In Celebration of Mothers

She’s wonder woman. She’s special. She’s the first person we fall in love with. And in celebration of Mother’s Day this Sunday, here’s what the Diamonds Down Under authors think about their mums:

Bronwyn: My mother is a pretty amazing woman, although she rolls her eyes whenever we remind her of how amazing she is. She does not accept compliments easily, although she should. She receives so very many of them. From my mum I learned to be a practical, capable, organised person…and that 99.9% is not good enough. From her I learned about style, colour, and what goes with what. She would have made an amazing stylist. Or interior designer. She turned 80 last year and this year she is building a new house. (Yes, I know!) I only hope I have half her energy and go-get-em attitude when I am her age.

Maxine: Mothers are remarkable people. They give not only of themselves but in the legacy they leave the world through their children. On a personal level my mother’s greatest gift to me is a sense of independence. I was taught to stand on my own two feet, to keeping going through thick and thin, to give but not at the expense of myself. On a creative level, my mother’s legacy to me is a love of romance books. With these stories I found they called to something inside me – the handsome hero, the gorgeous heroine, and the journey they take, all wrapped up in a happy ending. Would I have found them without my mother’s influence? Probably. But I’d hate to think what I would have missed out on if I hadn’t. Thanks Mum for everything!

Jan: I must confess to a kind of love-hate relationship with my mum for a lot of years, but we got much closer – in spirit if not distance – as we aged. Her passing changed me in ways I couldn’t imagine and remains the hardest thing I’ve had to cope with in my life. Shortly before she died, a rainbow came in the window of the hospital room, and now, whenever I see one, I say it’s Mum come to say hello. It helps replace some of life’s colour that went with her when she died. I can hear her voice now: “If you think, my girl, that David Cassidy will be around in twenty years, like Frank Sinatra, I’ll eat my hat.” Got news for you, Ma, he is! And to quote ole Blue Eyes himself: “You better keep smiling, Smokey (Sammy Davis Jnr) so we can see where you are.”

Paula: She probably doesn’t know this, but my mum was universally liked by all my friends when I was a teenager 🙂  A great honor indeed!  I’m pretty sure I put her through her own personal hell during those years… a place I’m positive my own son will force me to visit in 10 years’ time!  But with age comes wisdom and as I’ve gotten older I realize the wonderful gift she bestowed.  She’s been there through the joys and the absolute lows, strong steady support when it’s needed the most.  She’s a true Taurean, stubborn, bullheaded and convinced that she’s right (even when there’s proof she isn’t!)  She also adores her family and will do anything for them, even the washing up and ironing – Beatrix Potter’s Mrs Tiggy-winkle is a character synonymous with my mum 😀   

Yvonne: For me, a mother is the one person you can always turn to no matter what you’ve done and know, that even while she might not be particularly pleased with you, she still loves you no matter what. A mother is the person who unstintingly stands by your side as you struggle and learn and grow as a human being, without interfering with your choices, but occasionally gently guiding you away from what could be a terrible mistake. A mother is never unkind or judgemental. A mother is that special person that you can phone for a ‘how to’ hint in the kitchen to make the difference in making a ho-hum meal or a spectacular one (when she’s in the mood to give you all the ingredients she used the last time she made that dish for you) 😀 A mother isn’t afraid to offer advice but isn’t offended when you don’t take it. She shares your triumphs as if they were her own and doesn’t hesitate to tell all her friends about them either. That’s what my mother is, and always has been, for me—always there, always mum. A heck of a hard act to follow.

Tessa: I grew up in a thatch-roofed house with thick stone walls. In summer it is beautifully cool, in winter it’s terribly draughty. But it is a home where no one in need is turned away empty handed. A place where the gnarled street-sweeper is always assured of a cup of tea and a sandwich, and it’s the last port of call for the ancient flower seller who knows Mom will buy that last bunch of wilted blooms on a hot summer’s afternoon and offer a cool glass of lemonade. Over the years it’s been the safe refuge for too many strays to count – canine, feline and human.   And at the centre of that home beats a huge heart. Like so many homes, it’s a mother’s generous heart that bestows gifts of love on all who need them.  So today I’m grabbing the chance to say thanks to every loving, giving mother out there.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ~ Mother Teresa

Tell us something special about your mother and you could win a copy of Katherine Garbera’s Silhouette Desire, The Spanish Aristocrat’s Woman, plus an Aussie keyring.


