedness versus his suave, man-of-the-world mannerisms excited me, although ‘my’ Quinn is a few years younger and has dark hair.

“Dani stared boldly back, seeing in her mind’s eye his tall broad form as he’d scrutinized her display window. How she’d admired what looked like an Armani suit – a rarity in the tropics – and his smooth, rolling gait as he’d straightened and moved inside. He moved like a fighter, and who’s to say he wasn’t? There was a definite break in his nose, the telltale bump high on the bridge, and a scar, smooth and pale, traced the corner of his mouth.”

The Heroine: Dani Hammond

I wanted someone younger than Quinn, the complete opposite of his cool sophistication. I loved this lady’s hair! I wanted her to have a colourful, zany sense of fashion, a breath of fresh air to cultured Quinn Everard. His cool against her flamboyance…

“She’d attempted to tame her wildfire hair with a scarf, but still, dark red curls sprang up in interesting dimensions. Her colour sense was outrageous, combining a red-and-pink-striped top with a captivatingly short floral skirt. She was exotic, unconventional, bubbling over with life and energy. He knew more beautiful women but none so colourful, so vibrantly original.”

The Setting: Four Mile Beach

I have visited Port Douglas five times! My very favourite part of each day is to beat DH out of bed and walk into town along this beautiful, almost deserted beach. It takes me about fifty minutes to walk into the township but I would never stay anywhere but Four Mile. Sometimes, I’ll catch the shuttle back after raisin toast and a lime thickshake. If I’m not too tired or it’s not too hot, I’ll kick off the walking shoes and splish splash back along the beach, from the view shown above right around the corner to where the white beach runs out.

The Finished Product:

This is the setting I imagined Dani came up with for the massive fancy intense yellow diamond Quinn commissioned her to design. Only you have to imagine the platinum cage is more delicate, and that there is a humungous yellow diamond in there! (I didn’t have any problems imagining that!)

“He looked first for impact, and got it in spades. A diamond inside a diamond. Mere filaments of platinum, like the gossamer wings of a dragonfly, held the huge trilliant-cut stone suspended inside a web cage.”

Nautilus Restaurant

Cemented in the history of Nautilus is the US presidential visit of Bill & Hillary Clinton in October 1996. One night at around 8:40 pm, with no prior reservation, and two small tables of “minders” already dining in the restaurant, two of the Clintons’ senior security officers entered the restaurant and spoke with Carmel. She was asked if all the guests had arrived, they had. The secret service men then proceeded to advise her that all of the restaurant’s telephones had been disconnected and that the President and First Lady would be arriving to dine in around 10 minutes. None of the other diners then present in the restaurant were allowed to leave.

Hillary had seen a feature on Nautilus in the New York Times and she had included a romantic anniversary dinner at Nautilus in their holiday plans. The restaurant was sealed off, Murphy Street was blocked at both ends and officers were stationed at all points including the kitchen. The Clintons dined alone, and enjoyed their own intimate “Nautilus Experience”. There was a small wedding party in the restaurant and Bill signed their wedding certificate and the bride presented her bouquet to Hillary for her wedding anniversary.  (from the Nautilus Restaurant’s website)

In five visits to Port, I have eaten here once as it’s pretty expensive. It was unique with the tables set amongst the trees so you hardly even realised there were other diners present. The food was beautiful and they served a very nice Nautilus wine – all the way from Marlborough, New Zealand! Quinn, Dani and Matt dined here in Satin & a Scandalous Affair.

The Dress:

Last year I was invited to my friend Deb’s wedding. She was stunning in a dress she designed herself, with a little help. It was exactly the sort of dress that Dani would wear to a posh, tropical wedding. The beautiful bride drove herself to the wedding (not by helicopter!) …

and I wish that was me with her but sadly, it was her best friend, bridesmaid, and this year’s winner of the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Champs in Ohio, gorgeous Jo Stewart.

