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Six Things About Satin & a Scandalous Affair

Posted in general post with tags , , , , , on April 6, 2008 by Bronwyn Jameson

The Hero: Quinn Everard

I originally thought of Quinn as Irish American, mainly because I thought we might like an American Hero amongst the Aussies and Kiwis to appease our beloved American readers. But he got lost somewhere along the way. As soon as I saw this guy’s face with his dark eyes and broken nose, I was on my way to falling in love. The juxtaposition of ruggedness versus his suave, man-of-the-world mannerisms excited me, although ‘my’ Quinn is a few years younger and has dark hair.

“Dani stared boldly back, seeing in her mind’s eye his tall broad form as he’d scrutinized her display window. How she’d admired what looked like an Armani suit – a rarity in the tropics – and his smooth, rolling gait as he’d straightened and moved inside. He moved like a fighter, and who’s to say he wasn’t? There was a definite break in his nose, the telltale bump high on the bridge, and a scar, smooth and pale, traced the corner of his mouth.”

The Heroine: Dani Hammond

I wanted someone younger than Quinn, the complete opposite of his cool sophistication. I loved this lady’s hair! I wanted her to have a colourful, zany sense of fashion, a breath of fresh air to cultured Quinn Everard. His cool against her flamboyance…

“She’d attempted to tame her wildfire hair with a scarf, but still, dark red curls sprang up in interesting dimensions. Her colour sense was outrageous, combining a red-and-pink-striped top with a captivatingly short floral skirt. She was exotic, unconventional, bubbling over with life and energy. He knew more beautiful women but none so colourful, so vibrantly original.”

The Setting: Four Mile Beach

I have visited Port Douglas five times! My very favourite part of each day is to beat DH out of bed and walk into town along this beautiful, almost deserted beach. It takes me about fifty minutes to walk into the township but I would never stay anywhere but Four Mile. Sometimes, I’ll catch the shuttle back after raisin toast and a lime thickshake. If I’m not too tired or it’s not too hot, I’ll kick off the walking shoes and splish splash back along the beach, from the view shown above right around the corner to where the white beach runs out.

The Finished Product:

This is the setting I imagined Dani came up with for the massive fancy intense yellow diamond Quinn commissioned her to design. Only you have to imagine the platinum cage is more delicate, and that there is a humungous yellow diamond in there! (I didn’t have any problems imagining that!)

“He looked first for impact, and got it in spades. A diamond inside a diamond. Mere filaments of platinum, like the gossamer wings of a dragonfly, held the huge trilliant-cut stone suspended inside a web cage.”

Nautilus Restaurant

Cemented in the history of Nautilus is the US presidential visit of Bill & Hillary Clinton in October 1996. One night at around 8:40 pm, with no prior reservation, and two small tables of “minders” already dining in the restaurant, two of the Clintons’ senior security officers entered the restaurant and spoke with Carmel. She was asked if all the guests had arrived, they had. The secret service men then proceeded to advise her that all of the restaurant’s telephones had been disconnected and that the President and First Lady would be arriving to dine in around 10 minutes. None of the other diners then present in the restaurant were allowed to leave.

Hillary had seen a feature on Nautilus in the New York Times and she had included a romantic anniversary dinner at Nautilus in their holiday plans. The restaurant was sealed off, Murphy Street was blocked at both ends and officers were stationed at all points including the kitchen. The Clintons dined alone, and enjoyed their own intimate “Nautilus Experience”. There was a small wedding party in the restaurant and Bill signed their wedding certificate and the bride presented her bouquet to Hillary for her wedding anniversary.  (from the Nautilus Restaurant’s website)

In five visits to Port, I have eaten here once as it’s pretty expensive. It was unique with the tables set amongst the trees so you hardly even realised there were other diners present. The food was beautiful and they served a very nice Nautilus wine – all the way from Marlborough, New Zealand! Quinn, Dani and Matt dined here in Satin & a Scandalous Affair.

The Dress:

Last year I was invited to my friend Deb’s wedding. She was stunning in a dress she designed herself, with a little help. It was exactly the sort of dress that Dani would wear to a posh, tropical wedding. The beautiful bride drove herself to the wedding (not by helicopter!) …

and I wish that was me with her but sadly, it was her best friend, bridesmaid, and this year’s winner of the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding Champs in Ohio, gorgeous Jo Stewart.

Dani expected a few raised eyebrows about her dress, especially from her mother. Strapless and backless, the fabric was hummer orange but the chiffon overskirt was made up of thousands of tiny overlapping patches of deep pink blush and vivid orange. When she moved, the patches rippled with the richness of the sunset.

Rings, necklaces, pendants…pearls, platinum, diamonds…if you could be a jewellery designer for a day and the sky was the limit, what would you create? Comments to this week’s blog go in the draw to win a copy of my first book, Trophy Wives, and a little bling – can’t say too much, but it will have a pink ‘diamond’ in it!