Diamonds Treasure Hunt: April Clues

Hi! It’s time for the Diamonds Down Under Treasure Hunt again. Each month, to coincide with the release of each book, two clues will be posted here at the DDU blog. Collect all the clues, submit your entry per the instructions on our website contest page, and some lucky, lucky person will win this stunning diamond-set pendant valued at US$350.Pendant

April Clues:
1/What annual event was the Australian Governor General in Port Douglas to commemorate? (From Satin and a Scandalous Affair by Jan Colley.)
2/What is the name of Jan’s favorite team of alpha heroes? (Hint – look on her website, hint hint: they play rugby!)

Remember, don’t post the answers here. Save all twelve answers and then at the conclusion of the contest in July, email your answers to the contest email address on our contest page.
Good luck, everyone!


21 Responses to “Diamonds Treasure Hunt: April Clues”

  1. Can’t believe I put 3 x contest in the same sentence….

  2. Shall I set my inner copy editor loose…???

  3. cage the inner beast, Bron. At least I noticed!!!

  4. limecello Says:

    LOL – you two. I’m so excited about this treasure hunt! Haha – I hope I remember where I put all my answers 😛

  5. I agree limecello, I am so enjoying this treasure hunt, for back up I saved I on my computer, flash drive and also emailed myself the answers so I ensure I have my answers safe (lol)
    Jan I guess you were expressing your excitement to put ‘contest’ so many times (lol)

  6. Ok that was supposed to be “I saved it” not I Bron guess I need an editor for my posts, up for the task (lol)

  7. Hey did someone forget to put up this week’s blog

  8. I have a running draf going to which I copy and paste the clues and answers

  9. oops draft. Sure are keeping Bron’s editor busy

  10. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Hello to all!

    I almost sent in an email to the Divas because I was afraid
    I had somehow missed this month’s questions! Then I
    decided to wait one more day, and voila! here they are!!


    Pat Cochran

  11. Pat and r, we might be experiencing a few delays because wordpress has recently upgraded their features. Remembering we’re writers first and technophiles second (actually, possibly third, fourth or fifth 😉 ) it has taken us a little longer to get the recent posts up. We’ll be onto it as soon as possible 🙂

    In the meantime, have any of you read Jan’s instalment yet? Man, I finished my copy yesterday and I loved it!

  12. You are so lucky Yvonne to have read Jan’s book already. I called the book store today and they said tomorrow it will be on the shelves, a delay in shipping caused it to be out late. So I still have one more day to wait (lol). Now you have me more anxious to read it (lol)

  13. Yvonne- I’m waiting for yours now

  14. Bron steps into the room, polishing her pointy new editing pencil

    Mistakes? Posts need fixing?? Point me in their direction.


    Bron, who doesn’t have Jan’s book either, Avi, so you’re not alone

  15. Patricia Cochran Says:


    The reason I was searching for the question was because i had just finished Jan’s
    book. I totally agree with you, it is a great story, I couldn’t set it down!

    Pat Cochran

  16. Now it’s time to watch the “p’s” and “q’s”, Bron’s got her read editting pensil out. 😉

  17. hey gals – as per Bron’s suggestion, I’ve added a few categories in the widgets on the right, so you can easily click to find all the clues for the treasure hunt.

    Paula x

  18. Most cool, Miss Paula. You rock!

  19. Cheers Pat and Yvonne, so glad you enjoyed Satin.
    Christa, don’t forget Paula’s is next, before Yvonne’s – both of which I’m waiting impatiently for.

  20. yup Jan Paula’s was great. Jake is a woman’s dream man. This series is one where I don’t want it to end but I want to know the secrets 🙂

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