It’s A Wrap!

Well, the champagne’s been drunk, the party poppers exploded and we’ve all been well and truly danced off our feet.  Yes, it’s that time where we bid a fond adieu to all our characters from the Diamonds Down Under continuity and thank you, readers, for making it such a wonderful success.    And from our authors…

Yvonne says: When we embarked on the Diamonds Down Under continuity I had no idea how far reaching the involvement would be or how many wonderful readers we’d be privileged enough to get to know through our blog. It’s been a delight to meet so many new people and to learn how our stories have provided enjoyment and entertainment. For myself, and especially since I’ve been writing fulltime, I tend to get very insular with my writing. In fact my mind boggles when I think about the people ‘out there’ reading my stories, so the blog has been a great experience in taking a step closer to others. In fact the whole continuity has been a gift in human relations and I think our interrelations between one another as authors has created a new sisterhood. I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone involved, from my fellow authors, to our guest bloggers to our wonderful wonderful readers. You’ve made this journey an experience to remember.  Remember to drop me a line via my website, and come visit to keep up to date on my latest news and releases.

Maxine says:Well, it’s here. It’s time to turn off the lights and close the door behind us as we leave and move onto new ventures. But first, let’s open the bubbly and drink to a fantastic series. It’s been wonderful from beginning to end, with terrific support from MJ, Diana and Matrice at the Harlequin editorial side of things, and support and enthusiasm from agent, Jennifer Schober. And what about our fabulous guest bloggers – Fiona Brand, Nalini Singh and Robyn Grady. Everyone did a great job, not the least the other Diamonds Down Under authors who have given so much of their time to blog about the series over the last eight months, and to showcase so much of our own countries to the world. And finally, there are all you marvelous readers who have bought our books and helped to make the series such a success. Thank you one and all. Cheers!

Paula says: From the newest chick on the block, the series was an awesome experience: from the million emails, the collaboration to the actual writing, there’s been the highest of highs to the now-pretty-much-forgotten lows 🙂  And through it all, I’ve learned heaps, both personally and professionally.  Thanks girls, you are true diamonds.  And thank you, everyone who read Jake and Holly’s story and loved it, thank you for holding all our hands throughout the crazy, wild ride of the trials and tribulations of the Blackstones and Hammonds.  And in another first (hey, we Down Underers like to blaze a trail!) check out our brand-spanking new Down Under Desirabelles blog, which goes live next week during RWA Nationals.  Bookmark us and visit regularly because we have an awesome lineup of weekly posts on life, love, reading and writing for everyone who loves romantic fiction.  

Bronwyn says: When we decided to host this blog it was with some trepidation. We weren’t sure we had enough to talk about for six or seven months or if what we had to say would draw and keep an audience. You know that old fear: what if we threw a party and no one turned up?  Turns out that we had little to worry about on either front.  When we brainstormed possible topics the list grew and grew…much the same as when we brainstormed possible conflicts and complications for our series.  And as for the other fear: turns out there are folk all over the world who love to chat as much as we do.  It has been a complete delight to see the familiar names returning week after week, and to hear your viewpoints on reading, writing and romance.  Thanks so much to everyone who visited and to all our special guest bloggers who helped enrich our blog. Although this is the end of Diamonds Down Under, I know I’ll see you around the blogworld, including (I hope) at Bronz Blog.

Jan says: I have so enjoyed your company over the last six months, sharing snippets of your lives, responding to our posts and showing your appreciation for our stories. It’s fantastic to have been part of such a diverse group of readers (and writers) from all over the world. There have been so many highlights. Huge thanks to our commendable guests and congratulations to our many winners, but I would like to mention a few special people. First up (since she wouldn’t have it any other way) please come on down, AviJ – and Limecello and LJ (I think) and accept my best wishes for your scholastic endeavors. I look forward to one day visiting one of your fine establishments, Avi, in your lovely part of the world. To those most voracious of readers, esp Pat and Christa, keep on reading! Azteclady, I hope you and your mum have many more years ‘laughing your heads off’ at each other. As well as the above-mentioned, would the following people please COME UP ONTO THE STAGE: Jane, Ellie and Ellen, Anne and Annie, Crystal B, JSL, Lois, Chelle, Pearl, Ruth, Mona, Waitingforthecall, Kim H, Minna, RobynL, Alissa, EvaS, Nathalie, Virginia H, Rebekah, Karen King and Serena. Come on, bunch up! Cyber chocs and flowers and heartfelt thanks to you all for checking in week after week, month after month. We have most enjoyed your company and hope you all keep in touch. And as the ancient philosophers used to say – and if they didn’t, they should have – BRING ON THE BLING!!! Good luck for the big Treasure Hunt draw.