Dani expected a few raised eyebrows about her dress, especially from her mother. Strapless and backless, the fabric was hummer orange but the chiffon overskirt was made up of thousands of tiny overlapping patches of deep pink blush and vivid orange. When she moved, the patches rippled with the richness of the sunset.

Rings, necklaces, pendants…pearls, platinum, diamonds…if you could be a jewellery designer for a day and the sky was the limit, what would you create? Comments to this week’s blog go in the draw to win a copy of my first book, Trophy Wives, and a little bling – can’t say too much, but it will have a pink ‘diamond’ in it!


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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics, Jan, and after reading those snippets I am SO looking forward to reading your book. Yum.


  2. Hi Jan well this is my favourite topic after food and hospitality. If I could design a jewellery piece it would be a diamond studded frame glasses . Since I have to were it every day what a cool way to look. together with matching drop earrings. I agree with bron Great post Jan so looking foward to read your book

  3. Bron, you were intimately involved with the pics, since you had to load them for the dunderhead. There is one in every team, isn’t there? Thanks again.
    Avi J, I read somewhere recently that this year’s hot fashion item is – glasses! So get designing, girl! You could make a fortune. And I love the idea of matching earrings…

  4. limecello Says:

    Hi Jan,
    I loved the explanations and the pictures that went with the book It just made everything so much more real! I really liked how attached Dani was to the beach. Hm… if I could design anything… I think it would be a necklace. Something fabulous, with platinum, a certified diamond, and mikimoto pearls. Not just because I love all three, but there’s a much smaller chance of me losing it than something like earrings :X.

  5. Hi Jan I was just in the kitchen making lunch and I got this other idea what about a diamond and amethyst (my birthstone) studded Chef Knife I’ll have the most fabulous knife in the kitchen. Now all week I’ll be thinking about ways to put jewels in everyday things I use (lol)

  6. limecello Says:

    Haha – that’s so creative! I’d be so scared of washing that knife/knocking off one of the precious stones… But how fascinating. There are gem encrusted cell phones, purses, bras and more – wonder when they’ll get to kitchen appliances 😉

  7. limecello, who knows maybe they soon get there so I better start saving my money for that knife (lol).

  8. Patricia Cochran Says:

    I love that beach, but I don’t often indulge in long walks! A short walk maybe, then a nice
    shady spot, a comfortable chair, a long cold drink, and a good book! My design would
    include platinum, diamonds, pearls, and peridots (my birthstone) in a necklace. You did
    say the sky was the limit, didn’t you? Then I would surely include matching earrings AND
    bracelet! I heard or read somewhere that one can never wear too many diamonds!!

    Pat Cochran

  9. I’ve always wanted a pink diamond ever since J. Lo got one for her engagement to Ben Affleck. I could see myself wearing a yellow diamond ring in a platinum setting.

  10. Jan, awesome blog! But then you’re an awesome writer so I wouldn’t expect any less.

    Hmmm, what would I create if the sky was the limit? I think it would be a platinum diamond ring, (if you’ve seen my fingers you’ll know I love rings!) My focal stone would be a blue diamond and I’d have white baguette diamonds on the shoulders. Of course one would have to have matching earrings and a pendant too, wouldn’t one? 😉

    Avi, my birthstone is amethyst also! Love love love the stones.

  11. Hi Yvonne glad to know you love amethyst too, I went to an Indian fair for Christmas when they came to my country and the designers had and entire collection made from birthstones. I went and bought the entire amethyst collection. (Earrings, pendant and chain, bracelet) set in silver and zircons. I have more purple jewellery than anything else and I usually save up so I can add new pieces, I love wearing those them so much that I sometimes don’t match the stone colours with my clothes (lol)

  12. Hi limecello! Mmmm pearls. I love black pearls the best and they go so well with diamonds! And you say they are making diamond-studded bras? Er, I’m going for comfort in my old age…

    Avi J that would be a diamond-studded Ka-Bar knife – and washing valuable utensils is over-rated! Amethysts are lovely, aren’t they? I recently bought a polished stone for a friend and it was the most beautiful colour, she loved it. I think with colours in fashion, almost anything goes these days, at least, that’s what Dani (my h in Satin) told me.

