Six Romantic Settings

As I was writing this post, I realised that all these places have one thing in common – beauty.  There’s something about nature that gets your heart pitter-pattering, so what more could you ask for than to share a gorgeous sunset or breathtaking view with your significant other?  So here’s my six favorite romantic settings in the world – some I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, others I’m still dying to see (anyone got a spare twenty grand?)

Santorini, Greek Islands
It’s not just the famous white-buildings-on-blue-sky photos that get you: intimacy abounds on every aspect of this beautiful yet simple island.  Head on up to Oia to witness the glorious sunset – a popular place to be, judging by the “please do not stand” notices painted on the natives’ roofs.  Made famous in paintings and photographs the world over, the scene is even more moving in person.

Paris, France
Ah, l’amore!  Take a walk down the Champs Elysee hand-in-hand, or through Tuileries Garden where lovers hug and kiss in complete abandon.  Stroll along the banks of the Seine and watch the local artists sell their wares (I’m still kicking myself for not buying one!)  And what could be more romantic (and breathtaking!) than Paris at night? 

Lagos and surrounds, Algarve Coast, Portugal
It doesn’t matter if you stay in a pensione or a four-star hotel, for sheer impact Algarve Coast’s breathtaking beauty is not to be missed.  Lagos reeks of history (very romantic!) but has the charm of a small cozy community.  With great shopping and wonderful restaurants, it guarantees intimate romantic moments. 

Ubud, Bali
Inland, away from the bustling commercial coastal towns, Ubud is a paradise to experience.  Take a moped ride up to Mt Batur, Bali’s dormant volcano, wallow in the decadence of one of Kamandalu Resort and Spa’s private jacuzzis or simply sample the beautiful heritage of a centuries-old culture. 

Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Fiji
I have a thing for bures on stilts… there’s something about being able to literally dive into the ocean as soon as you wake that’s deeply romantic.  Not to mention sparkling beaches and calm water (waves were fun when I was ten… now, not so much).  In Fiji you can sample one of the five top bures on stilts.

Queensland’s Tropical North, Australia
Nothing screams ‘intimate’ more than a private secluded island.  And Aussies are fortunate to have a swag of them just off the Queensland coast: from Lizard and Magnetic Islands in the far north, to Daydream, Hamilton and Stradbroke further down south.  Pristine beaches ideal for romantic moonlit meals (and strolls!), surrounded by nature and clear water.  And the Whitsundays (a bunch of islands in The Great Barrier Reef, northeast of Mackay) also boasts the perfect romantic spot – Heart Reef.  Ahhhh!

What’s your idea of the perfect romantic spot?  A city, place or just wherever your partner is?  Post a comment and go in the draw to win a cute Aussie keyring and notebook.


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  1. yea 😀

  2. I love this post, my favourite place is Tuscany. The perfect place to blend food and romance. I first got to love this place when my dad bought me my first international cookbook “A flavour of Tuscany” I love looking at the pictures from there, as well as the recipes (lol). If only money was not a issue…….. 😀

  3. ok, late today in trying to beat Avi 🙂 I would say my most favourite, destination in the world is Hawaii. I love the beaches, culture and I think its the perfect place to have a wedding and honeymoon. The tropical north posted here sure does appeal to me as well 🙂

  4. Avi, congrats on the first post again, though I see LJ is trying her darndest to beat you. Maybe next time, LJ. 🙂

    Paula, great post. Two places make my heart go pitter-patter and one day I hope to see them. Paris is the most beautiful romantic city in the world. It’s just gorgeous. My favourite movie is set there too.

    And I’d love to go to New York and see it all – The Empire State Building, Park Ave, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, and a thousand other things. It would be great to see everything in person and not just what we see in movies or hear in songs.

  5. Great post, Paula. For romance I love walking hand in hand and barefoot on sand. A deserted beach, sunset over the water…that could be several of the places in your post, Paula, most of which I haven’t visited. In fact, Paris and Fiji are it. Loved both, as it happens. And New York, Maxine.