Remember, post a comment for your last chance to win a cool book prize and cute Aussie keyring!


55 Responses to “It’s A Wrap!”

  1. yea 😀

  2. Oh you guys are making me cry 😦 This is one period in my life I am sure I will never forget. Thank you ddu ladies for making it possible to interact with the authors directly, of such a fablous series. Jan I am so laughing, I guess the I made my mark being first 😀

  3. Oh no I am too late for first. Ok Avi you really are the queen of first (lol). Its so sad too see this end. Let me say I really enjoyed all the time blogging and all the bits and pieces learned and shared. You ladies are truly diamond authors and I enjoyed getting to know you all.

  4. Oops forget to add, Maxine and Jan I have read your books as well for july and just like Avi said it was fantastic stuff. I look forward to more from you all in the futute. 😀

  5. Typo, that was future 😀

  6. limecello Says:

    Awe – I’ve been anticipating this moment with mixed feelings. I loved the series – loved reading them [and I think I read each book in one sitting!] But it’s sad that it’s over. 🙂 I too have bought a few (all?) of your new books :D.
    Hehe – this blog also saw the “transformation” of my online presence, and me switching from one sn/handle to another [or three.] I’m going to miss this – but I’ll definitely be checking your own sites and other blogs!

  7. Parting is such sweet sorrow and I am sad to see this end. It has however been a great time with you authors and all the bloggers. Keep on cranking out those awesome stories we love to hear about and read.

  8. Futute?? FUTUTE?? What a great new word, LJ. Pass the champagne and lets mull on futute. Just think what other new words we could come up with, schlossed springs to mind…
    I’ve been meaning to ask – where in the world are y’all from? I want to know which countries we have lured into our glittering trap? I know where AviJ and LJ are from – Trinidad – and I think Limecello is from Ohio, yes? And maybe Rebekah too. I’d love everyone to post with their country of residence so I can make a list, I love lists.

  9. I also meant to say, I know there are many names I didn’t mention in the post. Please don’t feel neglected, I just wanted to thank the gals who have been our regulars over the six months, through thick and thin and good and bad. You’re all gems!

  10. well it was great take care all u great ladies. great books

  11. Hi Jan, well in addition to being in Trinidad, I also live in Tobago, the sister island to Trinidad, so you can also add it to your list 😀

  12. Jan, I live in Melbourne, Australia. LOL!

  13. And I live in lala land.

    Guess what? I didn’t plan it that way but seems wholly appropriate that I just read Yvonne’s Jealousy and a Jewelled Proposition today. Wasn’t it great? I just loved the way she tied up all the bits and pieces, and what a lovely love story. It’s great to see those alphas crumble and Rachel sure was feisty. Yvonne, you’re a beautiful writer, we’re so lucky to have you finish the series. Major congratulatory hugs, my friend.

    LJ, how lucky you are to live in two such beautiful places. I wonder if you ever get the (crazy) desire to wake up to a frost so chilly, it hurts to breathe and makes little white patterns on the inside of your window. No? Didn’t think so…Melbourne is a fab city, one of my top three cities, nice atmos and great food and shopping. There are some pretty neat writers live there also…

  14. Thank you so much, DDU ladies, for giving us such a wonderfully written, fabulously entertaining series! I so looked forward to receiving each story in the post, from Bron’s right through to Yvonne’s. And yes, it was a gorgeous finale!

    Thank you also for inviting me on to share my experiences, particularly with regard to my agent, Jenn Schober. I had a fantastic time chatting with everyone 🙂

    Robbie (who wishes there were more!)

  15. Aw you guys, you’re all making me teary and blushy…not a pretty sight I can tell you. Add to that my dishpan hands from spending four hours washing cars for a fundraiser and…oh, okay, let’s not go there! 🙂 I’m all for champagne and celebration instead.

    And, I have this to submit on Sandra’s (our MJ critique winner) behalf. Unfortunately Sandra can’t be with us right now, she’s too busy celebrating on some beach in Mexico. I’d feel sorry for her, y’know, missing the party and all, but there’s something about where she is that kind of negates pity 😉 :


    I just wanted to pop in and say THANKS, not only for such a fantastic series of books from the Diamonds Down Under gals, but also for this blog which has been both fun and entertaining to dip into with all the author and guest postings and contests, and can I give an especially big thanks for the critique contest—which I was thrilled to bits to win. Great of you to arrange it and for MJ to offer such an invaluable prize.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with next.