    Pat your holiday sounds exactly what I like – after my walk along the beach! (and not forgetting the lime thickshake) had to go and look up peridots, they’re lovely.

    Jane, mmm pink diamonds – did you see the Steinmetz Pink I featured in the Janurary blog Famous Diamonds? I think I would have to agree that they’re my absolute favourites, tho yellow comes close.

    Yvonne, what’s the stone in the necklace on your bio pic? I know it’s not a blue diamond, just re-read your post, must be an amethyst. Thanks for coming out to play, now get back to the deadline cave (thwack !!)

  13. Pat Cochran, come in Pat! Happy to say you won the prize for last week’s blog on 6 Fun/Interestings things we leaned while researching the series.
    Congratulations! You’ve won a copy of Bron and my UK dual edition of her The Ruthless Groom and my Trophy Wives. Can you email me at jan at jancolley dot com and give me your address and I’ll have that off to you pronto.
    Sorry for being so tardy.

  14. Jan, I agree with Bron. I can’t wait to read your book, which is sitting here looking at me, calling me to pick it up and read it. Alas, I have to write. Soon…..

    But my-oh-my, isn’t that picture of Quinn gorgeous! I can just see him and the beautifully unique Dani walking along that white beach and then dining together at Nautilus. Such a perfect setting for a perfect couple.

  15. M-a-x-i-n-e……..r-e-a-d m-e-e-e…….

  16. limecello Says:

    Pearls are my birthstone, and while I wasn’t all about them for a while, they are growing on me. They’re gorgeous, but when compared to all the sparkly stones, I felt a little shafted as a young’un. I looooove glittery things. I’d go for a pink diamond… or a blue one… or a flawless “plain” one ;-). If we’re going for a set – I’ll have one of those! Haha – “simple” with just pearls and diamonds – set in platinum of course!
    It’s probably a good thing I can’t afford this because I tend to treat jewelry abominably :-(.
    Also – yes. Victoria’s Secret or some other company came out with a diamond bra for a few years – mostly for show. [I mean, who would wear one? Or could afford one?] And you’re right – that would be terribly uncomfortable. Much better to just snip them off and set them 😀

  17. limecello right on, diamonds are made to be shown, although sad to say I don’t have any diamond jewelry. What I do have is zircon which sometimes passes for the real thing, although it’s a sad substitute (lol). I actually love to collect look through the diamond catalog from jewelry stores and say if only ……. (lol)

  18. Ths beauty and distinctive appearance of rubies and sapphires have always appealed to me. An art deco pin is something that would be unique and eye catching. A beach is my ultimate setting.

  19. What an intriguing and fascinating blog today. I loved reading about the creation. Your photos are just lovely and give me an extremely good view into the story, and the setting. I would design a delicate gold filigree bracelet with turquoise stones studded throughout.. Soft, lightweight and original.

  20. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Jan, thanks for the good news!! I will get my information to you right away! PS Like Maxine,
    I’m looking at Satin…. as I send you this message. I can hardly wait to begin reading your book!

    Pat Cochran

  21. Hi Limecello. I checked out a few pearl sites for this book (the keishi pearl necklace Dani made) and for last year’s Expecting a Fortune. Have you ever seen a paua pearl? Check out http://www.bluepearlsdotcom They’re quite pretty, probably not my favourite pearl but love the difference in colours.
    Re the diamond bra, I think Maxine might have posted a pic while we were writing the stories. Check out http://www.beautydendotcomvictoria‘ssecret. The model says: “It’s very comfortable and it doesn’t dig in.” Yeah, right.

    Hi Avi J. I have a pair of zircon earring which I love, and because I always lose one earring, I feel a lot easier wearing these.

    Ruth, I love rubies and diamonds together, especially nice with old or rose-gold as a setting.

