6 Unusual Search Combinations

This week we’ve decided to have some fun by taking a look at the more unusual and amusing combinations that have brought visitors to our Diamonds Down Under blog over the past six months. And, might I add, what a fun task it’s been trolling through the list of hundreds and hundreds of phrases people typed into a search engine which led them here. Most make some kind of sense, some none at all, and some just plain crack me up.

First, a quick look at the most popular search phrases. Let’s discount “diamonds down under”, the obvious, and move on to the next which included:

* movies about diamonds (Maxine’s post would have proven most useful)
* treasure hunt clues (hint: do you have YOUR entry in?)
* romantic settings (hope we helped with some good ideas!)
* famous diamonds (Jan’s post and links, par excellent.)

Then there are the odd, strange and just plain weird combinations. Choosing six is proving quite an effort. Can I cheat and give an honorable mention to a couple that struck my funny bone? Firstly, I’m tickled by the combination of Bronwyn + Angel. Then there’s “Christa says”. And how about “Yvonne Macomber”? (If there is an Yvonne Macomber out there and you google yourself, do say hello!)

“Australia the perfect place to live” speaks for itself, although I’ve refrained from including it in my list out of respect for our NZ sisters. They may want to argue the point. *g* Lastly, there is a reader who searched for “vows & a vengeful groom” + “diamond mine”. Hunting for the answer to a Treasure Hunt clue perhaps?

With those extras out of the way (at no extra cost), I now present to you Bron’s List of Six Funny Search Combinations that Brought People to DDU.

1. Diamond “too sparkly”: I can understand why this search might direct toward our blog but I don’t understand the question. Is this possible? Can there BE too much bling? Enquiring minds want to know.

2. How long are summer in new zealand: Yvonne did a fab post on summer in New Zealand. I doubt that she mentioned the length of a NZ summer so if I can just clear this up: summer in New Zealand is exactly the same length as summer everywhere in the world. Okay?

3. Pantyhose on the beach: This one is all down to Jan and her post about keeping the stingers at bay. It crossed my mind that someone may have thought she was pulling their (pantyhosed) leg and decided to do some extra research…which led them right back here. Anyone owning up?

4. Cougar dressed as mistress: I’m guessing that we don’t mean a feline cougar but a human one. While our series does include a Mistress title and several other references, I’m scratching my head over how a cougar reference brought up DDU.

5. Things men say in board rooms: Paula, this one is for you because I can only think that your “Boardroom” title led to this linkage. What DO men say in boardrooms? I wonder if I will get answers if I google that question?

6. Why God makes us wait cake analogy: If someone can explain this one to me, I would be most grateful. I have no clue. About the analogy or why a search engine pointed this way. Maybe I need to go google it…

Tell us how you found Diamonds Down Under, the blog, and your comment will enter you in the draw for this week’s giveaway: BEYOND CONTROL by Bronwyn Jameson, an Australian mini-notepad, and MISTRESS FOR THE TAKING by Susan Napier (a down-under author who truly is a diamond.)


53 Responses to “6 Unusual Search Combinations”

  1. yea 😀

  2. Oh my goodness, I can not believe those things actually lead to the DDU site. I found out about this site when I bought bron”s book, Vows….. and googled her name to find out more about the author. On her page had a link to here, simple and easy. 🙂 That cougar and cake serches just have me laughing

  3. Wow, such strange search topics especially number 6, I found out about this site in a much different way, I went to stay with my at cousin Uni and she told me about the site, so although I was reading the series since January, I only started to blog in April, I would say lucky me I found out in time 😀

  4. You do need to google each of those search combinations and see why the lead to DDU and then let us know. Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

  5. the last one leads through “6 things that make Desire desirable and in linked to the April 27 post. “I love the cake analogy, even if I can’t have my cake and eat it too…. it was dealt with the law thank God that one is out of the way )lol)…”

    “6 things you may not know about Boardrooms and A Billionaire Heir… May 4 ….

    COUGAR DRESSED AS MISTRESS….. May 1…”Six Things About Mistress & A Million Dollars<< Dressed in dark trousers and sports blazer, a white t-shirt….dream come true and that is to build his 76 cougar XR7 from the ground up”

    “PANTYHOSE ON THE BEACH”…. June 8….”Six Things I Love About Port Douglas….Have you ever seen anyone actually wearing pantyhose at the beach to avoid th stingers?”