    Thanks again

  16. Robbie, you were a fantastic guest blogger, not just in sharing info about having an agent but in writing for 2 lines. Very informative. And you’re just so darn nice. 🙂

    As for Sandra, who is sunning herself on the beach in Mexico. The least she could have done was lie and tell us she’d gone to Siberia instead. Then at least we really would have felt sorry for her. 🙂

  17. What a thoroughly enjoyable time this has been. Memorable books which I loved and great locales. Thanks for this unforgettable and special place devoted to the things I cherish.

  18. Congrats on the success of the Diamonds Down Under series. I’ll definitely miss this blog, but I’ll see everyone at the new one.

  19. Yvonne, at least it was for a good cause, let me share my part in fund raising, 20 cakes iced, 200 puffs and 10 cheese cakes in one day by my self, together with a lot of back pain and a small mixer, after that I did not want to see cakes for a while 😀 I guess if I lived closer to you all I probably would have made a cake to go with the champagne you all are having for this session 😀

  20. Avi, if you lived closer to me I’d have you baking for a cake sale! 😀 After begging very very prettily, I might add. 😉

    Ellie and Jane, thanks for stopping by again and do keep our new blog in your favourites and stay in touch.

    Robbie, not too long now and we’ll all be enjoying champagne together in Melbourne. Yay!

  21. I will miss reading this blog. It was enjoyable to “meet” all the people here. BTW I’m from a wonderful place called Texas. And I’m lucky enough to live near a beach.

  22. limecello Says:

    Jan – yes, Ohio – and may I join you in la la land? 😉 sounds like a much better place.
    And Avi – such a lot of baking! I’d melt! I’ve been making a lot of ice cream/frozen yogurt recently. 🙂 I just got an ice cream maker for my birthday, so it’s a work in progress. [Ironically the time I decided “to heck with the recipe” and did my own thing, it turned out the best. Huh.]

  23. Patricia Cochran Says:

    I’m going to miss the closeness fostered by the friendliness of all of
    you: all the authors, all the guest bloggers, and all the bloggers who
    kept the faith! I”m proud to call each and every one of you friend!
    I’ll see you at the Desirabelles site from time to time! BTW, I’m
    from the great city of Houston in the great state of Texas !

    Pat Cochran

  24. Sandii Manning Says:

    Thank you, you lovely talented ladies for your blog that has kept me entertained . I have loved finding out about the author’s behind my favourite books.

    As the winner of a critique with Jennifer at Spencer Hill Associates I can’t think you enough. The detailed and lengthy critique by Jennifer helped me to focus on where my writing is going and where it should be going! She was so kind and turned a totally terrifiying experience for me into a positive experience I’ve benefitted from enormously. Thank you all very much for giving me this opportunity, it is certainly something I won’t ever forget.

    I’m so going to miss your blog.

    Happy writing!

  25. Thank you for this entertaining and wonderfully unique blog which has been a delight to visit. I enjoyed learning about your writing, the books, and the fascinating places which were featured. A story that will be remembered and loved for a long time. Wishing you all the best of success and more books that we will appreciate.

  26. It’s not an end, it’s a beginning 🙂 Thanks for inviting me to guest-blog with you all – it was a blast!

  27. Bronwyn Jameson Says:

    I know I’m late, but is there any champagne left? Any of those cheesecakes, Avi?? Pretty please???

  28. Bronwyn Jameson Says:

    Oh look, I’ve become a mysterious silhouette. Is that because someone turned the lights out??


  29. Well Bron guess you came back to the party too late. You missed all the fun.

  30. Bron, you ARE the party!!!

    ok we’ve got Trinidad and Tobago, Texas (coastal lol) and Houston, Texas, and Ohio. I wonder if we have any English readers?? I got a nice long letter from a German lady living in France the other day. I love France…

    I have the following message from Diana Ventimiglia:

    “Good Luck to all the contestants! I’m glad so many were able to participate in this blog…and keep on writing ”

    Thanks, Diana, and hopefully we will hear something back from Marian, who won Diana’s critique.

    MJ is going to try to pop in but she is away this weekend so she may not make it. (she didn’t know there were cheesecakes…)

  31. Delurking so say a huge congrats to you guys for creating such a fabulous series and such a fabulous interactive experience for readers/writers as well. Hats off to you – its awesome!

    And Yvonne – I am LOVING your online read – see that’s the cool thing – it isn’t over cos you all hvae more wonderful work coming our way 🙂

    love Natalie

  32. Bron you are just in the nick of time to arrive at the party, and of course I have a slice of cheese cake reserved just for you 🙂 One thing about this blog is so many other great authors who guest blogged and just poped in, we got to meet. Yvonne , just read the billionaire proxy, great start on the online read, that is torture to wait for the rest of the story. 😀

  33. azteclady Says:

    I’m bringing brownies to close down the house. Triple chocolate brownies, too.