    Ellie, check out this bracelet (mentioned in Satin as the piece Dani entered in the Young Designer Awards, the one that Quinn marked her down on) http://www.ninasjewellery dot com dot au/profile dot asp It’s probably not as delicate as you would like but just look at those pinks all over it!

    Pat, congrats on being our winner for last week. Only one thing to say to you: P-a-t…..r-e-a-d….m-e-e-e-…………

  22. Jan, I can really sense Quinn and Dani in this descriptions.

    Love, love all the jewellery. Beautiful. And so different. And have to say that photo of the beach is enough to make me want to go visit Port Douglas. Only been once. And that was a quickie visit. Time to go again, methinks! 🙂

    If I go I’m definitely do your beach walk…sounds fabulous.

    I’m with Avi and Yvonne on the amethysts. They’re magnificent stones. The colours. But I have to admit that I love the lustre of pearls too.

    Jan, your quirk about losing an earring is too cute! But I bet you, you don’t feel that way when you’ve just realised it’s gone…


  23. leola hardin Says:

    what a wonderful question! i saw some yellow sapphires a few years
    ago and fell in love. a bracelet i think, yellow sapphires set in yellow
    gold. a lacy and airy design. can’t you just see it worn with a yellow
    silk gown. in my salad days i had that shade of brown hair that is
    almost auburn and this outfit would have made me feel like a princess.

  24. Hi ya, Tessa! I have seen so many pics of Port and Four Mile Beach, and in fact, have taken a few myself, but this one was so clear and really showed the whole curve of the sand, rught to where my turn-off is through the palms. And this one was off Wikipedia!!! Yu must go, sadly, to visit Port these days, you HAVE to have a guide – pick me!!!!

    Okay Leola, when I miss my deadline, can I blame you? Just spent nearly an hour checking out yellow sapphires – well, actually, it started with yellow sapphires and morphed into – chocolate diamonds. I haven’t come across them before, champagne and just plain brown. chocolate and diamonds in the one sentence. Is that bliss or what? Anyway, the sapphires are lovely too and I enjoyed your ‘salad’ days gem.

  25. Theresa N. Says:

    Beautiful picture of the beach, it must have been wonderful to walk that everyday. Love the story of about Bill and Hilary, the bride giving her her bouquet, priceless.

  26. Hey Jan loosing an earring is terrible (lol). I remember when I lost one side of my amethyst earring I turned the whole house upside down looking for it, only to find it where my dog has her toys. Apparently since there is a seat by my dresser, she climbed up and took that one out of all the others. So what do you think should I make her an amethyst collar since she likes my jewelry so much (lol)

    On the issue of pearls Tessa, I love how a pearl ring looks as well as the chain. My mom always says a woman’s wardrobe is never complete without a pearl jewelry. It really is pretty too. Hey did you ever read Trish Morey’s A virgin for the taking, this book it was based on pearls, and such a great romance as well.

  27. I love all the pics Jan, they really show what the characters are about, I am looking forward to the book. I would create a ring that had gold and platinum setting holding a champayne diamond. I have a fake one and I would love the real thing.

  28. limecello Says:

    Avi, I don’t have any diamonds either :-\. Maybe some day… I love diamonds because, well, they’re diamonds! And sparkly! [Yes, I probably could still be fascinated by a crystal and sunlight for a good hour…] However, I have a thing with diamonds. My sister has gotten to me, with all the blood diamond issues. It’s not worth it, really. I’d feel so guilty, unless I could know for 110% that it’s “legitimate.”
    Jan – wow those blue pearls have some kind of luster! They don’t even really look like pearls! I get caught up in the Mikimoto site, sometimes, so it’s probably a good thing they don’t have a very large gallery. Unfortunately, the bra page doesn’t work. I can’t imagine wearing that, or why or, haha, the mind boggles.
    When I’m not at work :X I’m definitely going to go look at the paua pearls again. :X Who am I kidding, I’ll probably do it in class. *angelface*

  29. Nicole Price Says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I’m looking forward to reading the book. Thanks!!

