Diamonds Down Under Revisited…


It’s hard to believe that three years have passed since the Diamonds Down Under series began. Even now we get a lot of visitors to this blog, and from time to time we’re still asked about the series. It’s exciting for us that people are so interested in it all, now more than ever with the availability of ebooks giving our series eternal life. 🙂 So, is love still in the air at DDU central? You bet! Let’s ask the Diamonds Down Under authors what they’ve been doing during this time, and see if they still have that sparkle in their eyes.

Paula says: Three years since Diamonds Down Under? Wow! Such a lot has happened in my world since then! For a start, Jake and Holly’s story was shortlisted in Romance Writers of Australia‘s prestigious Romantic Book of the Year award for 2008 (go, Diamonds!) and won Houston Bay areas’ Judge a Book By Its Cover contest.  I’ve also written three more books, and my fifth Desire, Promoted to Wife?, is due out in March 2011.  My third, The Magnate’s Baby Promise, was voted best Short Category Romance of 2009 by the Australian Romance Readers Association.  And all my releases have reached the Borders Books bestseller list – thank you, wonderful readers!  Oh, and my gorgeous baby boy turned 10 in 2010!

Bron says: During the past two years, I took a break from writing for personal reasons. Recently I finished the long-awaited Billionaire’s Inconvenient Bride, the follow-up to Magnate’s Make-Believe Mistress, which is scheduled for December 2011. Follow up books are planned for 2012.

Tessa says: I spotted an Argyle Diamonds advertisement for pink diamonds in an in-flight magazine recently…and it brought all the memories of Diamonds Down Under flooding back! The stories were fabulous and I loved all the family links in them. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past three years with my family, both older and younger generations, and it’s been time well spent. In 2010 I celebrated a couple of successes, The Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain finaled in the Romance Writers of Australia’s RBY Award AND Falling For His Proper Mistress hit the USA Today Bestseller list – thank you readers for making that possible! My next book, The Boss’s Baby Affair, is part of the Billionaires & Babies series and will be out in February 2011. And don’t forget to visit the Desire Authors Blog at eHarlequin for more news about the authors who write for Desire.

Maxine says: The last three years have been really good to me.  At the time the series began, Mistress & a Million Dollars was only my 4th book for Silhouette Desire, and now I’ve had 11 Desires published, with a new contract to write another four books.  Amazing!  Even more amazing to me is that some of my books reached #1 on the Borders Bestseller List, and this year His Ring, Her Baby and High-Society Secret Baby reached the USA TODAY Bestseller List. I’m definitely living my dream. 🙂

Jan says: 2010 has been a most eventful – even momentous – year for me. Study (Information and Library Studies); a month on the jury of a murder trial, the biggest fright of my life when a 7.1 earthquake hit my poor home town, gratitude that although there was a lot of damage, no lives were lost, and great sorrow last week when 29 miners were confirmed dead over on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, a couple hundred kilometres from here. Phew! Don’t know about the other Diamonds authors, but I could really use a little less excitement in 2011!!!

Yvonne says: In the three years since we all worked together on the Diamond Down Under series I’ve been trying to quell my desire for a large pink diamond! To keep myself distracted I’ve since released nine more Silhouette Desire books (including a continuity novella, set during polo season in the Hamptons) and one online title and in April 2011 I will have another continuity book out as part of The Takeover continuity, set in San Diego. Of all the things I enjoy about working on a continuity, research would have to be one of the things I enjoy most. Learning about new places and the sights and things to do and enjoy there is almost as good as being there! And almost as good as having a large pink diamond. 😀

As you can see, we’ve each been very busy with varying interests, but we’ve never forgotten how much the Diamonds Down Under series means to us. We’re very proud of it.

If you’d like to read the series, Harlequin has them all available in ebooks – just go here and type in “Diamonds Down Under” in the search facility.  Or you can get them  from Amazon here. 


24 Responses to “Diamonds Down Under Revisited…”

  1. Limecello Says:

    Eeeeee!!! Hi everyone!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I always tell everyone that I love the "Desires Down Under" authors and rec you guys too!

  2. Limecello, you are one of our favourite people. 🙂 It’s great seeing you drop by. Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm.


  3. squeeee Limecello! Knew you’d be back 😀

  4. Wow, three years since the release of the wonderful Diamonds Down Under series. Thanks for a great read ladies. 🙂

  5. Eleni, hi. It’s lovely to see you here. I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. We’re thrilled that it’s still available in ebooks, and we hope a lot of other people will get to read it too.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  6. Thanks for the updates!

