A reader’s view of the Diamonds Down Under series with Christa Runge

We figured that by now you’d probably all need a wee break from hearing about us and from us so we decided to invite one of our regular visitors to blog with a reader’s perspective on the Diamonds Down Under continuity. So let’s put together a very warm welcome for CHRISTA!



I felt privileged to have been asked to blog on this series. Each author did an exceptional job on her story. Readers were left to ponder various questions for the next 6 months. Readers were left wondering if son James, who was kidnapped at age 3, is still alive. What sort of relationship did Marise and Howard have? Who fathered Blake, Matt or Howard? Where are the diamonds from the Blackstone Rose? Will Matt be successful in his takedown of Blackstones?

Then in each story there are even more secrets.

In VOWS & A VENGEFUL GROOM we are left wondering if Howard really wrote his daughter, Kimberley, out of his will when she went to work for House of Hammond? Also, the CEO position at Blackstones has not been decided–who will it be, Howard’s right hand man, Ric Perrini, or Howard’s own son, Ryan? Would a union with Kimberley better Ric’s chances?

In Tessa’s PRIDE & PREGNANCY SECRET we are again bombarded with questions. Why does Jessica feel she has to end things with Ryan? Why did Jessica change her mind at the last minute about taking the flight that ended up killing Howard and Marise?

In Maxine’s MISTRESS & A MILLION DOLLARS we are left to figure out why Briana needed $1million dollars? How is it that Marise came into possession of stones from the Blackstone Rose?

Rumour had it that Howard was Danielle Hammond’s father and if not Howard then who was her father? This question is brought to the forefront in Jan’s SATIN & A SCANDALOUS AFFAIR. I know with me, I wondered how Quinn fit into the feud between the Hammonds and the Blackstones.

Another character throughout the series was Jake Vance. How did he fit? Was he a threat to Blackstones? Someone is blackmailing Holly to spy on Jake. Who? These issues Paula tackles in BOARDROOMS & A BILLIONAIRE HEIR.

Yvonne rounds out the series with JEALOUSY & A JEWELLED PROPOSITION. Here, Yvonne answers the question readers have been speculating for the last 5 months. She had the daunting task of answering all the previous questions but also giving Matt a story. She did this beautifully by having Matt subconsciously not give Blake as much attention because he wasn’t sure if he was his son and providing him with a heroine to match him.

In my opinion the books read as though the authors communicated quite a bit. I don’t think I came across any discrepancies in the books, so it would seem these authors had a great rapport and paid close attention to details. I found each story linked together marvellously. During the release of these six books the authors had other books released, so I’m sure a little time was taken from loved ones. I, for one, thank you. From what I’ve seen, this series has quite a following. As individuals, or a group, I love reading books from this group of authors. I live in Canada and each month these authors showed me parts of Australia and New Zealand.


Yvonne: Christa, thank you so much for blogging with us on the DDU blog. Your support and input on various discussion boards for the continuity has been much appreciated.


This leaves me with a question for the rest of our readers, what did you love the most about the series? Was it discovering the answer to a particular mystery, or even that you were right about ‘the truth’ of a mystery in the continuity. Or maybe it was a specific setting, or a set of characters that you just fell completely in love with? We’d love to hear from you. All blog comments will go into a draw where the winner will be randomly drawn to win a copy of Suzanne Brockmann’s EMBRACED BY LOVE, together with an exceptionally cute fluffy New Zealand sheep fridge magnet.


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  1. yea 😀

  2. ah Avi you beat me. it’s gotta be the time zone thing

  3. Good job Christina. I loved the various settings in the books, in addition to the well played out mystery in the series. I have enjoyed this series very much and as all the authors are some of my favourites it was even more of a treat to read the series.

  4. Christina its 10:30 am by me so maybe thats it. 😀

  5. Hey Christa!
    I, too, loved seeing the “down under” scenes in every book. Loved this series!

  6. hm Avi doesn’t sound like a time thing it’s 10:50 Saturday morning here. but I did take a shower this morning and did that nasty shaving legs thing(it’s summer I gotta do it) and spent a little extra time in bed cause just couldn’t pry myself away from reading Yvonne’s Claiming his Runaway Bride and now I only have 10 more pages to go

  7. I enjoyed the wonderful settings most of all since they are spectacular and unique. The characters were realistic and the stories kept me riveted.

  8. What I liked most about the series was the settings and how the stories contained a little of everthing from revenge, to mystery, family and reunions.

  9. I agree the settings captured my attention as much as the stories. I also loved the mystery of finding out who Jake was. The family dynamics were fascinating.

  10. limecello Says:

    I loved the settings – the minute descriptions – but the stories, the characters, that really made me love the series. Of course the glamor and glitz was a lot of fun – the rich and powerful family that has a lot of skeletons, intrigue, revenge plots, former lovers, bad boys gone good… this was a fabulous series. So… for me it’s a tie between the characters and the setting.

  11. Thanks, Christa for that great post!

    What I loved about the series?
    Bron’s book – the wonderful push-pull dynamic between Kim and Ric, plus the slow reveal of things to come
    Tessa’s book – Ryan’s redemption
    Maxine’s book – the whole bought-mistress scenario 🙂
    Jan’s book – I ADORED Dani!
    My book – okay, I loved writing the scenes between Jake and Sonya, and Holly and Max 😀
    Yvonne’s book – her smmmmmokin’ love scenes and Rachel’s determination

    And as an author, it gave me a little thrill every time my characters were mentioned in another book LOL

  12. Hey everyone, wow, you’ve all been busy commenting already. Avi, you’re first up again! I should have reset the time for the post so someone else could beat you 😀 but then it wouldn’t be the same would it, LOL!

