Diamonds Treasure Hunt – May 2008

Ahhh, May.  Yes, a time when the days are cooler Down Under and when Mother’s Day is upon us.  But did you also know May is National Family Reading Month, Autism Awareness and Jelly Baby Month?  In the northern hemisphere, the end of winter is celebrated with May Day and a traditional dance around the maypole.

And now onto those clues for that gorgeous diamond pendant valued at US$350 in our Diamonds Down Under treasure hunt:

Clue 1: What career did Holly originally want to pursue in Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir? 

Clue 2: What is the English translation of Paula’s first German book? (Hint: you’ll find the answer on Paula’s website)

DON’T POST THE ANSWERS HERE. Collect them, save them, and when you have the answers to all twelve questions in June/July, send them to the contest email address. More details can be found on the Diamonds Down Under contest page. If you missed the other clues, you’ll find them all sorted under the Categories link on the right.   GOOD LUCK!


5 Responses to “Diamonds Treasure Hunt – May 2008”

  1. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Am I the first poster today? I can’t believe it! LOL!

    Just wanted to let you know I’m getting ready to leave for the bookstore to
    pick up my copy of “Billionaire……… .” I can hardly wait to get my hot
    little hands on a copy!! See you later!!

    Pat Cochran

  2. Yay, Pat! Let me know what you think!

  3. limecello Says:

    Woohoo! More questions! I can’t believe this is almost over!

  4. Dear Paula,
    I would love to enter the contest but am at a loss as to how to enter it . Also I came to know about the site only through your book and not earlier. If you could guide me , I would be very happy to enter the contest.

  5. Hey Anuradha!

    To enter our contest, you need to gather both clues from each month – that’s twelve in all (and you’ll have to wait for Yvonne to post hers!) The quick link to all the clues are on the right hand side of our blog’s home page titled “Treasure Hunt”. Just click on it and you should have all the clues listed. Then, when you have the answers, email them to us via the email link in any treasure hunt post. All names go into a barrel and the first correct one drawn on 22nd July will win. Good luck!

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