  30. Jan, the heart shaped pendant in my bio pic is, I believe, red glass on a sterling silver chain. The gorgeous Trish Morey bought it for me when I finalled in the RWAustralia R*BY (Romantic Book of the Year) Award last year. It’s a PALAS piece, you can check PALAS jewellery out at — great stuff!

    And speaking of sparkling lingerie, how about the diamond encrusted G-string recently displayed during a Triumph lingerie show…apparently it was drycleaned after the event (oh? really?) and will be a display piece and is definitely not for sale. Who’d want a second hand G anyway? 😉 Here’s the link:

  31. Just retrieving the whip from where it’s been pointed at Yvonne’s backside – she’s on deadline – I am all-seeing, limecello, thwack! Study!
    I could re-post the bra page again, but I had to go have a lie down when I saw the youth and gorgousness of the model. At my age, looking at such perfection (unless it’s in male form, beach form, diamond or chocolate form) is bad for my health.
    The blood diamond issue is VERY interesting. I can’t believe how greedy the really huge companies are – or how powerful.

    Theresa, walking along that beach in the early mornings before the crowds hit is just the best and is GREAT thinking time for writing stories! I actually believe that one day, I will own or lease a holiday home there and spend a part of the Kiwi winter up there. (could never handle summer there, way too hot for this Canterbury girl) That’s how at home I feel in Port.

    Avi J, yes, definitely an amethyst collar for the pooch with the good taste, it’ll give you a better grip next time you want to strangle her for stealing your precious jewellery!! I’m rummaging through my shelves looking for Trish’s book as we speak thought I had all of hers.

    Dena I just love champagne diamonds, they may not be quite as valuable as the fancy and intense colours but they are very special and come in such a range of shades and they go so well with any setting. I really hope you get one of those babies soon!

  32. Hi Nicole (waving) Satin is out now in the States and doing quite nicely on the Broders/Waldenbooks bestsellers list, as have all the Diamond books, thank you all very much. If you’re ‘down under’ it will be out mid-May. Keep posting!

    Neat site, Yvonne. Isn’t beading incredibly popular? You cannot move in the couple of beading shops here on a Saturday morning, they’re overrun. I love those Swarovski crystals best. As for the thong – not before breakfast, I say – and I thought a diamond bra would be uncomfortable!!

  33. Oh Yvonne, are you still wearing *that* old thing?:-)) Knew you’d look great in that necklace Yvonne, as soon as I saw it. And a RuBY final deserves something a bit special.

    Not as special as Jan’s gorgeous designs though! Loved the blog, love the pics and cannot wait to pick up the book. So looking forward to it. Congratulations to you all on such a fabulous series!

    And Avi, just wanted to thank you for your comment about A Virgin for the Taking! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Just loved writing that book and playing with a bit of jewelery design myself:-)

    Oh, and great to hear specs are now a fashion item. I knew my time would come!

  34. Hi Trish, I love you books, I just read your recent release The Sheikh’s Convenient Virgin last month and it was just as great as your other books, looking forward to more releases from you.

    Jan it did cross my mind about strangling my dog for doing that, just for a second (lol) she was just so cute about it, bowing her head and rolling over. Now I just keep any furniture to climb up on away from her so it doesn’t happen again (lol).
    What in the world would they come up with next to put jewels in (lol)

  35. Thanks Avi again! So chuffed you enjoyed The Sheikh’s Convenient Virgin.

    I’m a tad luckier than you. My dog steals socks and ug boots. Much easier to find than jewellery, seeing she rests her head on them on her bed.

  36. Hi Trish, I should probably have your dog train mine in the proper doggy behavior, of what to pick up. She has all these doggy toys and still goes after my expensive things. (lol)

  37. Virginia H. Says:

    Since I love rubies and diamonds I would design a necklass, earing, and ring, with a large diamond in the center circled by rubies.