    Paula, I’m with you on seeing our characters mentioned in the other books. Every time I saw Matt in a preceding book I was, like, wow! It was really exciting to see.

  13. loved the awesome settings and the description of some homes; loved the chemistry between the heros and heroines. Family dynamics are always good for a story to be awesome.

  14. I liked the mystery element–that’s what always attracts me to these miniseries. It was very well handled, although I was able to guess a crucial part of the puzzle after reading the 3rd book.

  15. Bronwyn Jameson Says:

    Hey everyone. Great post, Christa. Thanks so much for joining us as a guest blogger and giving your reader’s perspective. I’m so glad that the family dynamics and mystery questions and the settings have all been mentioned more than once as memorable. We did work hard on those elements and on providing the continuity.


  16. Christa, thanks so much for joining us on the ‘other side’ so to speak. Some of you may not know but Christa is a regular eHarlequin queen, shows up in the Desire thread and the book challenge and many others, I’m sure, and most of us (authors) have had the pleasure of ‘chatting’ with her over the years. A voracious reader also – but I didn’t know you were from Canada! There sure are a lot of romance readers from Canada.

    AviJ, you crack me up and I sincerely hope no one beats you to the punch next time! Interesting point some of you brought up on mystery elements. That is something I’m sure all of us would love to include more of in our stories but one that is toned down quite a bit by editorial. I guess the books are not long enough by themselves to evolve the romance AND a big mystery element. But in a continuity, with the action played out over six books/months, we get a bit more license to play.

    Really glad you seemed to like the characters as I loved them all too, and Paula and Yvonne are right, when you read your character in one of the other books, there’s always a little hitch of anticipation (and then pleasure and relief) that the author had gotten them just so, these people that we gave birth to…

  17. What a memorable series! I enjoyed it immensely. Between the wonderful settings, the lifelike characters, their lives, intrigue and mystery this was an unforgettable story.

  18. I loved the settings, the characters, the family dynanics, and especially the mysteries in the books. They were a great read and I could hardly wait a whole month for the next book to be released! This series was one of the best! Thanks for writing them!

  19. Christa, thanks for such a great rundown on the series. It took us a long time to put it all together, with many wrong turns on the way until we found the right path, that it’s wonderful to see it written out so succinctly like this. Thank you!

    And yes, I too, get a little thrill when I see my characters in the other books.

  20. This series was unique and enticing. Thanks for introducing me to these charming and special destinations, the romance, mystery and a story that had me interested from the onset.

  21. Patricia Cochran Says:

    I was totally drawn into the mystery and intrigue of the combined and continuous stories as
    presented by the DDU Divas. Woven into and about the stories, you have the romantic lives
    of the characters with which you have gifted us. I love to read series and must tell you that
    this is one of the best I have read!!

    Pat Cochran

  22. Crystal B. Says:

    I liked how the stories featured romance, mystery and had fabulous settings.

  23. I’m so thrilled you guys all enjoyed the unravelling mystery of the continuity. As Bron and Maxine said, we worked very hard and spent months getting all the threads straight, then something would change on one thread and the whole succession of changes down the line was something like the Butterfly Effect! 🙂 Very challenging but very satisfying to see it hit the right note with so many people.

  24. Just a reminder, everyone, that the treasure hunt closes on Sunday 20 July at midnight Eastern time in Australia. If you don’t have your entry sent in yet, make sure you visit the contest page on our DDU website for information on how to enter, and GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  25. Jan and Maxine I just got through reading your books for July, it is fantastic stuff, and you both are defiantly continuing your pace for outstanding romance novels. So that said if any of you guys did not get a copy of these books GET THEM NOW! You won’t put it down till the last page is read.

  26. Wow, Avi. Thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed my book. We love readers like you. 🙂

  27. Avi, I’ve read Jan’s and Maxine’s is next on my list of Desires to read. Can’t wait!

  28. Cherie J Says:

    I loved the settings and the family dynamics . The characters were well developed and engaging.

  29. Awww…thanks muchly, AviJ, your cheque is in the mail, lol.

  30. I’m finally home from netball (one loss 😦 and one win 🙂 ) and doing the grocery shopping (yuck) and it’s time, everyone, to do the draw for the prize this week.

    So, without further ado, and with my random selection process (aka writing names on bits of paper and scrabbling blindly around amongst them) I can announce that Tammy is our winner this week! Congratulations, Tammy! Please email me via yvonne at yvonnelindsay dot com with your postal address and I’ll put your book and fridge magnet in the post to you. 🙂

  31. the series was wonderful in its own right. Each of the heroes and heroines had been kind of complementary to their respective partners. The unravelling of the mystreies was the cheery on the cake.

  32. congrats tammy

  33. Just popped in to say congrats, Tammy! My computer literally blew up on Friday, so I spent the whole day incommunicado 😯 (that’s supposed to be a o-mouth-wide-eyed shocked look if WP translates it!) With a newly built computer the same day, I’ve been trying to fix up some little glitches… you’ll all be happy to know NOTHING was lost, thanks to my paranoid saving of everything on a separate removable hard drive 😀 Which leads me to say, Limecello, I got your entry, thanks – apparently you’ve been blackballed by my mail server so I can’t email you directly 😦

  34. ooh, it did translate it!

  35. WTG Tammy

  36. Thank you so much!! 🙂

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