45 Responses to “In Celebration of Mothers”

  1. yea first again (lol)

  2. My mother is my role model and my best friend, she is such an amazing person, always there to listen and guide me any time I need help. Plus she has been my support through all my stages in life school, university and work.

  3. limecello Says:

    LOL – good for you, Avi! My mom is fabulous. She’s an awesome cook, and she didn’t learn until she was 30 – I don’t think she even particularly loves it, but she’s so very good at it. My mom is a great friend – and dependable. Whenever her friends need something serious, she’s the one they turn to. I think my mom really taught me a lot of important life lessons – how to be responsible and dependable, and also – how to budget! She’s a lot of fun, and loves shopping (she’s scary good at it). 🙂 I love my mommy.

  4. My mom is fantastic. I got the love of Art from her which is why I love graphic design so much. She is always there for me, always dependable. I learnt all my values in life from her. She’s the best. Limecello my mom loves shopping too. I love going through her clothes and wearing a few, she has great taste. Its a good thing we are the same size (LOL)

  5. Hi Avi, Limecello, LJ, and Happy Mothers Day to all our mothers.

    Jan, your post has choked me up. I will think of you and your mum whenever I see a rainbow.

    LJ, your comment about learning values from your Mum sums up my thoughts, exactly. Values, beliefs, cooking/household tips (I really think we learn those by osmosis, don’t you?) and shopping skills. 🙂

    It is the most glorious day here; I have flowers (pink tulips, no less), I have love, I am about to get ready for lunch with my Mum, life is wonderful.


  6. David Cassidy is still around?

    Seriously, though, Jan, I loved your comment about your mum and especially your link through rainbows. Precious.

    Happy Mother’s Day mums!

  7. Avi you snatched the first post again. Well done.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all. And thanks for sharing your thoughts about your wonderful mothers.

    David Cassidy? Be still my beating heart. He was my idol when I was a teenager. Happy sigh. I still love his songs, and the Monkees songs too. Who can forget such songs by the Monkees like “Daydream Believer”?

    I received flowers for Mother’s Day and 4 Nora Roberts’ DVDs which I’ve been wanting for ages. Now I just have to finish the current book so that I can sit down and enjoy my movies.

  8. Simply gorgeous guys! I particularly loved Paula’s Mrs Tiggywinkles description as that describes my devoted mum to a tee!

    Happy Mothers Day all…

  9. Chiming in late to wish all the mum’s Happy Mother’s Day, hope it was a good one. It’s lovely to hear so many love-filled messages about your mum’s and I didnt mean to choke anyone up!

    OMG I so loved David Cassidy when i was young, and then he disappeared (much to my mum’s glee) for years and then I was in Scotland with DH and discovered David was having a concert that night in Aberdeen and I said, please can we go, you wouldnt believe how much I used to love this guy.
    The concert was cancelled through lack of ticket sales. Sigh. (oh, be quiet, Mum!) He came back. was in NZ just recently although not for a concert tour but he’s doing just fine on the club circuit in Vegas, plays about 6 nights a week!

    Maxine, even my mum loved the Monkees, though I think it was more the comedy show than the music!

  10. azteclady Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all! (and tight hugs to Jan)

    Like Jan, my mother and I had a very difficult relationship for many years. I’m grateful that we have grown much closer in the past decade or so. (In fact, now she spends anywhere from two to three months with me, once or twice a year.)

    She’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever known; perhaps only her own mother and grandmother–who I knew for just a few years as a child–were stronger. These days, whenever she looks at my very own monsters and tells me that I should be proud of them, I feel like crying. Coming from her, that’s quite a compliment.

  11. Virginia H. Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! My mother past away about two weeks before my son was born about 19 years ago. She had been very ill for two years before that. One thing I could say about her she was a very good cook and she taught us girls how to cook. It has been so many years now it is hard to remember a lot of things, but then there are other things you never forget.

  12. Patricia Cochran Says:

    I give you this story as an example of my mother during her life; My mother never drove
    until my Dad had a severe appendicitis attack. She got him into the car and she DROVE
    him to the hospital! No lessons, a stick shift, she drove that car!! Dad was taken to the
    operating room where the surgeon removed a ready-to-burst appendix! She was a very
    strong woman and handled competently every task that came before her!

    Pat Cochran

  13. Happy Mother’s Day. My mom is a great seamstress and she’s always used to make us shorts and pillow cases. She’s not the greatest cook, but if you need your pants and dresses hemmed or altered, she’s the one to go to. She also gave us decent haircuts at home when we were little kids, so we never had to suffer the bowl/mushroom hair cut(like Jim Carrey’s hair in “Dumb and Dumber’.) I’ve seen a lot of kids in school whose hair was butchered by their moms.