    The place(s) I really yearn to visit: Tuscany and Lake Como. My impressions of their romance come straight from books.


  6. That’ll teach me to post at 11 at night! Going back in to correct a typo…

    Bron – deserted beach, definitely. And Maxine, I really wanted to include top of the Empire State Building, but that was more of a romantic movie moment for me LOL.

    Avi – I *think* I passed by Tuscany on a train once. Can’t be too sure, though!

  7. Patricia Cochran Says:

    Hello, Paula, Bron, & Maxine and all the ladies,

    Gorgeous photos!

    My favorite spot would have to be Venice. We’ve been there once, when I won a sweepstakes
    contest. God willing, we will visit this beautiful city again!

    Pat Cochran

  8. limecello Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Haha – I don’t know if anyone can beat Avi ;). Love this post – and I agree with Avi – the “most romantic” place I generally choose is Tuscany. I’ve never been, sadly – so if in real life it’s not that great, I won’t know [though how is that possible?] :P.
    So many places, I’d love to visit. Personally, I think romance and subtropical settings just really go hand in hand.

  9. Gorgeous post, Paula. I want to go to all those places! 😀

    Hmm, when I think about most romantic, I reckon it can be just about anywhere so long as you’re warm (can you tell I’ve spent an entire day with cold wet feet and legs watching my girls in a netball tournament) and you’re with the one you love. It can be as simple as Bron said, a walk on the beach, barefoot. Or it can be anywhere in the world. But yeah, together with the one you most want to be with…that’s special.

  10. All of the above! Beautiful pics! I would love for us to be able to travel one day. I’d have to say right now though…the most romantic place for me is the airport when I see hubby walk around the corner. He works in Iraq and I only get to see him every 4-5 months.

  11. I’m going to say Venice. I’ve never been there, but I hope to someday soon. I think an after dinner gondola ride would be pretty romantic. We could also shop for some Murano champagne glasses.

  12. Seeing Paris here, the city of romance, I just remembered that on my class trip to Margarita, the Lagoon on the island had passage ways named on romantic actions and love in spanish. So one we passed was called the kissing Tunnel, and another, love curve, we laughed ourselves silly, me and my friends since it seems the mosquitoes were quite dedicated to doing the kissing the tunnel was named for (lol)

  13. Lovely piccies, Paula. I think I’ve been to all those places except Fiji and Bali.

    HATE mosquitos – they would definitely not be classed as romantic in my book. Maxine, what’s your fave movie set in Paris?

    Pat, Venice appeals as a romantic setting. I also get the warm fuzzies when I think of Tuscany. New York I hope to visit at the RWA conference in 2012. But New Orleans really calls to me. That combination of sultry heat, (which is bound to be mosquito-friendly) amazing food, the throb of blues music and a little voodoo magic. Mmmm…

    Chelle, I would love to be a fly on the wall when you and hubby see each other, I bet I could write a book on your happy expression. I think airports are very romantic places.

  14. All these places sound so wonderful (gotta remember lotto tickets for Wed 🙂 )
    Bron the picture you paint of the beach sounds heavenly. I am so there. But a different beach cause gotta figue in the privacy thing 🙂

  15. What a great post which I thoroughly enjoyed. Romantic settings are always something I think about and would love to experience. For me it would have to be The Amalfi Coast. The ultimate setting, beauty, scenic areas which are memorable.

  16. This post is so wonderful. I loved the photos and the choices of romantic places. A beach is always a place which suits a romantic setting. My favorite place is Lake Como. Serene, unique and special. Thanks for this amazing setting post.

  17. Such amazing photos which capture the perfect romantic places. Thanks for this incredible post which I appreciate. There are many areas that you chose that are exceptional but a place dear to my heart is Provence.

  18. Summer cottage by the lake and with a sauna and surrounded by trees.

  19. This blog is one that I can relate with. Interesting and romantic settings, both appeal to me greatly. They go together and if I were to travel to be with that special someone and have an unforgettable travel experience I would want to see those charming towns in Tuscany, Perugia, Siena, and Volterra. Maybe one day very soon.

