6 things that make Desire desirable!

What are the six things that make Desire so desirable to readers? Is it the men? Is it the setting? Is it the seduction of the reader’s senses? Is it the conflict between the characters and what they need to overcome to find that true happy ending? Or maybe it’s the romance – that slow, beguiling dance that woos your mind? Or even how it pulls on your emotions. Here’s our take on what makes a Desire so desirable and why we love to write them.

is for DANGEROUS.  Yvonne says: He’s dangerous and he’s dramatic. He’s the Desire alpha male. Not one to simply sit back and observe, he’s the take-charge kind of man- and when it comes to our heroine you can rest assured he’ll be taking charge of her. Powerful and wealthy, the Desire hero is a man of conviction with the drive and means to make things happen yet, despite all that he has his own vulnerabilities, his softer side. He does nothing without good reason and is man enough to admit when he’s made a mistake. Lana Turner once said “A gentleman is a patient wolf” and this encapsulates the Desire hero perfectly. He’s strong, intelligent, eminently desirable and dangerous to the heart, and it takes a special kind of woman to tame the wolf inside the man.

is for EXOTIC. Bronwyn says: One of the most fun things about Desire is the EXOTIC world created within the 180 pages. Whether a book is set in outback Australia, on a Caribbean island, beside the Mediterranean, or in a Park Avenue penthouse, it is a world apart from real life for most (dare I say all?) readers.  The settings and all the trappings that go with – the fabulous homes, beautiful clothes, stunning jewels, the parties, the champagne, the starred restaurants – are foreign, lavish, sophisticated, and help create a fantasy world where anything is possible. The Cinderella housekeeper will win her prince. The Plain Jane secretary will have her tycoon boss. The everyday woman will triumph over the beautiful sophisticate. The deserving heroine can have anything and everything her heart desires, although she (and we, the readers) know that what matters isn’t the window-dressing but what’s inside. 

is for SEDUCTIVE.  Maxine says: The hallmark of a Silhouette Desire is the promise of passion and sensuality. From the moment the Desire hero and heroine lay eyes on each other their seduction of the senses begin. A look… a touch… the very scent of the other person… their voice… seeps through every pore and makes their hearts beat faster. They may fight their emotions but they can’t fight their intense attraction. Desires are provocative and passionate, seducing not only the hero and heroine but the reader as well. Dare to be seduced.

is for INTENSE. Paula says: Amongst other things, Merriam Websters dictionary defines intense as “exhibiting strong feeling” and “deeply felt”.  In Desire, the ride is emotional, fast-paced, intense.  In particular, intensity comes from the situation the hero/heroine find themselves in: two people thrown together, each wanting something but with one major problem standing in the way.  Intensity reveals through their emotions, their struggles and how they deal with those conflicts. The best part about writing a Desire is the characters, especially the conflict that makes them multi-faceted people who jump out on the page. Because for me, it’s that push-pull factor happening to your hero and heroine that keeps me reading.   Deeply felt?  For Desire, nothing could be closer to the truth. 

is for ROMANTIC. Jan says: A Silhouette Desire engages all of our senses. Romantic love is a blend of courtly love – the idealistic, chivalrous relationship between a feudal knight and his liege-lord’s lady – and urgent, mutual physical desire. Our Senior Editor, Melissa Jeglinski, likens it to a guilty pleasure. You know you shouldn’t, you try your best not to, but something compels you to take that enormous risk. It’s a recipe for disaster, but when you get it right and overcome the obstacles, it’s the most fulfilling meal you can eat. Take one dangerous alpha male, add a pinch of glamour, a large scoop of desire, sprinkle in some conflict and knead with emotion. Mix together the mind, the body, the soul and the heart, and there you have it. In Desire, there is no doubt that the two characters you read about should back off quick before they perish in an inferno. But no one else in the world can give them what this one person can, no matter how hard they try to block them. Remember, you may be only one person to the world, but you may also be the world to one person.

is for EMOTIONAL. Tessa says: One of the best things about reading romance is that emotional hit that comes when a story REALLY twists your heart. Know that feeling? It’s that magic moment when everything in the book comes together and you’re left reeling by the sheer power of the story…of the romance…of the emotions that the characters are experiencing. You become the heroine, you feel her pain, you see the beauty, you enter her world…you experience everything she does. You fall in love…with her world, with the hero, her emotions become yours. That intertwining of the hero and the heroine, of the reader and the story, reaches a moment of perfect emotional pitch. And that exquisite instant of emotional impact is the reason I’ve always read Desire…and romance. It’s something very special.

As a special prize this week we have a copy of Robyn Grady’s The Magnate’s Marriage Demand and as a little something extra, a copy of Anne Gracie’s A Perfect Rake. Both very desirable books to have in your collection!


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  1. I love this post. I definitely look for all of these elements when I’m reading a romance. I expect my heroes to be the alpha male that Yvonne has described.