  14. Pat, that’s amazing about your mum driving your dad to hospital when she’d never driven before. In times of emergency we seem to take on these extra skills. A bit like The Hulk. 🙂

    My mother is in her 70s now and she has never tried a cigarette, nor has she ever tasted Vegemite, which is an Australian spread that has an acquired taste only from being raised on it. I used to say to her that I can understand not trying a cigarette but not the vegemite. She used to put it on our toast, for heaven’s sake. 🙂

  15. See, now I’m a little too young to remember David Cassidy-the singer 😉 But he’s now a big writer/producer, isn’t he? Did American Gothic a few years back (man, I loved that show)

    Virginia H – my mom is a wicked cook (when we let her – me and my dad would rather do it!) and I learned most of it from her. She’s teaching my son now, too and he can make a great microwave sponge cake from stratch 😀 None of the easy instant packet rubbish for us! She makes all the traditional English stuff like lamb roast, yorkshire pud, jam pasty. The hilarious thing is when we migrated to Australia, she was so used to making thick, stodgy pastry that it took her about 20 years to figure out we didn’t need the insulation Down Under .

    Patricia – how amazing! I can’t drive stick and the very thought stresses me out.

    Jane – my brother, married for many years, still brings his jeans to get hemmed by mum LOL. And as luck would have it, my mum is also a hairdresser so I’ve never paid for a haircut in my life 😉

  16. Oops I forgot to put in my post please do not enter me in this week draw as I already have that book. That book was such a great read, a definite keeper, as was the other two books in the series Sons of Privilege.

  17. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone ( a bit belated!). Avi thanks for your comments on the Sons of Privilege books. I had a great time writing them and am so glad you enjoyed them.

    Have a great day!
    Kathy 🙂

  18. Avi, when I read your great comments about Kathy’s Sons of Privilege series I just had to let her know.

    Kathy, thanks for dropping by. It’s always nice to know people are enjoying our books. And thanks so much for giving a copy of “The Spanish Aristocrat’s Woman” for this week’s draw prize. Some lucky winner will be in a for treat. BTW, love that title!

  19. To give you an idea of how special my mom is she has been my sole caretaker since I became a quadriplegic over 20 years ago. For the year I was in the hospital and rehab center she never missed a day visiting me!

  20. Hi Maxine
    That was so cool, thanks for doing that. Katherine is such a great writer. To tell you the truth about the Spanish Aristocrat woman, I was so excited to read Gui”s story, since i read about him in the first book (trust me anyone will fall in love with him from the begining of the Spanish book and start of the series lol). It so happened my usual book store did not get that title for march, i had to end up searching seven stores and, lucky me i got the last copy in the final store (they are the only seven book distributors on the island). The distance to go and get it as so worth it for this book.

  21. Susan, I’m so glad your mother was there for you when you needed her so much. The one thing you can count on. A mother’s love never wavers.

  22. Avi, what a difficult time you had trying to get Kathy’s book. It would be unthinkable that you might’ve had to miss out. 🙂

    Kathy was happy to drop by our blog. She’s a lovely lady.

  23. Nathalie Says:

    My mom is great… she is my greatest supporter. She encourages me and is always there for me, even in the worst of times!

  24. Mother’s Day is great as we can all thank our mothers for the great jobs they do!

    I know my mom always considers me her little girl even if I am now an adult, and she is still very protective, which is very sweet!

  25. Man, I thank our lucky stars we got the good moms! Susan, I have no doubt your mother didn’t have to think twice about doing what a mother does – looking after her little girl no matter what the circumstances. It’s the mark of a true mom and you’re extremely blessed. ::::hugs::::

  26. she i svery funny, and she takes care o f me everyday.

  27. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Hey, Paula,

    I’m half-way through “Boardrooms………” and I’m loving it!!

    Pat Cochran

  28. woo hoo, Pat! 😀

  29. Crystal B. Says:

    My Mom has always been a rock for me. She taught me how to cook and to garden, how to manage money and encouraged me to pursue my goals. I have always felt that she prepared me well to be an independent woman.

  30. Oh wow! Paula’s book is #4 on the Waldenbooks Bestseller list this week. You go girl!

    And why am I not surprised?