  38. Virginia, you just described my favourite pairing, rubies and diamonds.

    Wow! A Trish Morey sighting. I’m very honoured and excited!!!I’ve loved all your books, Trish, but admit to a favourite – The Italian Virgin’s Bride. Domenic was so yummy…

    There you go Avi J – a diamond-studded pooper-scooper…with a voucher from the jewellery store for free dry-cleaning.

  39. Hi Jan with a diamond pooper scooper that will have my dog thinking she is a queen. Although she already thinks I am just around for her comfort, just bark and I have to be there to attend to her. (lol) I loved that book too by Trish as well as the entire stories on Clemenger Sisters but my favourite one was Stolen by the Sheik

  40. Rebekah Elrod Says:

    I would create anything that has a celtic designs. They are so beautiful and the designs can have so many meanings.

  41. limecello Says:

    Haha – I’m young, but I’m sure looking at models like that would upset me too – that and/or give me a complex. Aish. Re the blood diamonds – tys it is, isn’t it! And *ouch* 😥 that has to be some sort of abuse.
    Poor Yvonne, you have my sympathies. 😉

  42. Avi J, your doggie must be related to my cats! They have a similar mindset.

    Hi Rebekah, hope you’re enjoying your key ring. I thought about celtic jewellery yesterday, it doesn’t usually incorporate precious gems, but some of the designs are gorgeous, they have always appealed to me.

    Did you see Blood Diamond, Limecello? I loved that movie, although of course, it wasn’t exactly an HEA for the happy couple. Things have changed over the years with Australia being at the forefront for turning their backs on the de Beers regime. I think the percentage of mines affiliated with that monolithic organisation is greatly reduced these days, sadly not in Africa.

  43. I would love to have made a nice ruby ring that I could wear all the time… and if it had earrings with it… it would be great!

  44. Jan, they probably are (lol), it makes you wonder sometimes doesn’t it who is the owner and who is the pet.

  45. Recently there was an article about a large diamond being sold and the person who bought it had the opportunity to name it. I was thinking that a large pink diamond (pink is my favourite colour) named after me set in a fabulous platinum twist chain so I could wear it all the time would be the ultimate piece if the sky was the limit (lol) What do you think about this name Jan, The Avi Heart (lol)

  46. limecello Says:

    Hi Jan,
    You know, I haven’t yet Blood Diamond. For various reasons. I really don’t like Leonardo DiCaprio. I think it’s a holdover from being in middle school when Romeo and Juliet came out. I was like the 1% of little girls who did not like him. b) I don’t do violence/gore well. In high school, showing movie (even Macbeth!) my classmates and teachers knew to tell me to turn away. I know I’ll be horrified. I watched Hotel Rwanda and just bawled. I’ve considered buying it, but I think it would just make me too sad.
    How interesting that you mentioned it, because I was just about to share this – which has clips from the movie. What hit me the most was the child gunning people down. 😦

  47. limecello Says:

    ps – I need more sleep. Reading over that last post, my typos make me criinnge. I was in a chat earlier today, and it was just painful. Grown women, who write like my inner city 4th and 5th graders. Or worse. :-\

  48. Hi Nathalie, I have a rose-gold ruby and diamond antique ring that I bought with some money my nan left me, it’s a flat band and only small stones so it’s easy to wear any time. I love it, although the first night I bought it home, one of the diamonds fell out! I spent a very agitated hour on my hands and knees, found it, marched into the jewellerys the next day and they were sooo apologetic. That was many years ago and nothing else bad has happende, thank goodness!

    Avi J, dogs have masters, cats have slaves, dont’cha know??? I love the name the Avi Heart, very exotic. You must be referring to the Gruosi Black Diamond earlier this year, all 115 carats of it!! Yum!

    Limecello, I’ve never been a huge Leo fan but I loved him in this, he made (to my mind) a very authentic African rogue. It’s very sobering to see kids holding weapons and being encouraged to use them, sadly it’s a way of life in a lot of countries. I loved Hotel Rwanda, a real tear-jerker.