    Ladies, I have been dreading this moment… but I saw a ray of light at the end of the tunnel: another blog! *pounce* mine! all miiiiiine!



    It’s been a blast–and it’ll keep on being a blast.

    Need help destro… erm, decorating the new digs?

  34. Hello! I can’t believe it’s time to wrap up this wonderful series. The books were just delicious reads…and the authors were so wonderful to work with. It’s been a pleasure to publish these talented women in Desire. We at Silhouette so hoped you enjoyed this series and will come back for more wonderful stories by these fabulous authors! Thanks, ladies, for being some “gems” to work with! –Melissa Jeglinski, senior editor, Silhouette Desire.

  35. Jennifer Schober Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! What an amazing group of authors, and thrilling reads! It was great to be a part of the DDU mystique and look forward to more fab stories in the future… —–Jennifer Schober, agent at Spencerhill Associates Ltd.

  36. Crystal B. Says:

    I have enjoyed all the grea posts every week and loved all the Diamond Down Under books. 🙂

  37. I wonder if and when the series will be translated in Finnish…. It would be nice to be able to read all the books in the series one of these days, even though the translations tend to be about 20 pages shorter than the original texts.

  38. christa Says:

    sad to see this series come to an end. wonderful series. Great set of author. loved coming her and visiting with all bloggers. Be seeing many off you at authors indivicual blogs and the Down Under Desirebelles

  39. Cheesecake, mmmmmm.

    Wow, so many of us at the wrap party now. I’m getting to love a crowd 😀 especially when everyone is being sooooo lovely. But I suppose all good things must come to an end, otherwise how else would we evolve into new and exciting things like the new Desirabelles blog.

    Melissa, Jennifer — great of you two to drop by, thank you both!

    (pssst, Avi, did you save some cheesecake? Oh, you did? The one I strong armed you into hiding for me? Yeah, break it out!)

    Azteclady, decorating, huh? Would there be topless waiters involved with that?

    Nat! Squeeee! Thanks for dropping by and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my online at eHarlequin. It was quite an exercise in learning how to write tight, I can tell you! 😯

  40. sabrina Says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful creation. It was fabulous and every post was a joy. Great writing, photos and special places. Thanks and wishing you all success and more fun times.

  41. Yvonne, I just got my copy of “Jealousy and Jewelled Proposition” this past weekend. I’m only halfway through, but I love tension between Matt and Rachel.

  42. MJ and Jennifer, it’s terrific of you both to take the time to drop by. And thanks to Diana V. for her lovely message.

    Minna, we’d love for our series to be sold in Finland. However we don’t have any control over where our books are released, but if there’s a Harlequin site for Finnish books you may be able to send them an email and ask.

    No more cheesecake for me, thanks, Avi. I do have room for a piece of Black Forest Cake though. Yum. My favourite.

  43. Maxine, black forest coming right up 😀

  44. If there is a missing cheesecake, I know nuzzinc…

  45. Thank you very much to all you wonderful authors! I loved all six stories and will be looking for more.
    (Congratulations and thank you) x 6 ! 🙂

  46. ooh, someone turned the lights back on Bron 😉 And just in time to nick a chokky brownie

    Thanks everyone for your congrats and well wishes! And a little squeeee! for Diana, MJ and Jen who dropped by, as well as those talented authors we managed to gather up on our journey 🙂

    Make sure y’all drop by the SF Marriott next Wednesday night for the booksigning, k? I know Bron will be signing, so I’ll be hanging around her table with Tim Tams .

  47. This is one high calorie blog, with all the mention of cake 😀 Yvonne I cant wait to read the rest of the online story.

  48. Yeah, so sad that it’s all done now. . . but this simple means that you’re just going to have to come up with a new series to do it all again! 😉


  49. And now, we come to the very last draw of DDU. The winner is…. Lois! Email me your addy, Lois, and I’ll organise your prize.

  50. Oh my gosh, thank you lots!! I’m off to do so right now! 🙂


  51. Congrats, Lois!

  52. I wonder if your Aussie keyring goes Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!

  53. Congratulations, Lois!

    And yeah, on the keyring…or does it scream Go Wallabies, Go! mutter mutter mutter Robbie Deans mutter mutter mutter

  54. wtg lois

  55. just wanted to pop in and say, you guys are not going to believe this…Sandra Hyde, who won MJs critique prize has got THE CALL!!!! She found out while at the RWA conference in San Francisco. Melissa wants to buy her book!! So it appears we have another Desireable Downunder, woohoo!!!

    And it all started here!

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