  31. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Finished your book, Paula, and it was just great! I’m already looking forward to
    your next one! Congratulations on the Waldenbooks Bestseller listing!!

  32. Maxine, well another thing about mothers is that they are always giving you gifts. Mine just paid for my class trip to Margarita; I’ll be out of the country till Sunday night, so you all won’t see me posting for a while. Darn I guess I can’t post first on the next blog (lol).

    Congrats Paula, I havent read your book as yet (late shipment in bookstore again) but I am excited to read it.

  33. Hey, thanks Pat! Working on that next one…. 🙂 Am feeling pretty chuffed with that Waldies listing !

  34. My mother is courageous, strong and a wonderful role model. She has taught me my values and principles that I will pass onto my children. When my father died suddenly last summer, my mother and I were strong and soldiered on. She is amazing and I am proud of her.

  35. My mother was always there for me. If I needed her to take care of my little ones she was available. She was selfless, independent and strong minded. I miss her every single day and wish that she could see my son’s successes and their wonderful future. She is sorely missed.

  36. Hugs to all who have lost their mums or dads. It’s obvious you all treasure your memories of them.

  37. Avi, have a great time in Margarita. What a wonderful mum to give you such a present. It’s sure to be a nice treat after all that hard studying you’ve been doing.

    We’ll see you back here on Sunday then.

  38. Hmm, another thing about mothers is the stuff they keep that you couldn’t let go of when you moved out. Yesterday I picked up three dolls (Sindy, Patch and Paul) from my Mum, and they’re up on Trade Me now to a great deal of interest. Time to let go of my dolls 😉 I’m wondering what else she’s still got of mine lurking in her cupboards, LOL!

  39. My mother was always supportive, encouraged me and was positive and upbeat. She had limitless energy and was interested in trying out something new, being active, and becoming involved with people. I always admired her outgoing personality and her youthful outlook. I long to speak to her and share my news. Unfortunately she is gone but I recall all of our special times together.

  40. azteclady Says:

    Wishing you ladies a great weekend, I just have to share something else about my mother.

    These past couple of years, as she gets older, her balance has gotten shakier. This has resulted in a few spectacular falls (mostly on the sidewalk, eeek!–without more consequences so far than bruises, thank goodness!). Now, most people who fall on their faces and hurt themselves will cry, moan, be upset, what have you.

    My mother? She’s sitting there, doesn’t even know yet whether she’s hurt herself badly or not, and she’s laughing. her. head. off.

    Gotta admire someone who so readily laughs at herself (even while you are scared stiff she did hurt herself while walking down the street with you!)

  41. Azteclady, your mum sounds like a very special lady indeed. Not so good for your blood pressure though, by the sounds of it!

    Ruth, yes, it’s hellishly hard when you lose a parent, especially when you’ve had a very strong relationship with them. At least our lives are richer for having had their influence.

  42. Okay, I’ve thrown all the names in a hat and picked out a random winner for this week.

    And NATHALIE is the winner of Katherine Garbera’s Desire, The Spanish Aristocrat’s Woman, and the Aussie keyring. Congratulations, Nathalie!

    Can you send me your snail mail address via my website (maxinesullivan dot com) and I’ll be happy to put them in the mail for you.

  43. wtg nat

  44. azteclady Says:

    Congrats, Nathalie!

    Yvonne, I confess that I laugh along with her once the shock passes. After all, it’s not every day you see a fashion plate sprawled face down on the sidewalk…

    Have a great weekend, everyone.

  45. Karen King Says:

    Do you know, when we were clearing my parents flat after my Dad died, my niece said to us all, “I am never going to buy my mother anything that I don’t want back.” LOL, it is so true, Mum at the time was in a hospital home being a triple amputee and had no room there for all her treasures. Mum died two and half years ago and although it was a huge release for all, I miss her tremendously still, especially just recently when my daughter got engaged, rung me and said, “Mum, I have just been outside and looked up into the stars and told Nana & Pop, I’m getting married.” Little tear raiser she was, but hey it still gives me great pleasure when my daughters and friends all call me Mum. “Very Special”

    Although Mum was in an electric wheelchair, she still managed to get into trouble. Unbeknown to any of the staff at the home, she took off to the shop one day down a busy road, hoping to buy herself chocky biscuits (diabetic and all) tipped up in the gutter and had as she termed a nice young man rescue her and to our embarrassment invited him back home with her, – because she thought he was alright! Oh hell, 82 and she still had twinkles in her eyes.

    Love your Mums, they, and we are all special!

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