    I know what you mean about typos, but that’s just because you’re so smart, your brain outpaces your fingers!! Nite nite.

  49. ooh tomorrow is Saturday and you know what that means it’s draw time for the prize. Not quite as exciting as the diamond pendant in June but still, keep posting and someone will get a nice surprise!!

  50. Debra Guyette Says:

    What a great job you did!! I wish I could design jewelry but I am not too good at that kind of thing. If I would though I would design pendants.

  51. Caitlin Hoy Says:

    If I could be a jewelry designer for I day I would definitely make a simply classic pendant with a colored stone (haven’t decided which one) with a silver chain. It could be gaudy by the size of the stone but it would be awesome. I am always looking for jewelry like this and I can never find exactly what I want. I asm sure I am not the only one so this would be a way to get those of us that like that style exactly what we want. I hope this is a good enough explanation.

  52. Jan so then that would make you a slave (lol). But then I am more a slave to my dog than master too so I guess the term applies to both (lol). Yes that’s diamond I couldn’t remember the name before, the picture of it is exquisite. My friend just sent me an email about a purple diamond oh my goodness now that is a gem; the fact that it is very rear as well only adds to the beauty of it.

  53. Debra, we can’t let you away with that – what type of stone? It’s all about the moolah.

    Caitlin, do you check out the designer sites? There are so many and such diversity. It’s a heck of a time-waster.

    Purple and red diamonds are the rarest of the lot I think, although I have probably seen more of those than green diamonds so they must be pretty rare too. As my dh says about girls – they’re ALL nice, it’s just that some are nicer than others.

  54. okay guys, time for the draw and I chose 28 which is…Limecello!!! Yayyy Limecello!!!

    Can you email me please on http://www.jancolleydotcom and I’ll get your pressie off asap. Congrats, and thanks all for blogging.

  55. congrats limecello

  56. Congratulations limecello!

    And can I please just say a great big thanks to Jan for her words about the Italian’s Virgin Bride and to Avi for her appreciation of the Clemenger sisters’ stories! Thank you both.

    Hanging out for Jan’s latest here! Am so loving this series.

  57. Congratulations limecello!

    And can I please just say a great big thanks to Jan for her words about the Italian’s Virgin Bride and to Avi for her appreciation of the Clemenger sisters’ stories! Thank you both.

    Hanging out for Jan’s latest here! Am so loving this series.

  58. azteclady Says:

    *applause* Congrats, limecello, you lucky girl!

    Have a great weekend, everyone.

  59. limecello Says:

    Wow! Thanks so much! *HUGE GRIN* 😀 (The emoticon doesn’t really convey how big my smile is.) Yay yay yay!

  60. Congratulations, limecello! Jan’s first book, Trophy Wives, is a terrific read. And I’m sure a little bling to go along with it will be a wonderful prize.

    And a big hello to Trish Morey for dropping by this week. Waving at you, Trish!!!! You’re such a great friend to buy Yvonne that pendant last year for finalling in the R*BY. We could all do with friends like you. 🙂

  61. Wow! I’ve just finished reading Satin & A Scandalous Affair and I can only say make sure you get your copy as soon as you can! Jan, another amazing job, my friend. I love your style.

    Yvonne (now diving back into deadline cave before Jan’s kicks my backside again :D)

  62. Congrats limecello

  63. ahhh, school holidays and wrestling for control of the computer! Congrats, Limecello on winning!

    Trish – ah-HA! Infiltrated by Presents 😀 I’ve got the green version of Yvonne’s gorgeous red pendant… soooo pretty!

    Jan – a friend bemoaned the fact that she had to wait until May for your book, but I reminded her she can buy it on the shelves when she’s in Hawaii this week LOL.

    I love the fact that my birthstone is alexandrite, a mysterious and rare stone that apparently changes color… a little like meself 😀

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