    A pink diamond was in the news recently for selling at auction for quite a lot of money. Do you the Blackstones or Hammonds bought it via a third party? 😉

    Greatly enjoyed the series and it turned me onto new authors. As I said on eHarlequin, each one of you did a fantastic job with the DDU series. Some really awesome books!

    I just wish I had my own pink diamond to wear while reading.

  7. Whoops! My mind was thinking faster than my fingers. I meant to say, ‘Do you THINK the Blackstones or Hammonds bought it via a third party?’

  8. Maurine, thanks for taking the time to leave a message on eHarlequin as well as dropping by here. We never get tired of hearing from fans about the series.

    As for the auction and the pink diamond…. it does make me wonder if the Blackstones or Hammonds were involved. 🙂


  9. Pat Cochran Says:

    I so enjoyed the DDU series, it was one of the first blog connections in my internet life. I still try to keep in touch with some of you through the HQN blog site. BTW, I still put a pink diamond on my Christmas list
    every year. So far Santa hasn’t fulfilled my wish for one! LOL. God bless and Happy Christmas!!

    Pat Cochran

  10. Hi Pat! Great to see you back and very flattered to know we were one of your first 😉

    I’ve actually got a massive pink diamond paperweight I bought to remind me of the series. It still sits on my desk when my 10yo doesn’t steal it!

  11. It really has been a long time and in an unusual fashion i am not the first to post a comment LOL. The appeal of diamonds is as strong as ever. You know another great author Day Leclaire has a series called The Dante Legacy and these books has diamonds and amethyst. My two favourite gems. You all can check it out. I really learned alot about diamonds on this website and it was fun. I have really enjoyed all your releases ladies and I look forward to more books from you all.

  12. Pat and Avi, it’s wonderful to see you both here too. It really is lovely to catch up with old friends. At least we can all share *not* having a pink diamond. 🙂


  13. You know, they did eventually publish the books in Finnish, too.

  14. Minna, hi. Yes, we receive author copies of all foreign translations, and it’s very exciting seeing our books in other languages. I remember a box filled with copies from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway and trying to figure out the differences with the other ladies. At first glance the books were very similar but after a while it was clear to see they were different editions.

    Lovely to see you here.


  15. Hey neat to see all the familiars (as in names, not – you know – friends of witchiepoo) – really nice to know we’re not forgotten.
    I saw that big pink on TV and I immediately thought ‘my Quinn’s’ fingerprints were all over it!!

  16. Maxine, here are a couple of tips as how to tell the difference between the languages:
    Finnish is totally different from Swedish, Norweigian and Danish, but Swedish, Norweigian and Danish have plenty in common.
    In both Finnish and Swedish the letters Ä and Ö (A with 2 dots and O with 2 dots) are used, but although Å (Swedish O) is possible in Finnish language, thanks to our neighbour, it’s very rare and changes of seeing that in a translation (from English to Finnish) are one in a million, but in Swedish it’s used a lot. You can see Å also in Norweigian and Danish.
    Instead of Ä and Ö in Norweigian and Danish they use æ and ø.

  17. I still haven’t managed to find all the books -as they are no longer awailable, but I have to try find them in second hand bookstores. With luck I’ll even find few in some of the other languages I speak.

  18. By the way, why do you have Czechoslovakia on your list as a country where the series has been published? It hasn’t excisted as a one single country since 1993.

  19. umm… that would be me, Minna, geographic idiot I am 🙂 Got a translation in Czech so just assumed it went with the country!

  20. Well, I suppose it still goes with the country, only now it’s the Czech Republic. But I guess there are Czech speakers on the other side of the border as well, in Slovakia.

  21. And for adding Finland, too. The Swedish publisher seems to take care of publishing books in most of the Nordic countries these days.

  22. Jasmine O'Connell Says:

    I love the Diamonds Down Under Series! I have however, only read the last two books so I’m keeping an eye out for the rest! I will collect them all 🙂 Thank you so much for writing these – they bring everyone great joy.

  23. Jasmine, thanks so much for your kind comments about the Diamond Down Under series. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books and I hope you get to read the rest of the books in the series. We are very proud of that series.

  24. Jasmine, besides second-hand bookstores and flea markets you could try to find the missing books for instance from Amazon or BookMooch.

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