  20. Pearl, Provence is so gorgeous, thanks for the reminder. Actually, the whole country is gorgeous!

  21. Jan, my favourite movie set in Paris is American Dreamer. It’s an oldie but a goldie. It was made in the mid 80s and stars JoBeth Williams and Tom Conti, and it’s about an American who wins a writing contest and a trip to Paris, she gets hit on the head in Paris and ends up thinking she’s the character in her favourite books (written by Tom Conti). It’s a really beautiful love story but funny at the same time. It’s on DVD so if you ever see it, I highly recommend it.

    Aah, Paris! One day….

  22. Can I share some personal history about Paris? DH and I, who aren’t actually married, decided many years ago to have 3 weeks in the UK and if things worked out, maybe get married so my gran, who hasn’t seen any of her five granddaughters weddings, got to see ours. We didn’t tell anyone, but when we got to England and sussed out the wedding license business, we found we would have to stay at a residential address in England for 15 working days.
    well, we had 5 days booked in Paris, so we selfishly flagged the wedding and took the honeymoon in Paris!
    Hmmm shows how important we thought marriage was, doesn’t it?
    But we’re still going strong after 27 years….btw, Paris was all and more we hoped for.

    Maxine, there was a Meg Ryan movie about Paris too, can’t recall the name but it was fun. And who can forget Carrie Bradshaw swanning about there, standing in dog poo and falling over in Prada? And the fab last scene where Big rescues her?

  23. damn, I’d typed up a post then WP goes and deletes it!

    As fate would have it, “Under the Tuscan Sun” was on TV a few days ago. Gorgeous movie – makes me want to run away to Italy 😉

    Maxine – I was going to include the Empire State Building but it’s more of a favorite movie scene than a romantic spot for me (never having been…)

    Venice is gorgeous, although I didn’t have enough money at the time to buy any Murano glass :::sob::: I arrived during some international foot race (yes, they have walk paths in Venice!) so my money went on a place to sleep. What is it about Paris that makes people want to run away there? First Rachel in Friends, then Carrie… I’d just be too stressed trying to find a job, apartment, learning the language…

  24. Jan, is that the movie French Kiss? With Kevin Kline? I love that film. Made the dh watch it with me the other night. Ha! I took shameful advantage of the fact that he didn’t remember watching it before (nor buying it for me!) and we enjoyed a bottle of wine in front of a roaring fire and the movie. Perfect. 🙂

  25. You romantic things, you. I can see my dh now, faced with that touching scene, juggling his wine glass whilst pretending to slash both wrists and his throat…

  26. dragonmage06 Says:

    Those Australian islands you describe sound amazing! I would love to go there. Maybe I just need to get myself a rich boyfriend to take me 😉 Tuscany also sounds simply gorgeous.

  27. I have not been to a fav. romantic spot but I think that the following would be perfect:
    you and your fella strolling along the beach with water lapping at your feet and holding hands as the sun sets; then you go to a nearby outdoor restaurant where there are white mini lights around the canopy over your table and the lights are on all the bushes nearby. There is a nice breeze blowing but not enough to blow out the candles that are glowing for a perfect ambience. Beautiful soft music is playing in the background and the food list is magnifico. You enjoy your meal, toast each other and walk along the boardwalk back to the hotel. I so would love this.

  28. subhi7777 Says:

    Hi, Pula and every one well i am new intruder to this site,my professor told me that i have to join this site , well i am studying TV and media production at the University of BOURNEMOUTH,UK. so i am looking trying to discover this site,i stumbled across this blog so i started to read it was the photo of San Torini,that attracted me cause i was there,the far east and Niagra Fall,with my x- girl friend who end up my wife briefly then we got divorced, any way the place is so romantic specially going up on donkeys,the view is fantastic ,but more than anything else, what makes a place so beautiful is to be with someone you love.i’ve visited all the places you mentioned except FUji,i have visited many other romantic places around the world. but i am saving one particular place to go with a loved one that is venice,italy i have visited it solo,but that’s place is definitely to be visited with someone you love holding hands and kissing in every street and those small Gondola boats between these buildings and under the bridges. Last summer i was with my french girl friend we were in love it least she was my love for her came later,we drove to all and every lake in Suess and Itali,and thats the best and cheapest way to discover europe,because in europe there are so many countries so close and i lived 5 years in the south of france,10 minutes from Monaco, Itali was 20 minutes away and Genave 4-5 hours so is Germany ,Austria. But what makes these places so attractive today is that most of these countries have one currency the EURO. Anyway i was hoping to go to venice with my girl friend but we broke up last aug. the funny thing i do not know why women they just like to control the man,do not do this do not do that ,think only of me,things stat very nice ,then after 2 years she just does not want me to spend 1 day a week with my friends,my friend do not like her so what can i do ,i spend all my time with her,left my appt. and boat moved in with her.i have to hold her hand every day when we are out,set next to her at the table not a cross the table.we go sailing from nice to cannes in may boat she said to me you are not giving me attention your boat is getting more attention than me i said will the safety of the boat is important because if something goes wrong we all die,anyway i should have paid more attention to her cause i love her more than anything else,But that how you build a relation i am wrong?,Anyway thanks Puala for your blog,and as i said i do recommend europe by car 2 months recommended

  29. Jan, like you, I would have gone to Paris instead of getting married. You can get married anywhere, any day, but how many times do you get a chance to go to Paree. 🙂

  30. Subhi7777, two words–High Maintenance 🙂 And take it from me, being on a boat that hits a rock then scrambling for shore and frantically unloading the boat before it becomes totally submerged followed by scouring the beach for suitable materials to do a makeshift patch then waiting for the coastguard and a high tide to refloat and get out of the rocky bay where we sheltered certainly isn’t romantic. She didn’t know how lucky she was.

  31. See now, I visited Europe simply ages ago when everyone had separate currency – francs, pesos, escudos… always had to think “what country am I in?” before I bought something 🙂 I’d love to have the time and money to just drive around…

    Yvonne – eeerk. Shipwrecked!

    Dragonmage – Our Aussie islands are veeery gorgeous – but expensive to stay. It’s actually cheaper to holiday in Fiji, Bali, NZ. Go figure!

  32. When I think of a lovely place that is romantic and appealing all of your wonderful photos and descriptions have captured them perfectly. Alsa, I have never travelled to these lovely spots but hope that One day I will be fortunate enough to have that opportunity. A beach would be a destination that offers everything for a romantic interlude, but Venice, and Tuscany provide another equally wonderful setting as well. I will just have to experience all of these special and unique locations. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog where I can dream, and enjoy.

  33. subhi7777 Says:

    yvonne, yes you are right boat wreck or even if the heel get caught in the sand or between rocks its pretty scary,but we all learn and graduate from the best school its the school of life. Alissa dream and plan to go. just do it through the internet make a booking and off you go 8 hrs. you are there.

  34. azteclady Says:

    I’m late, I’m late! 😀

    My perfect spot would be a city with many museums and/or access to historic sites–in the company of my s.o.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  35. Hey Jan and Maxine, I saw today that your releases for July are in the top ten ebook besellers, on the eharlequin website, cool 😀

  36. typo that was best sellers

  37. okay, drawing the lucky door prize… barrel rolled and I’ve pulled out #5. Counting down… awww, Bron! Damn. Drawing again… #15 – it’s Ruth! Email me with your address and I’ll get your prize in the mail asap.

  38. congrats ruth

  39. azteclady Says:

    Congrats, Ruth!

    Thank you again, ladies! *waving*

  40. limecello Says:

    Congratulations, Ruth! 🙂 Have a great day, everyone!

  41. Wtg, Ruth.

  42. Avi, thanks for telling us about Jan and my July books being on the eHarlequin Top 10 list. That list changes in the blink of an eye due to the different lines being released throughout the month, but it’s still great to be on it.

    Ruth, congratulations on winning this week’s prize.

  43. Congrats Ruth!

  44. wtg ruth

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