  2. wooo whoo Jane, you were the first! 😀

  3. darn i missed the number one post again oh well there is always next week (lol) This blog perfecly describes the desire line. You just have to love those alpha heroes as well as all the topics above that make up the story. Romance and emotion is a big part of the attraction to this line. It is so real with the hero heroine finding their path to love. Bron the location and acessories are a much loved bonus

  4. I enjoyed and appreciated this blog. It resonated with me. When I read romance I expect all of the above ingredients and it makes it so enjoyable and perfect. You explained and outlined it ideally and thanks for this great insight.

  5. limecello Says:

    This was a great post, and all of you ladies were spot on with the Desire line and what we expect from romances. It’s one of my favorite lines. Very cute blog! 😀

  6. Virginia H. Says:

    I love reading the Desire line also because all of the above. It has a little of everything in it. This was a great post today. I really enjoyed it.

  7. Such a great discription of the desire line. I personally like the emotional depth that the book has.

  8. Patricia Cochran Says:

    D-E-S-I-R-E : It’s like taking vanilla cake batter, you dribble in chocolate batter and swirl the two
    together! That swirl of all the ingredients you listed is what I, and all the other Desire readers,
    just want to eat up and enjoy! All of a sudden I am just so very hungry!!

    Tessa, thanks so very much, I received my book yesterday, it’s now on the top of my TBR

    Pat Cochran

  9. Pat, stop that! Is it terrible to want vanilla-chocolate cake at 7.30 in the morning? 😀

  10. Patricia Cochran Says:


    Vanilla-Chocolate cake is good at any hour, am or pm!! LOL.

    Pat Cochran

  11. azteclady Says:

    I’ll have a slice of that cake, thank you, and I’ll provide the coffee.


    I love the “gentleman = patient wolf” quote–who wouldn’t be completely seduced by harnessed danger?

  12. What a delightful and lovely post today. Thanks for this special and wonderful capsule of beauty which appeals to me because of everything mentioned.

  13. I’ve had a day off blogs for most of the day to do some work (as opposed to play). I too loved the ‘patient wolf’ line – and your analogy, azteclady, of harnessed danger. (Not to mention vanilla-choccy cake!)

  14. It was a great post, it had all what I’m looking for when I open a book. And when it’s a Desire I know I’m never disappointed… Thanks!

  15. azteclady Says:

    Jan, hope your day offline was very rewarding.

    More cake?


  16. Jan you got time offline and now i am back to hard core studies, exams again so you all would not be seeing me for a while.
    Hey dont mention cake, just thinking about it may make me put on weight (lol). ok just to join in the fun strawberry cheese cake, with whip cream on top, any one”s favourite (smile)

  17. I’ll have a slice of each.

  18. You guys! 😀 You make me laugh. I’m back from a few days away celebrating a friend’s big birthday and love the way this post looks. Paula, you did a great job with the draft I put up! LOL! Thank goodness we have you.

    I love the cake analogy, even if I can’t have my cake and eat it too! Anyone going for sugar-free? LOL!

    For me, when I pick up a Desire, I know I’m going to run the gamut of emotions while I read it. Everything from the blackest moment to the heights of passion and a happy ending. I just love it! 😀

  19. P.S. I’ll be randomly choosing the winner of the two books on Saturday Down Under Time so remember, you have to be in to win!

  20. azteclady Says:

    *jumping in*


    Welcome back, Yvonne

  21. limecello Says:

    Whoa – I just saw “cake in the morning” – count me in!!

  22. Crystal B. Says:

    What a great description. Desires are some of my favorite reads.

  23. Patricia Cochran Says:

    I’ve just re-read my post with the cake analogy, I must really have been hungry when I wrote that,
    although it does tell you what I wanted to say.

    Yvonne, did I welcome you back? If not, consider it said!!

    Pat Cochran

  24. Thanks for the welcome back everyone! 😀

    Cake in the morning?? Nah, I have more of a savoury tooth than that. Vegemite on toast anyone? LOL!

    Hmmm, what kind of breakfast would your favourite Alpha male eat?

  25. Patricia Cochran Says:

    My favorite fellow goes for the scrambled egg/sausage/biscuit w/gravy/fresh fruit breakfast !

    Cake in the morning? We do what’s called a coffee cake, which is served for breakfast or
    brunch or coffee break(elevenses in some places?) Just a word I read in a romance novel
    once upon time!

    Pat Cochran

  26. Ok I am back, exam was shorter than expected, and next week is the last set. Now Yvonne I logged in today only to find my favourite topic on discussion food, me being a chef and all (lol).
    My alpha male would eat for breakfast a French Omelette with a Portobello mushroom filling, or a spinach and mozzarella soufflé, ending with Belgium waffles with freshly whipped cream and topped with sweet strawberries and lightly toasted pecans or maybe this is what I would want to cook for him to eat (lol). I guess after all this a trip to the gym will be required.