  7. Okay, maybe it’s a typo and should be “things men say in bored rooms” which makes the mind boggle… And look, God nor anyone else will make ME wait for cake!

    Bron, you crack me up – there’s a future for you in rom coms, I swear 😀

  8. Hi, Avi, first as always. Did you watch the latest one-day match? A real nailbiter.

    Hi, LJ. Not many weeks left but just enough for you to beat Avi to the #1 post.

    Ellen, thank you for doing the research that I hadn’t got to. 🙂 Ah, the cougar/mistress combination now makes sense. And the cake analogy, even if it’s not linked to God making us wait. Now it all makes sense…sort of.

    Paula, I suspect you are as easily amused as I am about the small incongruities. Perhaps it’s the Gemini. As for rom-com, no thanks, I will leave that to the experts such as Crusie and SEP. I’ve tried enough of the “you-MUST-read-this, it’s-hilarious” recommendations and found them silly or over-the-top screwball or simply unfunny to know how subjective humour is. Tough, tough gig.

    Note that I’ve edited my post to add this week’s giveaway. Had meant to do that before posting but oops.


  9. Bron — I just figured I had more time on my hands than you did and besides I was incredibly curious. I have had problems result from being so curious especially as a child.
    To answer the giveaway question — I think I read about it on eHarlequin.

  10. Hi bron, I did watch that game 1 run win, well it was exciting right down to the end 😀

  11. I forgot to mention when I played cricket for my school there was this match where the home team out us down for 21 runs and but we ended up outing them for 19 runs takk about close 😀

  12. woops typo that was talk not takk

  13. Hey Bron, I live in hope of doing just that (lol). I dont watch cricket all that often but Avi convinced me on thursday to watch it and I was in and out of my seat the tension was so high, but darn we lost and only by 1 run. Enough excitment for me for a while 😀

  14. Christa Says:

    I say 🙂 I believe I first heard of the site when it was mentioned on one(or more) of the 6 author sites back in November or December. Then waited and waited and waited for it to actually open(and patience isn’t a strong suit)
    Bron- some of those searches just make you go hmmm(scratches head)
    Paula- with Jake in the Boardroom I don’t think I’ll be bored for long 😉

  15. azteclady Says:

    I believe I followed Bronwyn here. Blame her 😀

    And there’s no beating Avi to the first comment. 😦

    May I add that I don’t want this to end????

  16. limecello Says:

    That is just too funny! 😛 I’m tempted to do silly word combinations now and see if they’ll take me to this blog :D. Avi – always number 1! Very impressive! It’s… well I can’t even explain it. Haha.
    Azteclady -I’ve been saying that! I’m sad this will end soon too!
    The cougar search is cute – and Bron, really. I don’t think a diamond can be too sparkly! Geez, are people picky! 😛

  17. I discovered DDU after I found Bron on the Totes blog. There’s no such thing as too much bling, especially on a pink diamond.

  18. Bron here is one more search topic, I typed in” Mistress for the taking by Susan Napier” and this blog came up as number 1 and 2 in the search listing. This is the first time I have across one of her books so I googled the book and name. 😀

  19. cheryl c. Says:

    LOL 🙂 This blog is too funny! Anyway, I found this site by following a link on another romance fiction site. I don’t remember which one, but here I am!

  20. Love this appealing and unique post showing the vairous combinations and permutations available. Very amusing. I located the DDU blog from Bronwyn’s own website which features this amazing site.

  21. Bron saw the cricket today? I am crying 😦 The aussies took the series 5 nil. But it was enjoyable, although WI was defeated.

  22. Bron, great post. It’s been a most interesting experience seeing some of the phrases people have used. I remember that my book with Mistress in the title brought in a few weird things, though the most amusing for me was Mistress Serena. Seeing that most of us know Serena, the writer, who is on our writing loops, I think she’d be amused too. I must go tell her. 🙂

  23. Ellen, snap! I also am incurably curious, love trivia, details, finding out “stuff”. Chuffed that you found out about us on eHarlequin, one of our favourite places. Are you participating in the reading challenge?