  27. My hero eats Wheaties for breakfast because it’s “The Breakfast of Champions.”

  28. Oooh, Avi J the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach 😀

    My current hero is a black coffee/toast kinda guy. With Vegemite!

  29. just on the toast, not in the coffee :b

  30. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed our post about what makes a Desire desirable. I think you can tell that we were speaking from the heart.

    And hey, I’m hungry for food. I love chocolate. Can’t resist it so I don’t. 🙂

  31. I’ve just realised, it doesn’t matter what my hero wants for breakfast…it’s what he’s got cooking for me that’s important 😉

  32. MAN that spinach and mozarella souffle has got me salivating, although sounds a bit complicated for me! But no doubt he would be cooking it! I like a hero who can cook.
    Hope the exam went well, AviJ

  33. I’m seconding (thirding?) the hero who cooks. I suspect I’ve used this a time or two in books because it’s just so darn appealing/sexy and also because it usually throws the heroine for a loop. How can she resist a man who cooks?


  34. oooh, Bron then you’ll be happy to know Jake knows how to cook – learnt how from Quinn’s mom 🙂 Oh man, he is my perfect hero :::drools:::

  35. yeah, she does a great blueberry muffin, Quinn’s mum!

  36. azteclady Says:

    My rl hero not only knows how to, but actually loves cooking 😀

    Definitely, there’s no way to resist a man who cooks.

    Now if there was a hero who also did the dusting… 😉

  37. That sound great having the hero cook, i love to read about as well. I guess just like in your book Yvonne with Hunter and those scallops (lol) Jan the exam was ok a bit hard as it was dealt with law thank God that one is out of the way (lol)
    azteclady dont forget a hero who does laundry too

  38. Ah, Avi, yes! The Hunter who became Jack but they forgot to correct the cover copy! LOL! I had no trouble envisioning tht scene on the boat where he’s cooking the scallops. We have a fishing programme on TV here where they usually have a segment with a chef showing people how to prepare simple but delectable meals on a barbecue on the back of their boat. Always makes my mouth water when I watch that.

    And the hero should also not be afraid of ironing his own shirts while he stands half naked doing so 😉 Yep, competence in housework is distinctly desirable.

  39. Patricia Cochran Says:

    I sometimes wish that Honey did cook, but since he does vacuum, takes out the trash, and does
    his clothes washing, I guess I’ll give him a pass on the cooking! LOL!

    Pat Cochran

  40. Yvonne I forgot about the name change, (lol) somehow that name stuck with me instead of jack, who knows you could name your next hero hunter. (lol) on the topic of seafood my favourite dish is grilled jumbo shrimp and swordfish. now i wish i had some now to make (smile)

  41. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Hello, Jan and Tessa,

    Just a quick note to let you I have read the books I received as a prize – I loved
    Melting the Icy Tycoon and Black Widow Bride! Thanks so much for sharing your
    special talents with us!!

    Pat Cochran

  42. Patricia Cochran Says:

    O-O-P-S! Left out the word know!! That comes from trying
    to hurry!

    Pat Cochran

  43. Thanks for letting us know, Pat, and glad you enjoyed the reads. I just got Paula’s book yesterday so can’t wait to dive in but I’m on deadline.
    But if there was ever a day you wanted to sit inside by a fire and read, it’s today. Winter has arrived with a vengeance. Heaps of rain, sleet, hail and wind down here. Keep warm, whereever you are.

  44. Patricia Cochran Says:


    Stay warm and safe! We’ve had an unusually long and extremely bad winter this year! I hear
    that some places are still having ice and snow, while the rest of us are enjoying the arrival
    of Spring! Go figure!!

    Pat Cochran

  45. read meeee….. read meeeeee

  46. sorry, Jake’s calling to you, Jan 😀

  47. Da-a-a–a-a-a da da dum daaaaaa!

    And the winner of the prize this week is…..

    Virginia H!

    Congratulations! Please email me at yvonne at yvonnlindsay dot com with your postal details so I can send off your awesome prize!

  48. azteclady Says:

    Yay, Virginia, way to go!

    Thank you, Yvonne and ladies for another fun week–and have a good weekend, everyone.

  49. Gee, I really wish he was, Paula, not blind by any chance, is he???

    Yay Virginia! Congrats on being our lucky winner this week. Enjoy your books.

    And thanks Yvonne for such a great post!

  50. Congrats, Virginia.

  51. congrats Virginia, and thank DDU ladies for an enjoyable week of blogs

  52. Thanks to everyone who helped make this blog so much fun! And congrats again to Virginia, your books will be in the post some time this week. 😀

  53. Jan – isn’t love supposed to be? 😉

    Congrats, virginia!

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