    Avi, yes, a very exciting game and ending. Love when the result hands in that last over and then last ball. Much drama and tension. Your 21-19 game must have been a nailbiter.

    LJ, hope you’re relaxing from all that excitement with a good book. 🙂

    AL, happy to lead you anywhere, my pretty. And although this trip will end, there is always another starting. (Cryptic, much?)

    Limecello, no such thing. I agree.

    Jane, Totebags is another of our favourite places. As it happens I blogged there this weekend as well.

    Christa, I dare say we did mention this site once or twice. LOL. But hey, we were pretty darn excited after Paula gave us some sneak peaks while she was building the site.

    LJ, #1 and #2, as it should be. Susan Napier is a NZ Presents author with a very distinctive voice and style. She’s one of my favourites from way back.

    Cheryl and Anne, glad you found us!

    Maxine, knowing Serena she will get a giggle out of that!


  24. Hee hee hee. So my secret is out…Mistress Serena here. Nah, not really.

    Loved this post, Bron. But Ellen beat me to it by cross checking it all. Isn’t it interesting how Google works? And what it picks up? I am constantly amazed by the accuracy and zanyness (sp?? of a made up aword) of some of the hits in a search.

    How did I find the DDU Blog? By following my wonderful author friends – many of the authors of this wonderful series! (hi gorgeous ladies!) Special mention to Maxine, Bron and Paula {Serena waves}

    Hugs from a cold and wet Melbourne,

  25. Isn’t it a FABULOUS day, Mistress Serena? (Yes, we need the rain!)

    Bron, waving back

  26. Yes Bron I am doing the book challenge — You will find me there as EllenToo. I have only reviewed about 128 books and have another 20 or so to go.

  27. I found out about the blog from Bronwyn’s site also. I enjoy it and keep up the good topics and bringing us the diamonds.
    A great giveaway.

  28. Crystal B. Says:

    I found the blog from Bronwyn’s site. I enjoy coming here and reading the topics.

  29. Serena, hello! I knew if I mentioned we were talking about you, then you’d have to come and see what it was about. 🙂

    And it’s still cold and wet here in Melbourne. Yeah!

  30. Patricia Cochran Says:

    This is so hilarious! In response to an April 27 post on six things that make Desire
    (the HQ books) desirable, I used a cake analogy. My cake comment was picked up
    and discussed in a bantering fashion in several responses!! That’s the only cake
    connection in the last six months.

    Pat Cochran

  31. Jan I must thank you for the reference to read Ally Blake’s books you are right she is a great writer. My sister just came back from the UK so she go me a mills and boon copy of the Magnate story I told her about. I’ll add to my auto buy list. Thanks so much 😀

  32. DDU is intriguing, unique and always amusing. I found this great place by locating Bronwyn’s website and cruising around until I found this delightful home. Your banter, books and humor lift my spirits.

  33. Ellie, that’s a lovely thing to say. Thank you on behalf of all the DDU authors.

  34. Alas, while I don’t precisely remember how I came here, it sure wasn’t in any strange or unusual way! LOL Either it was mentioned in an author newsletter or followed it from another site or blog, all romance or Harlequin or the like related. Just really don’t remember how now. LOL 🙂


  35. With your great blog, books and fun I was enticed here by another website. Perhaps Brownwyn’s website or another equally amazing and beautiful one. Thanks for this great place to relax and chat.

  36. This site lead me to new authors, books and photos of amazing places that I learned about and could dream of. Thanks for the experience and I know that it was from another author’s website.

  37. So we can thank Bron for bringing a lot of traffic, eh? 😀

  38. Lois, we don’t care how you came to be here, just glad you’ve joined us over the last few months – oh, no, I feel a tear coming on at the thought this will be all over soon…

    AviJ, I have Nat’s latest Magnate in my TBR pile along with lots of others. Bummer on the cricket but you gave them a run for their money all the way so kudos!

    Hmm, sounds like Bron is really pulling her weight on attracting bloggers, she’s a superb yakkity-yakker, what??

  39. Hey all, I’m back from a few days away and had to have a good laugh over this post. Honestly, how things go in circles in round abouts in this world is a complete puzzle to me.

    Bron, I’m with you on the bling thing. There’s no such thing as too much sparkle. My youngest girl bought me a key ring this weekend–it’s a squishy heart shape and chock filled with big diamantes. I LOVE it!

  40. Ellen said: I have only reviewed about 128 books

    ONLY 128?!?! I am not going to admit to how many I have contributed, but let’s just say it is considerably less than you. The way I figure it: every single book matters to the total and the ensuing contribution to literacy. It’s a terrific cause.

    Bron steps off her soapbox, before continuing…

    Ah, Pat, you it is you who coined the cake analogy. I knew it was one of our regulars, just couldn’t remember who. BTW, I wish I hadn’t chosen the carrot cake pic to illustrate. I’ve been craving a slice all week but am trying to lose another kilo or two before the conference trip. Only so I can fit into my conference clothes!

    Bron, who is really enjoying the winter wet even though it’s not conducive to exercise or salad eating

  41. Ellie said: Your banter, books and humor lift my spirits.

    That’s lovely to hear, Ellie. Thank you.

    Paula, 🙂 and Jan, yes, I do specialise in the yakkity-yak. Funny thing is, I’m much better at chattering on line than I am in person when I tend to be much shyer/quieter. (No, honest, tis true.)

    Yvonne, the keyring sounds beautiful. Your daughter is a gem.


  42. Anonymous Says:

    I’m right behind Ellen with 126 but only have waiting to be blogged. Somehow I don’t think I’ll beat last year’s total of 310.
    Yeah but Bron if you read more we wouldn’t be reading as many of yours 🙂 I’m that way too. I can say a lot more things online than in person.
    Yvonne- Welcome back

  43. Bron – yes even one book helps but since I am retired and live alone I feel I should be doing more.
    I can join the crowd of saying more online than in person….in fact I probably would be tongue tied in person if I met some of you.

  44. christa Says:

    geez I deleted cookies so now I’m anonymous 🙂

  45. Ah, Christa, you’ll never be completely anonymous 😀 and thanks for the welcome back.

    Bron, yes, she is a gem–especially considering she used money I’d given her for treats for herself over the tournament time.

    Ellen, as for being tongue tied, don’t worry. I think you’ll find many of us are exactly the same. I’ve always thought of myself as shy which apparently is not how others see me. So I stick by the statement that no matter what I’m projecting on the outside you can believe I’m a quaking bundle of terror on the inside. 😉

  46. Yvonne, you’re shy? Is this the same person who MC’s the Romance Writers of New Zealand conferences? The same one who gets on national tv in New Zealand to promote romance and talk about her books?

    Shy? You hide it well. 🙂

  47. Yup, the one and the same. Really! Sometimes you just have to push yourself past your fear barriers, y’know? Although, that said, nothing will ever get me to bungee jump or parachute, or even stand near the edge of a tall building. And don’t get me started on the glass floor at the top of the Auckland Sky Tower (cringe)

  48. Hi Yvonne, I would rather bungee jump and parachute than do public speaking. In one of my presentations for a class I was so nervous I actually froze up and could not talk, and in another instance during a power point presentation my fingers were sweating so much I could not move the mouse pad on the lap top for the slides. I always prefer to be behind the scenes any day to being in front of a crowd of people 😀

  49. Avi, I sympathise with you. That kind of fear is paralysing. I find it helps to remember to breathe, and then breathe some more. It settles you and controls your shakes and your pitch. The first time I spoke in front of a crowd (about 200) I was petrified, but I figured if I could do that I could just about do anything speaking wise. MCing conferences over the years has been fun because I would spend weeks (literally) writing a themed script to tie in with the conference theme and would get snippets of interesting information from our speakers to make each introduction more personal. I always loved that part. The standing up in front of everyone and doing it, that required breathing. 😀

  50. Bronwyn Jameson Says:

    Time for the weekly draw and the winner this week is Robyn L. Congratulations, Robyn. Please email me with your address and I will get your prize pack in the mail.


  51. congrats robyn

  52. azteclady Says:

    Congrats, Robyn L. As always, thank you, ladies! *waving*

  53. Anonymous Says:

    WTG Robyn

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